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02-27-20 02:19 AM

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10-12-13 07:51 PM
11-28-13 08:52 AM

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Pokemon Rocket Science Review


10-12-13 07:51 PM
SalamenceR3 is Offline
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Hey there guys, I have another game review!!! This time I'm reviewing the hacked game Pokemon Rocket Science, created by LocksmithArmy.

Plot: The plot of the game is you're a silph co. scientist that was fired since you were in cahoots with Team Rocket. Note that this game's retrospect was AFTER Red/Ash/main character (the guy you play as in Leaf Green and Fire Red) thwarted Team Rocket and sent them home packing. You're goal is to still work for Team Rocket while also obtaining the badges to challenge the pokemon league. Throughout the game, you get to do a lot of cooler stuff, such as doing what Team Rocket does best...STEALING POKEMON!!! How great is that? You ACTUALLY get to be a crime lord with Team Rocket by stealing pokemon from trainers you've already beaten. 

At the start of the game, you have two starter pokemon instead of one. You don't get to choose them, because they're already there. You get a Magnemite and EVERYONE'S favorite Cave Troll ZUBAT!!!! WHOOO!!!!! You do get to encounter all of the Original Starter Pokemon, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle, later on in the game. Until then, however, all you get to choose from before taking on Brock are Pidgey, Rattatta, Mankey, Spearow, Weedle, Kakunah, Caterpie, Metapod, and Pikachu. Not the best selection of pokemon to go up against Rock type, but it is possible to win. As you progress, you'll find more pokemon, obviously. I'm not going to name them ALL off, as that would take too long and be considered spam. While you progress, you also do little tasks for Team Rocket. 

Now here's something that I know not a lot of you guys wanna hear, but, the pokemon you steal from trainers, you don't get to use them. Ya, I know, it's sad because you REALLY want to steal powerful pokemon from trainers and use them as your own. I know how you feel. What happens is they get turned into Items which you then redeem at the Game Corner in Celedon City. There's quite a few good prizes in there, so not a total waste Now how much do you guys LOVE rare candies? Let me guess....A LOT!!! Remember in the old un-hacked games where there were like 5-10 rare candies MAX total in the game? well how would you like get as many as you want!?! In this game, you can trase cubone skulls for a rare candy! EVERY Cubone has one, so go out there and CATCH EM ALL TO GET FREE CANDY!!!

For the Plot, I give this game a 7/10. Could use more stories in it, but not a bad first game hack. I'm sure if you keep working at it, you can make an even more EPIC adventure!!

Next on the list is Difficulty. The Difficulty in this game was rather simple. Brock was literally the hardest spot for me, as I lost to him twice. I decided NOT to get a mankey for his fighting superiority as I wanted a challenge. Now if a Zubat and Magnemite can beat Brock's Gym, then I'm afraid you set the difficulty a little too low. As you get to Ceruleon, you have a higher level Magnemite, so you just decide to hit the Gym and take on Misty. You can completely trash the 2 people in her gym and One Hit KO her Staryu, but her Starmie make's up fro Brock's easy difficulty setting. It was a bit too Over powered with a Single Water Pulse One Hit KOing a level 25 Magnemite WITHOUT critical hit. Needs some work. 

On Difficulty, I give you a 5/10. Needs more work my friend.

Now for my Overall rating. The story was decent as the Difficulty was not. There were points in the game that I loved and barely any that I hated. My overall rating for this game is 7.5/10. Needs just a little more work on it with more pokemon. Maybe add in some Johto pokemon and the ability to pick your first 2 starters. Like ekans, koffing, grimmer, magnemite, zubat, etc. Pokemon that Team Rocket use. Once you update the game, if you do at all, please message me. I would LOVE to play it and add another review about your games.

Unfortunately I was un-able to go to the pokemon league I was actually hunting for Bulbasaur as I wanted all 3 original starters and well... Missing No. Attacked outside of the grass, made the game crash, and deleted my progress. Sad day...That stupid Missing No.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed!
Terroking/Salamence lvl 100

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-05-13
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10-28-13 07:23 PM
LocksmithArmy is Offline
Link | ID: 917906 | 145 Words

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Well, this isnt my first hack man... it is my shortest. It was made for a contest... and i thought i had only 3 months so i did make the story short.

The difficulty issue is not me lol. I changed none of the difficulties, raised no trainer difficulties. I did add some trainers and they are tougher. Gamefreak made it easy... 

The reason there are so many rare candies is cause there are no team rocket fights. So you lose all that expierience. I added the rare candies to keep up the trainers levels. And its 50% of cubones have them.

Now.. the glitch. Ive had maybe 5 people have this issue and i have never made it happen. Im glad you took a pic so i can look into it... youve got a good grasp on the story... thanks for the write up.
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11-28-13 08:52 AM
WanderingHero is Offline
Link | ID: 932594 | 29 Words

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Good review, and I agree, the games fun but after Brock its just way too easy, you can brute your way through pretty much anyone else with little thought

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-25-11
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