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01-20-20 11:10 AM

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Sword Legion
01-25-14 11:29 AM
Sword Legion
01-25-14 11:29 AM

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Like Mount & Blade Warband?


01-25-14 11:29 AM
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Mount & Blade Warband is one of the best games that I have ever played on steam.

In the game you start out as a traveler in a land set after 12th century Europe called Caladria. The game has 6 factions, and many different kinds of people and terrains. You go to villages and recruit people to your party, your men will get stronger, and will climb ranks. They start out as recruits, and evetually become footmen, and then militia. You can make them archers, foot soldiers or cavalry. 

Track down bandits and take their goods. join tournaments and place bets on yourself. Perform tasks for lords and kings, like sneaking into an enemy city to meet with a spy, hunt down a murderer, or capture an enemy lord.

Become a mercenary for hire, or even become a lord by swearing your alegiance to a king. You can even become king yourself someday if you're good.

This is a great game that I recommended to anyone who wants a clean midevil adventure. I know that the rating says sexual themes, but I think that may just be part on an expansion pack. But I'll get back to you guys if I find out why that's in the rating box.
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