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A smashing awesome time!

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09-28-13 04:12 PM
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Man, So many games, so little time! It seems that out of all of the games I have reviewed on the vizzed board, I have reviewed good games! I have reviewed bad games! And I have reviewed downright mediocre games! But this one is not any of the above! In fact, this game can be called amazing, It can be called astonishing! It is all of those things combined! But anyways, what is this game right here that I speak of? Well guys, remember that game I reviewed for the N64 called super smash brothers? Well, today I am reviewing the smash hit sequel to the awesome fighter! Yeah, This is super smash brothers melee for the nintendo gamecube! This is my second modern review on vizzed and one of the many more to come! But you know, Let's get this game started shall we?

The smash brothers games are't really known for having an actual story to them let alone just watching the intro video of them, But It seems that if you watch closely in the intro video of the very first smash brothers game, It seems that all of this is from a kid's imagination! Hence the big giant glove and the action figures and the characters of themselves, But anyways! Smash brothers game do not really need an actual story to them, But It would be funny if they did! But as we were saying, On to the actual game!

Super smash brothers melee is probably one of the biggest fighting games I have ever ever played in my life! This is a fighting game where you pick out one of many famous nintendo characters and then you pick out a fun and furious stage to fight on, And well, you and three other computer players beat the snot out of each other! The controls for this game are pretty simple, You use the control stick to move and jump, You use the A and B buttons to punch and launch out all sorts of powerful attacks! There are alot of game modes to choose from, And they are as followed! There is the 1 player mode where you can play stuff by yourself, And there is the versus mode which is the main bulk of the game! But I forgot to explain the modes within them! In 1 player mode, You can play the classic mode, where you proceed through a story like adventure defeating opponents as you progress, There is the adventure mode that Is just like the classic mode but more serious and longer, And there is all-star mode where you pick a character and defeat all the other characters of the game in progress! The modes are very easy and simple to jump into, But where was I? Oh yeah! The VS/Multiplayer mode! Here you can grab three other friends and have a smashing good time with everybody! The game features alot of brand new characters for the Brawl, You got Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Link, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Bowser, And so on! The VS mode can be played in many ways possible, You can play with a time limit where whoever has the most kills by the time runs out wins, You can play stock mode where you have a certain amount of lives before you are elminated, and so on! The new modes here are tons of fun and offer alot to them then they did in the last game! Lastly, the game features a tons of new and old places from all of the game universes, You got princess peach's castle, You got the depths of brinstar, You got yoshi's island, and there are even some stages from the previous N64 game returning! Anyways, That is It for the gameplay!

This game was released as a launch title for nintendo's brand new console, and for what It is worth, This has got to be without a doubt one of the best looking games I have ever played and layed my eyes on in the gamecube's lifetime! The game's opening however is what really really caught my eye, The amazing CGI and animation that Is! But anyways, The game still looks really good and just an eyeful to look at! Let's get to the actual stages and such, And boy are they fun to smash through and explore, There are the roofs of princess peach's castle where there are tons of platforms and every once in a while that darn bullet bill keeps arupting off of the roof, There are the big scary depths of planet brinstar where samus' enemy kraid runs amok smashing everything, There is the fast paced world of mute city where cars and planes and such zoom by like nobody's business, and so on! Now for the characters, and boy do they look amazing! Mario and luigi are the world's favorite plumbers in red and green, Peach is looking as beautiful and charming as ever, Captain falcon is looking buffer and buffer with his trademark jumpsuit, Pikachu is quick and steady and ready to conquer the battlefield with his lightning themed attacks, and many more! The HUD in each match is pretty self explanatory, You have you character's icons and such and their amount of damage. Nothing much! But that Is It for the graphics!

Upon starting the game, you are greeted with some really really epic sounding music that just overall sounds like something taken from a movie! This is in the intro though, and It helps you prepare for the whole entire game! But anyways, The soundtrack in this game is filled with tons of remixes and such of songs from all the characters' respective games, For example! The princess peach's castle level has a beautifuly sounding remix of the original super mario brother's theme. The icy mountains of ice climber has some really chilly and COOL sounding peppy music that helps you concentrate on getting to the top of the mountain, and so on! I think I used to have the game's actual CD, But I don't remember anymore! Too bad! Now onto the sound effects! They are as what you would expect from a fighting game of this time! You get pows, smacks, booms, whacks, booshs, and well, Yeah! Now for the actual voice acting, Every character in this game has a very cool and collective voice (Most likely charles martinet's act as Mario!) But all the characters have some solid voice work, Luigi's voice is quite high, Mario's is as italian as you can get, Captain falcon's is manly and overall awesome, and while all that, It can get A LITTLE annoying having to hear the same old grunts cries and sounds everytime through, But It is now problem! Because this Is a fighting game!

You can see why this game has been critcally acclaimed as one of nintendo's best in four player action! And I really agree! The game has so much to It that you just can't put It down at all! I mean, just look at how many game modes and stuff the game offers for you! This game will most likely last you through the entire holiday season! (2001 that was) But yeah, Beating the snot out of all of your opponent's in my opinion has never ever gotten old for me, and that Is the point of smash brothers games!

Ah yes, The depth factor of this game, When It comes to games like this, you know that I am going to rate the game high and I say very high here! But yeah, The game offers over 4-8 distinct play modes, But the main kicker here is the multiplayer! Here, you can play with three other friends and beat each other up! But yeah, well, The game offers classic mode, Adventure mode, Vs mode, tournament mode, All star mode, It is a fighting game fan's all time dream! Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned this, But the game also offers a bunch of trophies to collect as well! These trophies are usually things or such based off of all the game series in this game, And they are actually really fun to collect! Helps give the game more length then usual!

Now to be completely fair with you here, The game isn't really that challenging! I mean, the game does let you adjust the difficulty levels of CPU's and such, And heck! When playing classic mode and such, You can adjust the difficulty level from very easy to very hard! But If there is one thing that has bothered me for my whole entire childhood, It would have to be the fight with giga bowser at the end of adventure mode! Once you reach the end of adventure mode on normal mode or higher without using ANY continues, You will fight a huge mutated version of bowser himself! He is hard, So be careful! But If you are good at fighting games or such, Then this game shouldn't give you ANY trouble at all!

No explanation needed, You absolutely must buy this fighting game! It is without a doubt one of the best fighting games on the nintendo gamecube and I am pretty sure that all of you guys on the vizzed board will all agree so! I gave this game a 10 because It is fun. challenging, and the multiplayer Is without a doubt the highest point of this whole entire game! So yeah guys, you already know! Buy this game now! So anyways, This has been RedHotToddy's 122nd review, and well, See you guys later or tommorow in my 123rd review!

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