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12-11-19 02:21 AM

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juilet starting to annoy me
look at hear "helpful" skills
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11-20-09 10:23 PM
11-20-09 10:32 PM

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juilet starting to annoy me


11-20-09 10:23 PM
Didowe is Offline
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in every post in the newbie form here wirtes like this
Originally posted by Juliet
Welcome to Vizzed board.
Be sure to read my signature below.
Especially, read the "FAQ" and "Do's and Dont's" section ( my signature has the links ).
And if you need any help, don't be shy to ask.

This copy and paste is really starting to annoy me

who agrees
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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11-20-09 10:28 PM
is Offline
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She is being helpful not annoying. This thread was not a good idea on your side... bashing staff is not acceptable.
Vizzed Elite
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11-20-09 10:28 PM
DarkHyren is Offline
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It is Juliets job to welcome newbies you know.
There is nothing wrong with that greeting, it says hi and gives all the info a new member needs.
Quite frankly it can be hard to think of something different to say to every single person that posts there (I know it was when I was in charge of newbie forum) so I think Juliet is doing fine.
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11-20-09 10:32 PM
Rasenganfan2 is Offline
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Way to be a douchebag. Frankly, it's her job to welcome newbies. There aren't but so many ways you can say the same thing over and over. Bashing staff for doing their job is not a smart thing to do.
Vizzed Elite
Vizzed's resident metalhead

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