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Top 10 Albums
what are your top 10 albums?
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04-03-13 04:11 AM
04-03-13 12:51 PM

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Top 10 Albums


04-03-13 04:11 AM
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Here is my top 10 all time favourite albums: 10. Nirvana - In Utero    9. Alice In Chains - Dirt   8.David Bowie - Station To Station   7. Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral   6. David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World   5. Led Zeppelin - In  Through The Out Door   4. Faith No More - Angel Dust   3. David Bowie - Let's Dance   2.Nirvana - Nevermind   1. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
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04-03-13 07:49 AM
Dragoon26 is Offline
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   This question is very different from top 10 artists/bands. I might include an album from a band who i wouldn't consider to be even in my top 20 bands. This is very tough so i have a feeling i will be editing my answer more than once...

   This is definitely in no order and also subject to change..

10. Yes - Close to the Edge
9. The Who - Tommy
8. Talking Heads - More songs about buildings and food
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
6. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
5. Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
4. Genesis - Trick of the Tail
3. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffitti (for how much we seem to have in common this is the only repeat album)
2. Audience - House on the Hill
1. The Beatles - Abbey Road
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04-03-13 12:51 PM
Yngwie is Offline
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This is a perfect thread for me
i don't know which setup i would go for but this are my 10 favorite albums

beyond creation, the aura.
the reason why i like this album is because of the technical fret less bass that is used in this album. I love fret less bass..
also the drum in this album is really complicated but really amazing.
for the guitar riffs, and solo's they are amazing.
specially the solo's blows my mind. Not to forget about the amazing bass solo's and intro's that are used in this album.the vocalist(s) did a really awesome job. It might not be singing. Its grunting. But the way they he/they grunt/scream is amazing. And the combination of it is amazing.
the scream and grunt are perfectly balanced and well placed all over the album
My favorite songs on this album:
The Aura
Social Disability
Injustice Revealed
The Deported

Hour of penance, paradogma.
this album is pretty intense and brutal.
but its a really amazing album! The singer does some really amazing grunt work similar to that of behemoth. But even beyond there abilities!
the guitar and drums in this album are pretty intense. The drummer is definitely a skilled drummer with passion for drumming. The lyrics are a bit .. Evil. But i don't really listen to the lyrics anyways.
this is one of the album's i want to collect for in my album collection (most likely during its amazing cover) but didn't find the album... i did find it on the Internet though.. So now I'm happy.
my favorite songs on this album would be
Malevolence of the Righteous
Caged into Falsehood
Thousands of Christs
Incontrovertible Doctrines

Desecravity, implicit obedience
this album and band is amazing. They are from Japan if i remember correctly.
the songs in this album are really powerful. And the intro of the album is mysterious and epic.
the drum work on this album are really intense and fast. As for the guitars the same. The guitar work on this album is really technical. The vocalist(s) did a great job to. But the better work on the album is the guitar and drums. The band did a great job on this release. I would consider buying it if you like brutal death metal/technical death metal
my favorite songs on this album
Into The Unknown
Enthralled In Decimation
Extinction With Hatred
Advent Of Bedlam, Flesh Over God this album is technically suprisely good.
and the vocalist had done a amazing job on the grunting. One of the songs had more like a thrash vocal. This part is one of my favorite parts on the album.
the drums on this album are technical and fast. Just like the other bands the guitar is good. But would consider less technical then the guitars of beyond creation.
the album cover is amazing. And i love the setup list on this album my favorite songs on it
Indoctrinated Wrath
Creed of the Void
Echoes of the Unhinged

Gorod, A Perfect Absolution
this is a amazing album.. Really. When i first listened to this album i was like: holy shizzle o.O..
this band's technical limits are amazing. The flow of sound is amazing. The drum is technical really impressive.. Not only fast drums but also difficult drums while still holding the speed.
this album is one of my favorite progressive metal album. And it had he's obvious reasons!
the album is technical, and melodic just amazing. The vocalist is great. The guitar riffs and solo's are intense and technical. Not to mention the combination of both drum and guitars that were well balanced and everything!
my favorite songs of this album would be
The Axe Of God
Tribute Of Blood
Birds Of Sulphur
Varangian Paradise

psycroptic, Observant
the band it self is extremely technical and talented.
i got there album The inherited repression ( which is also a really fine peace of technical death metal)
one of the songs from there previous albums alpha breed and  Merchants of Deceit
were the first 2 songs i heard of this band. The technical limits on both these songs are almost infinite. The guitar work on these 2 are so complicated.
but back the album .
the album is in general amazing. The songs are complicated written and the instrumental work on in it impressive.
the drummer had a good job on the drums the vocalist changed he's vocal style on this album and the newer album ( the inherited repression) which give the songs and album a new jacket.
the setup list is amazing. It starts of with a lot of technicy and ends slow and mysterious.
my favorite songs on the album
A calculated effort
The shifting equilibrium
Horde in devolution

