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Gods of Osiris!
Face against other gods in a battle for domination of the realms.
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10-27-13 01:49 PM
10-27-13 01:49 PM

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Gods of Osiris!


10-27-13 01:49 PM
mattmaster68 is Offline
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Gods of Osiris
Welcome to Gods of Osiris! The game where you create a domain and such and battle other players in continuous posts in the FG! There are three ways to win:
-Killing the rest of the Gods.
-Reaching 1,000,000 fame.
-Own 6/9 domains.
This game requires an active participation. Otherwise, you will be kicked after two weeks of not posting. We understand if you cannot temporarily access the internet, but if you do not warn us ahead of time, your domain will be handed down to the newly dubbed weakest player.
First, as a God, you will pick a domain as goes:
-Domain of Fire
-Domain of Peace
-Domain of the Heavens
-Domain of Metal
-Domain of Chaos
-Domain of Darkness
-Domain of Ice
-Domain of Life
-Domain of Space ( gravity ) - taken to mattmaster68
To begin, copy this template:

Primary Domain:
Acquired Domains:
1500 human citizens
Total: 1500
500 human troops
Total: 500
500 humans
Total: 500
Completed Projects:
Fame: 0
Total fame:
Total sacrifices:
Now that will be the template. Now I will start explaining how to fill this out every turn.

Pick the name of your people's God (you).

Say what week it is, in this case week zero(0). One day in real life is two weeks in-game.
Pick what domain you control. This will be your primary domain and the last that an enemy can attack.

The acquired domains are the domains you have conquered, which I will explain how to attack other players later on. Each acquired domain earns you five hundred fame each turn.

You need citizens to form cities. For every ten thousand citizens, you can create a city. Each city you create (in ten weeks time) will give you one thousand fame at its completion.

A city is a project and takes ten weeks to create. You gain 100 fame per city completed (not counting any completed on that turn.)

You will gain two-hundred fifty citizens per city you construct, and two-hundred fifty per domain. Troops do not account for constructing a city, they must be citizens. Citizens are converted into troops, but vice versa is illegal.

Citizens who choose to battle, will go straight to recruitment. You subtract the number of recruits from the citizens and add to the number of troops. You can distribute them however you like upon your people.

Supplies are created via projects and such. You start with nothing, and work your way up depending on your domain.
For example: I doubt the Fire Domain would contain a navy; or that the domain of metal would have some aircraft of any sort without some alliance.
Projects create supplies, train troops, and do a bunch of other stuff such as create weapons, and lists actions and such. For example:
God of Fire:
Discover new form of fire ( 0/4)
You do not count the week you add the project.
For each domain it is double times, triple timed, and so on so forth.
Next 2 weeks, you would put:
Discover new form of fire (2/4)
To kill another God (player) you must have a minimum of ten cities, conquer their domain, and then make one hundred thousand citizen sacrifices, or you may pay 200,000 fame.
When making your declaration of war, you must list these things:
Who you are attacking
Where the battle will take place
Which troops you will use
Which supplies they will be using
OFFENDER STRATEGY. (most important)
The format for an offender strategy goes like this:
*list troops*
*list supplies*
*write out what you want your troops to do* (including any phases there may be)
*things like retreat point, battle affecting side notes, and project effects go here*
First of all, and most important,
The Defender needs to make his strategy while pretending to not know anything about the offender strategy. You may however include responses to obvious maneuvers. Like: they split into two groups, so I will fan out.
Defender strategies are really the same as offender, only the defender can't retreat unless they have some sort of exit. (ie a secret tunnel to a friendly base)
The defender can also get their allies to help them in the defense. All allies must have one united strategy, not 2+ separate ones.
For the layout see attacker.
The war mod will evaluate the two strategies and make a INFORMED, IMPARTIAL AND LOGICAL DECISION on who will win. Then he/she will write a brief description of what happened in the war, and at the end, will post how many troops died for each side.
Note that war modding should include status effects, like if there was a project to build a base and it got burned down, it must be listed in the modding.
Heres the layout for a warmod:
The Battle:
*description of the battle, have some fun with it, make it fun to read*
*list what people have left, not what they lost, but what they have left*
*list reasons for things you think may cause arguments*

You MUST post at least once a week, and respond to ALL messages/threats sent to you.

Quick guidelines: No breaking of any rules that may get this thread removed. Also, this is just a beta, stick to everything explained as it is, and if anybody has any questions, PM me, or put OOC before filling out your template. In order to start playing the game, you must PM me with the template completely filled out. Thanks!

~REMEMBER: THIS IS JUST A BETA! It is in construction and rules are subject to change. PM me with any problems that arise, but I will also be playing this game. You create your own troops but stay within the boundary of not destroying the reality of the game for other players.

I shall go first:

God: Mattmasticus

Week: 0

Primary Domain: Space

Acquired Domains:


1500 human citizens

Total: 1500


500 human troops

Total: 500


500 humans

Total: 500





Completed Projects:

Fame: 500

Total fame: 500

Sacrifices: 0

Total sacrifices: 0

Log: Aha! I have shown myself to these pests.. I shall see how the days go and whether or not they are worth my time.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-15-13
Last Post: 2278 days
Last Active: 2203 days

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