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04-06-20 09:59 AM

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01-25-15 10:56 PM
01-25-15 10:56 PM

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SkyFall Movie Review


01-25-15 10:56 PM
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I guess its time that I talk about one of the coolest action and thriller movies ever. Its probably been more than a year since I last saw this movie so I don't really remember much of it, but I do know that it's pure awesome. For a while, SkyFall was my 3rd most favorite movie of all time and it had a good reason to be there for a variety of reasons, whether it was the brilliant acting, the awesome music, or the cool scenes. I saw the movie a couple days after it came out and I was just amazed at how good it was.

First I am going to talk about the music, which was actually really good. I know that James Bond music is already well known, but I think that the composer, Thomas Newman had put a really good twist on the music to make it so much better. He made it more energetic, he made it darker, and he made it very fun to listen to. My favorite song from the soundtrack has to be She's Mine which is a really good song that captures that darkness of the scene and while listening to the song even without watching the movie, you can tell that there is evil. There are also a bunch of other songs throughout the movie that are just as good and twist around the old James Bond theme to make it better such as Grand Bazaar and Tennyson. On top of all that, you have the theme song by Adele which I actually really really enjoyed. Overall, it a beautiful soundtrack.

The acting is just as good ad any other piece, the movie brings back Daniel Craig and Judi Dench as James Bond and M, and both of their performances are magnificent, especially in a few scenes where they just outperform. Then you have Javier Bardem who plays the movies villian and his performance is even better than that of Craig and Dench in my opinion and I would have to say that this was one of the greatest villian performances that I have ever seen in a movie. He was just so good at it and his character was so evil and clever. Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, and Ben Whishaw all have large roles in the movie and do very well with them.

The story is what makes the movie work, it starts off with a chase where Bond is accidently shot off a moving train by a fellow agent and is thought to be dead. He returns and has to go through training again and fails, but M decides to let him rejoin. Bond captures the villian played by Barden and brings him to MI6 headquarters where he soon escapes as part of a plan to kill M. Meanwhile, M is in some sort of a court because nobody believes that MI6 is needed anymore and that spys and such no longer exist, but while this hearing goes on, the villian attacks. Bond then has to bring M to what I think is one of his old homes in Scotland where they have one final battle. There's a lot more to the movie than that and there's a ton of epic action scenes, explosions, and running.

Lastly you have the effects which are just spectacular, you can see Bond driving a motorcycle across the rooftops, him jumping from a crane to a train, and quite a few other epic train scenes and jumps and such. Its a beautiful movie full of spectacular effects.

If you are not a fan of James Bond but you do like action movies, then I really do suggest that you see this because the movie is just so epic, its the only Bond movie to hit a billion dollars for a reason. Overall, its probably my favorite suspense, thriller movie of all time and I can all but guarantee that you will enjoy it.
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