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01-18-20 11:25 AM

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07-06-14 11:21 AM
07-06-14 11:21 AM

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I had a surgery.


07-06-14 11:21 AM
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So I had a surgery. Yeah... Sorry if I am doing mistakes here.
I just feel like I have to tell this.
So wednesday my parents took me to the hospital in the other country ( we have very corrupt country )
and after the doctor looked at the problem I got a bed in there. Got infusion ( salty water thing ) then a hour later I got operated and also got a " numbing vaccine " ( ? ) that made me unable to feel or move from stomach down.
Because of the numbing I was unable to pee so I got an catheter ( you don't want to know it ).
Next day I got a terrible head ache and the nurse said that I need water. I drank 7-8 liters of water ( 4 plastic big bottles ) that all came out of me ( running to toilet every 30 min. )
Next day I was very happy because I could go home finally.

But the thing is that an old dude in the same room as me died...of cancer.

Poor dude, his wife was next to him all day. She was very nice and even heled me when I was numb.
She came very early and left only when the visiting time was over.

Now I am home. Can't wake up because I get terrible headaches ( like knives in my head )

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