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Pixel Givin' Ya Viz
Get a certain amount of Viz weekly!
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08-15-13 11:56 AM
08-15-13 11:56 AM

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Pixel Givin' Ya Viz


08-15-13 11:56 AM
PixelBrick is Offline
Link | ID: 867446 | 180 Words

Level: 88

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LVL EXP: 6485523
CP: 7025.0
VIZ: 48089

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Since i just got Netplay for 25,000 Viz I thought I could, for once, give Viz away. Honestly, since games on Vizzed are really cheap, I would only use Viz to show off. Now you can do so. On this thread, tell me why you deserve Viz and I'll give you upon a range of 300-1,000 Viz. If you have to wait a while for your Viz, I apologize. I am low on Viz due to buying Netplay. I know this kind of thread is overdone, but I decided to do it anyway for the sake of the Board. Some rules.

1: Don't spam on this thread. you will not get any Viz out of it.

2: No begging. You must have a good reason to earn Viz from me. I don't want any "PLEASE GIVE Viz." I want a good reason. If you're trying to save up for an item, and you need my help, I may give you some viz

3: Vizzed rules apply on here. No spamming, no flaming, and have an awesome time with your earnings.
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Here's looking at you, kid

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-05-13
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