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02-22-20 08:07 PM

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08-23-14 01:02 AM
08-26-14 12:41 PM

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Post what you're currently playing and talk positively or negatively about it.


08-23-14 01:02 AM
Pringur0 is Offline
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So, to start this off, this isn't exclusive to just games in the retro game room, it can be anything you're playing through. Currently, I'm playing Persona 4 Arena, the sequel to Persona 4 on PS3. I think it's fun, I just dislike how much of a visual novel it feels at times. I'm aware that the series is somewhat of a VN, but, there's so much dialogue, that, sometimes, I just want to go fight some people online. It can be rather irritating. Either way, fun game, great plot, but, that should be expected from a SMT game.
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08-23-14 10:36 AM
awsome888 is Offline
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*Slight spoilers, beware!* This thread looks kinda fun , I'll go second! At the moment I'm playing Pokémon X for the 3DS. I just beat the Elite 4 and I've invested about 50 hours into the game (including grinding, and looking around for items). I've been hunting for shiny Pokémon a lot lately, so my saves actually now at about 65 hours. The game is great, and in my opinion, the story is actually a bit more "deep" then most of the other games in the series. I haven't played Black 2 or White 2 so maybe they made that story change in those games? I'm not sure. Anyway, I've also noticed some lag during the battles. It's usually only when 3D is turned up but some times even without it on, the animations get choppy! It was also disappointing when I found out the normal over-world didn't work in 3D at all (probably system limitations)! Even with that, the game is still great and fans of the series will love it, and if you've never played a Pokemon game and want a good entry level one to start, this is the one you've been looking for.   
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08-23-14 11:57 AM
port753 is Offline
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Even though I am a sandwich, I'm playing Yugioh The Reshef of Destruction. It's like a traditional Yugioh Duel game, except the effects are much more simple. The problem is that it took me months to beat, weeks to play on vizzed while speeding up the gameplay
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(edited by port753 on 08-23-14 11:58 AM)    

08-26-14 10:02 AM
Light Knight is Offline
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A mobile game called Ingress.

The premise is the world has invisible energy (called XM) flowing into it from portals; the only way to see and interact with them is with a scanner... your mobile device. So you have to walk around in the REAL WORLD, and find these portals and capture them, defend them, etc.

They are usually around piece of art or significant buildings. You have to choose to join one of two factions, the Resistance or the Enlightened, and try to control the most portals.

It's a never ending game, but it's very fun as you have to actually play in the real world and cooperate somewhat with other people in your city. It has an RPG side, where you can level up and use items and stuff.

So I would say I speak very positively of this game. It's great you get to move around and play an original game. Downside is that it drains the battery of your device very very fast, so it's hard to play long without having to recharge half way through the day.

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08-26-14 12:41 PM
fusionaceblus is Offline
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I'm going through pokemon Soulsilver for the 100th time, and to make it interesting, I made it a nuzlocke. I'm already up to entering Kanto for the first time, and has been pretty intense since I did Pryce before Jasmine and Chuck. Usually I have a pretty hard time with Clair and her kingdra, but I actually did really good.

Oh? I'm supposed to talk about the game? I feel the Remakes of Gen II are a little more... linear, as you HAVE to do the respective legendary quest before you can go to Kanto. I kinda miss not being able to buy the elemental punches, but at least gen 4 had better TMs. I still hate Voltorb Flip, as it really is chance and you can't exactly have a fool-proof plan (thank you!), and the levels of wild pokemon. for most of Johto are around level 23 to 28, so if you loose a pokemon, you're gonna be spending A LOT of time grinding the pokemon back to the levels of your other pokemon.

...Anyway, my battle with Clair's Kingdra was probably the most boss thing I've even done in a pokemon game. First I paralyzed it with discharge, then I used flash a bunch of times, and I didn't get hit either to the Kingdra being fully paralyzed or just missing. after I got the Kindgra's accuracy to minimum, I used headbutt a bunch of times (even though discharge would do more), so kingdra would have a pretty high chance of missing, either to paralysis, no accuracy or flinching (and the entire time, this was going through my head).
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