Obscura, cosmogenisis
this album is amazing! It is energetic powerful and technical at the same time!
the band itself is my favorite German metal band of all time. I got the album omnivium (which is also really awesome)
this album is technical overloaded with awesomeness. The bass in this album is amazing. The guitar work is technical and shifty and the drum are melodic and technical well made.
the setup list of this album is amazing. I liked the balance in both technical,energetic, but still brutal elements which makes this album fantastic!. The music itself makes me happy. The guitar tune is full of joy ( in my opinion) and i can head bang all day long on it!
the band's lyrical theme is amazing. It most likely goes about the cosmic energy / space and unknown things.
the lyrics are really philosophic and i love that about the band and album.
my favorite songs of this album
The Anticosmic Overload
Orbital Elements

Gojira, the way of all flesh
This is my favorite progressive death metal album.
the music of gojira itself is really unique. Combining different kind of genres and the use of start and stop riffs are amazing.
the drums on this album is the most impressive thing on the album. The drummer's technical skills are unique even in there genre.
the singer uses death growl and thrash vocal combination. Which makes this band really awesome and mufti functional
there earlier albums where amazing to.. And there newest album is fantastic.
the lyrical themes are somehow personal and emotional for what i experienced.
this album had almost no song that don't like. All the songs on this album are well balanced and written.
i would suggest to buy one of there albums if you're a death metal fan.
my favorite songs on the album are
Toxic Garbage Island
All the Tears
The Art of Dying
Esoteric Surgery
The Way of All Flesh
Yama's Messengers

Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity
cattle decapitation must be on of my most favorite brutal death metal bands of all time.
the most unique thing about this band is the vocalist. Which uses extremely rare vocal styles and growls.
the speed on this album is fantastic. As if that wasn't enough in a short explanation the this album has a lot of epic and dramatic parts in it.
extremely powerful lyrics makes the band also amazing. The lyrics goes about the human race and there failures. I love the lyrics as i love the music.
technical as also brutal and power this album is unique in almost every way. The vocals can be referred to something out of a horror scene. Making use of a lot of horror elements and beastly growls. I can understand if people don't like this kind of music or album.
its unique and extremely powerful as well as brutal in anyway.
for people who love brutal death metal this album is a MUST have.
my favorite songs of this album are
The Carbon Stampede
A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
Gristle Licker
Life stalker
Your Disposal
The Monolith, Kingdom of Tyrants

damn I'm already on my tenth album!?.. But i have a lot of other favorite albums!...
well okay.
my favorite album of like almost al time would be
Death, spiritual healing
death is a old school death metal band and the one of the earlier technical death metal bands from the 80's
this album feats the guitarist James Murphy which is greatly talented in technical guitar.
the album has a great drum routine and the most epic work on the whole album are the guitar solo's
chuck schuldiner (let him rest peacefully in  the seventh heavens) my favorite guitarist of all time used a really fast way of picking with he's plectrum while hitting a lot of different notes. From lower notes to extremely high notes..
some of he's guitar solo's give me the chills through my back spine bones.
the lyrical theme on this song goes most likely about telling a story about the government.
this is not always understood that way.
the album had 2 different kind of versions.
the 80's version out of the late 80's. And the re - isue/re mastered version the re - isue version has a lot of bonus material and has a book in it with THE whole story behind the producing and creating of the album

i personally don't have a most favorite album.
i like almost every album of Death.
and the album's of gorod are also really amazing and technical. So i don't have a one to tenth place set on my list.
since every band and album has there own way of writing and playing and are all unique in the genre they play.
Of course my music taste is completely different from most of the vizzed users. There are a lot of metal heads on this sites.. But haven't seen any technical death metal fan, brutal death metal fan, or any kind of other death metal fan.
i hope there will be more people who will take the time to listen to these fantastic bands!
i will post some of the songs from the previous albums i just named

Death, spiritual healing

obscura, anticosmic overload

gorod, Varangian Paradise

cattle decapitation, kingdom of tyrants

beyond creation, the aura

hour of penance, apotheosis

desecravity, enthralled in decimation

Advent of Bedlam, Nimrod's Rebellion

Psycroptic, Slaves of Nil

Gojira, The Way Of All Flesh

thank you for (hoping) enjoying my post and music!
if you have any question or music, band, song suggestion. Ask me any time!
i will give you the best songs, bands, and lyrics i know!
greetings, Yngwie
As humanity remains. planet earth starting to vanish. in sanity and creed. the madness in mankind knows yet to be calmed untill the very end. of destruction. a hopeless path for the hopless

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