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03-16-13 06:37 PM
03-16-13 06:37 PM

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Megamixing the Sonic: Sonic Megamix GEN and SCD

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03-16-13 06:37 PM
mariosonic123 is Offline
Link | ID: 757181 | 839 Words

Level: 16

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In 1994, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles got a final score of a skyrocketing 10 OUT OF 10, the colors are beautiful, the music is catchy, and It has the perfect control for a Sonic game, and now a couple years later, Sonic Retro released a Rom hack for the Sega Genesis, and the Sega Cd. What I'm going to do here is that I'm going to tell you my experiences with the game(s) and tell you how much I love this game, no cussing or classic translations allowed, while the original games hold presence, we well be looking at the modern Sonic from 1998-2013 (today). So let's get this over with okay?

Graphics: 9

The graphics are AMAZING!!! The graphics are fond of the Genesis games and new additions, colors, and scenery within the game, the animations are SUPERB!!! The animations were implemented carefully if not stolen and/or used by other Sonic games, as a result, this game's graphics, sprites, and scenery are colorful and vibrant like a smack to Sonic 1,2,3 and Knuckles. However, due to the graphics style of the game can sometimes get out of control and can even crash your game if the save states (and possibly the gameplay) can get too hasty and impatient :/

Sound: 10!!!

The sound and music is AMAZING!!! The nature of the sound, again take back to the original genesis games...most of the time, when Sonic gets a 1up, the 1up tune plays, and after it, Sonic says "Yes!" but that doesn't matter. The music is CATHCY and NOSTALGIC!!! The tunes were from not just Sonic games, but from other series as well, such as Dyna Bros. Or Mega Man, and even snuck in some Michael Jackson music as a bonus.

Addictiveness: 9

Not much to say, but the nature and physics of this game will blow your mind and keep you in the game forever with promising box art in BOTH VERSIONS!!!

Story: 6

The story doesn't have much to offer, but of how much it offers it's a-okay, and it's classic!!! The story is that an evil scientist named Dr. Robotnik kidnapped the animals of South Island and turn them all into a big robot army to hunt the seven chaos emeralds so Robotnik can take over the World!!! Now Sonic and friends have to save em'...:/

Depth and Gameplay: 10!!!

THE GAME HAS TOO MUCH TO OFFER AND THE GAMEPLAY IS TOTALLY AWWWEEESOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Whew! Anyway, the gameplay is not your traditional Sonic Genesis Eskimo, instead they took the modern version of Sonic the Hedgehog and made it 100x better, for real! Sonic can do the homing attack, light speed dash, and jump dash. Shadow (yeah, Shadow) can do the homing attack as well but can do a Sonic R like Double Jump and that second jump is as high as regular jump making you catch insane air time. Mighty is just like Sonic from Sonic 3 but he can do a Ninja Gaiden like wall jump. And finally Tails can fly, and Knuckles can glide and climb walls but is not a fast or jumps as high as any other of the characters. Now for the stages, Reminder: You have an option of changing the control scheme to the Original Sonic 1 and change the stages to Sonic 1 style rather than the Megamix style. Sunny Shores Zone, this is the good future of GHZ, Dark Fortress Zone, a dark bleak place that's like the MZ on crack, City Outskirts Zone, alot of the words are the name of the game, the creators names, and just messing around on the Genesis version, I think its Labyrinth Ruins, 80% of the stage is water so keep watch of your breath and for a water level the background is angel island and there's water underwater, where's my hypothermia Sonic Retro? Star Bright Zone, If you get the joke of a comparison, then there's lots of speed and loops, Metallic Madness Zone, The final zone of the game and has awesome music!!! There is also a Debug Level select code that lets you go anywhere in the game.

Difficulty: 6

The difficulty in the Sega Cd version is slightly easy and the Genesis had Dark Fortress Zone as the Hardest Zone in the game and last zone in both versions was and is not as hard and the final boss tried to make it harder but just as less of a challenge for experienced gamers. No offense but Sonic Retro did great on the level design but as poorly when it comes to difficulty. Sorry...

Overall: Genesis 8.5/10 Sega CD 10/10/10/10!!!!!

Outstanding Graphics, Great Sound, Fantastic Control, Amazing Gameplay, and Extreme Depth!!! Sonic Retro Knew what they were doing and as a result, they made the best Sonic Game Ever, even though the Genesis Version doesn't have as much depth and is more glicthy, as before but this is still an extremely memorable game to date and I enjoyed playing and my final score

Meh, leave me alone and let me have my chocolate! Plz?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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