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02-04-16 03:20 PM
02-07-16 02:53 PM

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Portal: Real Science for Real People

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02-04-16 03:20 PM
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Portal took the gaming world by storm back in 2007, and it's still popular all these years later. This game was never supposed to be as big as it is, it was just a engine demo, if anything. But it's tremendous popularity spawned an obscene amount of "memes", as well as a sequel years later. It was a huge fad, but is this game legitimately good? Or was it all just some passing fad. That...Is entirely up to the beholder. But while that is me, I am going to tell you what I think.

>>Graphics: 7/10

The graphics for this game aren't that impressive. It's a Half-Life 2 mod, and it has the same materials mainly. But the most you'll be seeing are white walls and floors, and later, grey walls and floors. Eventually you'll even get to see the deadly pools of...Neurotoxin I think? Maybe it's swamp water or something. That bit is never really explained to any degree. Well, regardless, they look decent enough. Decent enough is really all that the graphics of this game can be summed up as. It's very bland. It's intentional, and eventually we do get some other visuals. But...I am going to judge the graphics be what you're going to be seeing for 95% of this game.

>>Addictiveness: 6/10

This game is pretty addictive! I ended up playing through the game three times. All with very few breaks in between. And that...Is partially because of how short this game is. But the other part would be because of the fact the game is so much fun! It is a lot of fun, although really, there isn't much to come back to once you've played through it a few times, and did the Challenge Mode.

>>Sound: 5/10

This is a very quiet game, there isn't really any background music for the most part. But there is a radio you can take with you the entire game. It plays a happy little tune. So there's that, if it makes you feel any better. The bulk of this score comes from the credits. Instead of something boring you'd skip right through, this plays the now famous Still Alive, one of the most passive-aggressive songs ever written. And it's awesome!
As for the subject of voice acting, there are only 2 things that talk in this game. And neither of them are you. The first being the oh-so friendly little turrets. They will say things like "There you are", "Where are you?", and "I don't blame you". They all have cute little robot voices, but they will shoot enough bullets at you to supply a small army. And then there's GLaDOS; the snarky, psychotic, and very rude A.I running the facility. She has a heavily filtered and autotuned monotonous voice. But she's a robot, so at least there's an excuse for the lines that are simultaneously hilarious, and a bit painful to listen to.

>>Story: 5/10

The story? You mean to tell me this short game about putting cubes on buttons and shooting the wall has a story? Why yes, yes it does. Not very much of one because lots of it was unknown until Valve released a comic, however. The rest of the story is told through the entirety of Portal 2. But here it is, with as little spoilers as possible. Aperture Science is a competitor with Black Mesa. They were racing for portal technology. And while Black Mesa's attempt led to Half-Life, Apreture seems to have nailed it. But at the same time they were working on artificial intelligence. They built GLaDOS (Generic Life and Disc Operating System) But unfortunately the robot turned evil in a matter of 10 seconds after activation. Killing practically everyone, and taking the reins of scientific testing on humans from that point on.

>>Depth: 3/10

There isn't that much depth to this game. This game is 19 levels long. The nineteenth being a pretty long Marathon Level, but that really does little to extend this game's length. There are only three easter egg areas. And those are actually really obvious locations. So there's no way you could actually miss those locations. There's also a self imposed challenge to find and take a hidden radio with you through each level. But this comes with no reward. So that leaves it a relatively pointless task. This is a short game with, honestly, not all that much to it. What it lacks in depth, it does make up for in fun. Or at least creativity.

>>Difficulty: 6/10

Well, you solve your problems with a gun, only this time you're not murdering someone! Instead you're shooting the walls. Two shots for both ends of the portal. You go through one, and you come out the other. It's a simple concept, but the levels can be pretty tricky.

The difficulty isn't too bad. Like most games, it progressively gets harder. But you'll rarely think something is insanely difficult. You regenerate health if you're arround turrets, but if you take too many bullets at once, you'll die. There aren't any enemies outside of turrets, which you literally only need to touch to disable. Well, that or make them fall over somehow. The hardest thing to this game would be the Challenge Mode. Which puts an interesting spin on a only a few levels. Sadly, not the entire game is redone to add more challenge. You'll be thrown new challenges such as turrets in protective cages, not being allowed to touch the floor, or only being allowed to make 4 portals.

The controls are pretty smooth. As the PC gaming standard, it uses the WASD format. Your left mouse button fires the orange end of your portal, and the right fires the blue. While E picks things up. You'll be using all buttons very often. But the controls are totally customiziable. So you can map anything to any button you're comfortable with. No matter what you're faced with a very crisp and responsive control scheme.

Overall, this game is great, but not the best. It really isn't worth it's price, considering how short the game is, and how little it has to offer. In terms of raw fun, however, it is one of the better options out there. But Portal 2 manages to surpass this by almost all means.
This game was also a trendsetter that really influenced new concepts in video games. With it's one-liners, along with unique gameplay, the only truly major downside is the game's short length. The sequel is a good approximately five times longer. But the game is totally worth a playthrough. You won't be sorry to play it. But I'd wait for this game to go on sale first.

Overall: 6.8/10
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02-07-16 02:53 PM
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I guess I have missed a lot in gaming since I've never heard of that one . Nevertheless, you still gave a good overview of it, showing its many weaknesses without ranting. It has enough details to show gamers what they are in for.
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The unknown

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