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02-27-20 11:59 PM
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02-22-15 09:39 PM
Sword Legion
03-06-15 11:18 PM

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which do you think makes for a better relationship?

opposites attract
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birds of a feather
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02-22-15 09:39 PM
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whch do you think makes for a better relationship and why? opposites or similarity?
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02-22-15 09:55 PM
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Some differences are good and two people having different skill sets while managing a relationship is important.  My wife is good at paying bills on time and I'm good at fixing things.

But we have a ton in common.  Two people have to.  I imagine a perfect girl, in shape, big boobs, pretty face, smart, but she doesn't:

(A) Drink alcohol or like bars
(B) Like dancing
(C) Like watching sports
(D) Laugh at the same dumb jokes I do
(E) Enjoy the same values I do

And I'm outta there.  That sort of relationship is going to fail no matter how hard you work at it because you don't have similar tastes and preferences, food, religion, etc.
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03-04-15 10:43 AM
Light Knight is Offline
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Light Knight
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I think there people are so complex that you can't say they are "opposites" or not. People may have very different outward personalities, but similar taste in activities, for example.

I think that, in a good relationship, what differences people have should complement each other, and the similarities they have or more so based of activities they like... but when it comes the the character and personality, I think there is a lot more move for opposites.
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03-06-15 11:18 PM
Sword Legion is Offline
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Sword Legion
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This thread should be getting the replies, and not the "oh no! I'm having trouble again for the third time and need online strangers to build me up cause I'm mentally weak and can't handle people calling me names" Thread. Just another reason I begin to find distaste in this site.

But anyways.

I agree with Light Knight.

Things that you should have in common?

- What you believe is the truth.

at least enough to get along and not cause stress. Especially if you have children.

- Likes and interests.

These build bridges, and are good tether points which bring you and the other individual close together again relationship wise.

Things that should be opposite?

Really just personality, or manner of attacking things.

Your strengths should cover each other's weaknesses.

Marriage I think is a lot like a team, although the chemistry involved is a lot different, plus there's a lot more focus on emotion. Though not necessarily a total focus upon it. What project ever worked out with total, and only emotional focus on it?
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