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02-21-20 07:14 AM

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Opinions on the Mother/Earthbound Series
Just want to see what others thought of the series.
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11-08-12 06:07 PM
11-10-12 03:13 PM

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Opinions on the Mother/Earthbound Series


11-08-12 06:07 PM
sirwaffle101 is Offline
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I know that I love this series with all of my heart.  I love the music, the stories, and all of the great dialogue the games have to offer.  I know I can't be the only one who loves these games, so what are your opinions about the series and why? 
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11-08-12 08:44 PM
mlb789 is Offline
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This is definitely in the wrong forum.  I'll move it.
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11-10-12 03:11 PM
TrollStoneProduction is Offline
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I'm just going to say it. Earthbound 0/Mother has aged poorly. However it is still a blast to play, and Earthbound/Mother 2 and Mother 3 (English release for gameboy) are phenomenal games that are really interesting plays. I think you should try the games, they have the classic quirky dialogue you get from Nintendo games, and a really long story including side quests. I've noticed a lot of Earthbound and Mother threads here recently, hoping for a sequel.
The Very Best

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11-10-12 03:13 PM
earthwarrior is Offline
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All three of the games are excellent. You should try them.
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