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04-06-20 10:21 AM

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08-30-12 12:37 PM
Seishiro Leonha..
03-18-13 08:55 PM

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Metal Gear goes Hollywood


08-30-12 12:37 PM
dumptruck is Offline
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Hey there my little Vizlings, are you ready for the latest news in the video game world?

Today's article focuses on a game and more so a character from those of us with chin whiskers pasts Metal Gear and its infamous hero, Snake. Yes that's right the franchise that is Metal Gear plans to play the field again with Snake in a worldwide title called Metal Gear: Ground Zeros.

Konami and Metal Gear guru Hideo Kojima decided to reveal the new game at an event
celebrating the Titles 25th anniversary. Very little at this point is known about the actual game but Konami did mention it will be on the new Fox engine being
developed by the Kojima Productions. But hold on to your night vision goggles folks because the biggest surprise is the introduction of Snake into the limelight. Yes that's right Snake's going Hollywood. The man behind some of the best Marvel titles for movie film, Avi Arad, the former CEO of Marvel will be producing the movie. The title is yet to be released as well as directors and actors but the movie will closely follow the series of games and events. Personally, I will watch it.

And in closing today the last perk Konami offers out to us will be a smart phone
application called Social Ops. The app will be a Card based game and according to the developers and will be run on the Unity engine.
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(edited by legacyme3 on 08-30-12 02:27 PM)    

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10-02-12 04:42 PM
dazzsheil is Offline
Link | ID: 662172 | 7 Words

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I actually can't wait for this movie!
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03-14-13 02:46 AM
wesker475 is Offline
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Hopefully it will be good. Don't get me wrong I love the Metal Gear franchise and would love to see it made into a movie. As long as they don't completely ruin it like so many other movies based off of popular things have. Dragon Ball Z movie, Avatar the last Airbender movie, Resident Evil movies are just a few examples. The Resident Evil movies have been good so far but don't have to much in common with the games except zombies and a few characters who weren't cast very well. But knowing how big companies and everyone else is who is behind making these movies they are going to cast some huge buff guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger as Snake who will blast his way through the entire movie and it will be nothing like the video game franchise it was based off of. But hey that's just my opinion. But if they can actually make a decent movie at least someone based off  the games I'm sure it will be a huge hit. I guess just wait and see how it turns out

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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03-18-13 02:06 PM
DN is Offline
Link | ID: 758221 | 38 Words

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It's gonna be a disaster ! Haven't you kids seen a videogame that became a movie it's the worst thing in the Box office.
Street Fighters ,Hitman,Double Dragon,Mortal Kombat( well i like that one)Doom and bunch of others.
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03-18-13 08:51 PM
Sephitard9001 is Offline
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DN : Advent Children was decent at best and Hitman was actually very good. 
I think people are forgetting that Metal Gear's plot is pretty convoluted. It'd be great to see Snake or Big Boss on the big screen though. Maybe we'd get an abridged plot that makes more sense than the original. I wonder if they'll start at Big Boss or just do Solid Snake because he's more iconic. 
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03-18-13 08:55 PM
Seishiro Leonhart is Offline
Link | ID: 758537 | 65 Words

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Not that I ever watched a video game movie, but I heard the most if not all of the movies made from games were bad, not that Metal Gear will be one of those, I know that with the help of HK this movie will be great.

I hope they release it to Brazil, I would certainly watch it if it came to the cinemas.
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