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02-27-20 02:41 AM

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08-09-12 03:37 PM
08-09-12 03:37 PM

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Super Metroid Review

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08-09-12 03:37 PM
iamman is Offline
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First things first, i am NOT a big Metroid fan. In fact, i have never beaten another Metroid game besides Super Metroid, and i have only played about 3 Metroid games, including this one. But from what i can say about Super Metroid...Wow...I can't believe how awesome this game is. I actually didn't expect too much from this game, but what i got was beyond words, and i highly recommend this game to anyone who plays video games. Super Metroid's game play is basically maze-like and some of the puzzles are tedious and you can't beat them without certain items, upgrades, and all that good stuff. It is a pretty mind-boggling game, and it took me a while to get everything done, and even then, i still didn't have all the power-ups and i was missing a couple missiles here and there. And i can't tell you how many times i had to look up a walkthrough just to figure out how do preform certain moves. But other than that, i had i great time playing through the whole game, even if it took me more time to get the items then to actually beat the game.


I can't believe how good this game looks, everything looks like as if we were actually exploring Zebes. All the enemies have nice animations, colors and shadowing, that would make them look real. All the bosses look incredible, and they slowly change colors the more you damage them. (No need for giant HP bars covering the screen!)


Super Metroid has an amazingly good soundtrack, and every song fits in perfectly with whatever is going on. There aren't too many sound effects cluttering your speakers, so now you can listen to the music without being interrupted by some enemy that won't stop firing off shots!


I don't get around to playing this game too often, mostly because whenever i think about Super Metroid i start having flashbacks of Maridia. (I spent so many hours trying to get out of Maridia, and i still can't stand to think about that place) And as i have stated before, some of the puzzles are just too annoying and even impossible without the right equipment. But i would still play this game any day. (Even if i had to put up with Maridia again)


You play as Samus Aran: A intergalactic bounty hunter that (in the previous two Metroid games, Metroid and Metroid II - Return of Samus) was sent on a mission to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting the Metroids. (Metroid is a space parasite that can kill any living this in a couple of seconds, but Samus can survive longer because of the Power Suit that Samus is wearing) And (In Metroid II) Samus is sent to the Metroid's home of SR388, and basically runs around the place destroying all the Metroids. And then Samus finds a baby Metroid and it helps Samus get back to Samus' ship. And Samus hands over the baby Metroid to the Ceres research station so that the scientists can study the Metroids. And in Super Metroid, Samus gets a distress signal, and Samus flies back to Ceres to find it deserted, and Samus encounters Ridley. (a giant dragon-like thing) And so Ridley steals the baby Metroid and flies to Zebes. So Samus has to follow Ridley, and get the baby Metroid back. And i'm not going to spoil anything about the game so i'll stop talking.


This game isn't all that big. While there is some stuff to do, like collecting items, most of the time you'll be spending is going back and forth to get items to unlock doors to get more items to get through that place over there just so you can run back to some other place to get something else and bring it back over to that other place to fight a boss and get something else! All just to restart the cycle about 4 times and then it's onto the last part of the game.


This game is not hard, in fact, it's pretty easy once you know what you're doing. It's difficulty really comes from how many items you can get so you can sustain more damage without dying as easily. But the REAL difficulty comes from speed-running through everything, the game actually wants you to speed-run like there's no tomorrow, the faster you are, the better ending you'll get. To get the best ending, you'll have to beat the game in under 2 hours! I can't imagine doing that. For me, it took me over 9 HOURS! And i didn't even get all the upgrades! For me, it doesn't really matter what ending i get because they all just say "THE END" at the end, and nothing too special. But it's always a pleasure to just doing it as fast as you can, just for fun.


This game is incredible, i honestly think people should throw a party for this game every year or something like that. Graphics are amazing, sound is pure perfection, it's pretty addicting, the story is original and great, it's not all that big but i can easily accept that, and it's the perfect difficulty for anyone who wants a great game.
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