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10-17-19 06:24 PM

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09-26-13 04:57 PM
09-27-13 07:49 AM

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Need For Speed for PS Vita

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09-26-13 04:57 PM
tgags123 is Offline
Link | ID: 890932 | 1019 Words

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Hello all and welcome to another tgags123 review. This is my second review today, and my second PS Vita review. Like I said in my last review, I recently discovered that there are PlayStation Vita games in the Video Game Room. Almost none of them have reviews, so that's where I come in. I might be reviewing one more Vita game after this, so stayed tuned.

Anyway, let's get on topic. Need For Speed: Most Wanted was the second game I got when I got my Vita. I liked Need for Speed games, but they were never really my favorites. But that all changed when I got Most Wanted for the PS Vita.

Overall (9.5)

Need for Speed Most Wanted isn't like the game before it, The Run. Most Wanted doesn't follow a strict storyline, it let's you drive wherever you want in a variety of awesome cars. The goal of the game is to wreak havoc and get to the top of the Most Wanted list. There are a lot of awesome cars that you can find and drive around. You get points for doing things like destroying cars, escaping the police, and winning races. You can compete in races to unlock special upgrades for your car.

Graphics (10)

It is hard to give a PS Vita game a score lower than 10 on the graphics. The system itself has amazing graphics. When you combine that with the awesome graphics of the game, you get the best looking racing game I have ever played. The picture is sharp, the cars look great, and everything is well detailed. It is one of the most realistic looking games I have ever played. The graphics are really good, and I really think that EA did a great job with the looks of this game.

Sound (10)

This game has an outstanding soundtrack. As you are driving around, awesome music is playing from artists such as Skrillex, The Who, Muse, Deadmau5, Icona Pop (This game played "I Love It" before the radio did!), Calvin Harris, Rudimental, Silent Code, Bassnectar, Green Day, Nero, and many more. This is probably my favorite soundtrack of any game I have ever played. It is full of really good music that fits the game well. It is one of those games that are a lot better when you play with the volume up. The sound effects are impressive as well. The screeching, roaring of the engine, and just about everything else has a fitting sound effect that is well-placed and sounds good.

Addictiveness (9)

This game is very addictive. I always end up going back an playing this game again. I am sure you will have trouble putting it down too. There is a lot to do and it is very fun. This game really doesn't have an end, which really increases it's playability and addictiveness. It is probably the PS Vita game I have played the most, because it has that aspect that makes you want to play it again.

Story (N/A)

I had trouble deciding if their was a story or not. There is kind of a story, but not really. You have to become the Most Wanted racer. That is pretty much it. It is a more free game than The Run, which has a strict story that you have to follow.

Depth (10)

There is so much to do in this game and that is one reason I love it. You are free to roam around and do whatever you want. There are over 40 cars that you can drive in this game. They are hidden throughout the cities. If you find them, then you can drive them. Some of these cars are the Ariel Atom, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, the Audi R8 GT Spyder, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante, the Lexus LFA, the Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale, the Porsche 911 Carrera S, and of course the much sought after Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. You can just drive around the town, mess around, look for new cars, try to see how fast you can go, provoke the cops, do tricks, race, and a lot more. When you race, you can unlock upgrades for the car you are using such as nitrous, better turning, better off-road, etc.

Difficulty (7)

Usually I have a lot of trouble with Need For Speed games. I usually crash a lot and always go off-road or off a cliff. But not with this game. The controls are easier, the steering is better, and it is easier to control on the PS Vita than it is on the PS3 or Xbox 360. The game is not overwhelmingly difficult, but has enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. I rated it a 7 for difficulty, which is the best difficulty rating in my opinion. If it is over seven it is hard, under seven is easy. But seven has just the right amount of difficulty, and that is why I rated this game a seven.

In conclusion, this game is great. I would definitely look to buy it if you haven't already. It is loads of fun and has a cool and more free feel than most Need for Speed games. This game also has an awesome soundtrack and great graphics. There is a ton to do in this game, so the fun never runs out. I recommend this game for everyone. It is a very good game that is fun even if you aren't good at racing games. Here is a fun little challenge you can do: Do donuts until the cops start to come after you. By that time, your tires should be burned out. The challenge is to try to escape with burned-out tires. It is pretty hard and a lot of fun to try.

Well that's my review! I hope it was helpful and interesting enough to keep you awake! I really enjoyed writing it. Any comments, tips, and even criticism are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading another one of my reviews! I hope you catch my next review too!
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09-27-13 07:49 AM
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Man.I remember using patches on the game via PC version.It's cool

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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