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01-19-20 09:48 PM

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05-14-14 06:52 PM
05-15-14 08:44 AM

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05-14-14 06:52 PM
Maguc is Offline
Link | ID: 1020597 | 227 Words

Level: 85

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From the darkest of all places,
I found you. I picture the past before me.
A memory than cannot be contained,
A tear that cannot be reclaimed.

With the twines pulling me,
Everything I shall give away for it.
I feel like a slave,
Allowing you to control me.

My soul starting burning up inside of me,
My heart went from gold to black.
The greed is becoming stronger,
I now envy faster, Lust for more,
I devour like a mad man, and feel like a king.

The strings of my past can be broken no more.

I am a puppet of my own sins,
I cannot become a true boy ever again,
As a beast I lost all sense of humanity,
Now I only need the feeding of evil.

I was nothing, pure dust and sand,
But inside it there was a small grain of hope.
A small light coming from inside,
Just needed a guide to be one with the stars.

I shall not look behind me now,
As I will only be lost in time.
Hiding is useless, running is too,
I must come out and face my problems,
Before I lose to them even more.

My sins I must confront,
My time will be out when I see the light,
I must live as a noble man,
Or I shall fade with time...
Site Staff
Content Adder
Im Back

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-17-10
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05-15-14 08:44 AM
juuldude is Offline
Link | ID: 1020776 | 41 Words

Level: 110

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CP: 13243.2
VIZ: 509608

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maguc : Wow that's really impressive man! I just made my first poem here but it's nothing compared to this. Anyways, the great use of words and the subject make it very nice, I would love to read another one of you!
Vizzed Elite
Dutch vizzedeer and Professor Layton fan

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-26-11
Location: Holland, The Netherlands, which you prefer
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