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02-21-20 07:11 AM

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04-30-14 07:45 AM
05-25-14 01:22 AM

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Cena, Bray Wyatt, and Children's Promo on Raw - April 2014


04-30-14 07:45 AM
Meatsim009 is Offline
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Some are saying this is one of the best promos seen in WWE in a long time.  What are your thoughts?  Me?  Personally, I think it was good, but a couple of things didn't gel with me.

* Was Cena being real and honest at the beginning?

* Is this the furthering of a potential Cena heel turn, or just another chance to "Rise above Hate"?

* Bray's laughter at the end seemed a little long-winded.

But anyway, take a look, and share your thoughts


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05-16-14 05:19 PM
pacman1755 is Offline
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Bray's mind games are pretty flawless towards a super hero like Cena is. It makes me wonder what would happen if Taker would've faced him in a feud/match on a war of mindgames. The Cena heel turn has been heavily hinted forever, but he won't do it. I don't think so, at least. The rivalry hopefully ends on Payback with the Last Man Standing match, and hopefully the right guy wins. The rivalry has gone long enough, honestly. 5 months of the same thing gets a bit repetitive after a while.
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05-25-14 01:22 AM
Chewedmint is Offline
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Most people seem to love Bray Wyatt, but I think he's just boring. All he does is spew out the same old nonsense in every promo.

Also, I highly doubt Cena will ever turn heel.
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