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What is a net book?
is it the same as a google book?
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03-11-13 03:54 PM
Crazy Li
03-13-13 04:45 PM

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What is a net book?


03-11-13 03:54 PM
Totts is Offline
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I want a new laptop.

The google one looks good as it is cheap and I like google to search on.

But what is a google laptop, and do I need to be online the whole time?

I do not know what they are so would rather ask if anyone on vizzed uses one and can play game son it okay including mame!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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03-13-13 11:14 AM
Light Knight is Offline
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Light Knight
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Hi totts.

A netbook is a very lightweight, mall laptop designed mostly for internet browsing, e-mails, skype, etc.. It usually doesn't have a CD drive, lots of RAM or CPU power, or other functions laptops and desktops have.

A chromebook (which is Google's laptop), is technically a small laptop as it has a bigger screen, but is still pretty small and used mostly for web based applications. You could say it's sorta in the middle of a laptop and a netbook and a tablet.

A chromebook relies on the internet A LOT. It runs the Chrome OS, not Windows or Apple OS. Chrome OS uses a very simple design, and is not meant to run big hard-drive based programs like Office or most big computer games. It runs via web-based apps; comparable apps to what is found on tablets.

So while it's simple and good at what it does, it's not like a "normal" computer. You should be in Wifi the majority of the time when using it (you can also get an LTE version, so you can take it anywhere, but you need a monthly plan, of course).

I don't have one, but it probably has lots of game apps, and probably some emulator-like apps too. I don't know if the plugin for the RGR would work on it, I'm inclined to think NO; but the other, non-plugin related games would likely work. (I'm talking out of my arse now)

Your best bet would be to get your hands on one for a couple hours to see what it's like.
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(edited by Light Knight on 03-13-13 11:19 AM)    

03-13-13 11:19 AM
mister sandman is Offline
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mister sandman
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ya there mostly just used for web based applications/browsers so only worry about its GHZ but i would look into some netbook reviews so you know what your geting

~vizzed agnostic user~

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(edited by mister sandman on 03-13-13 11:20 AM)    

03-13-13 04:10 PM
sharingan12 is Offline
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I think what you're talking about is a chromebook. It has a completely different OS than windows and mac computers, it's basically just a giant google chrome interface, and on top of that I'm pretty sure that RGR plugin, as well as many other applications, don't work for chromebook yet, but I could be wrong. I personally detest the chromebook after using one, but it's all about personal preference.

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03-13-13 04:13 PM
Jordanv78 is Offline
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I know that several people have given you similar tips, but here's the deal. A Chromebook and netbook are basically the same thing. They are made for the sole purpose of going on the internet..with one caveat. Most of them do not allow you to install programs since they do not run windows.

For example the Chromebook only allows you to install "apps" from the Chrome/googleplay store. Similar to a smartphone/tablet. Thus you would not be able to use the RGR plugin as it is now.
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03-13-13 04:20 PM
zelda2 is Offline
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Local Mods : Closeeeeeee, question is answered.
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03-13-13 04:45 PM
Crazy Li is Offline
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Crazy Li
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zelda2 : In this case, I'd actually like to see if the original poster had all her questions answered before closing.

Totts : If you can confirm whether or not your questions were properly answered (and you understand the answers), that would be great.

IT-related questions can be difficult at times, so it's not nice to just go abruptly closing threads because they have been "answered" when the topic creator never had the opportunity to acknowledge the replies and ask for clarification on them if needed. This isn't a case where it's a question that has been asked 20 times already.

Thread remains open for the time being.
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