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01-28-12 03:48 PM
01-28-12 03:48 PM

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Super Fantasy Zone: Boss Tips


01-28-12 03:48 PM
mrexclusivej2p is Offline
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Hi fellow gamers. This is just a quick thread o give some advice on fighting the bosses on each level that has been confronted so far.

Standard Button Functions:
A (Sega A) = Special Weapon
S (Sega B) = Primary Weapon
D (Sega C) = Bomb/Missile

Boss 1: Easiest way to beat this boss is to buy from the shop is the "Big Wings" and "Quad Missiles" stay in the top left hand corner for the first shot and move to the top right hand corner for the second. Then after he vanishes and reappears stay in top the right corner for the first then move back to the top left for the second. And just keep firing your Missiles and let them do the work.

Boss 2: Very similar movement tactic but slightly different. First when I got to the shop here I personally prefer to get the "Turbo Engine"  and that's it. Once up against the second boss I personally prefer to stick to the top left corner again and just fire the "Quad Missiles" until they are un effective. Then I just stay out o the firing line and pick the rest of using the "Quad Missiles."

Boss 3: This boss is a bit more complex as there is a bit more dodging involved. But easiest and quickest way to take his guy out is buy four (I prefer five just in case I miss once)  "Back Fire" special weapons. All you got to do is line up with the bosses mouth about half way across the screen (about 3 fingers distance on the screen) with you back/tail end facing him and once he says open you give him the dental treatment and blast him with all four "Back Fire" shots and he's dead piece of cake. But watch his tail end for his shots because if your not quick enough this boss becomes bit more diabolic and fires shots from his tail which involves dodging hits that fire quite rapidly.

Boss 4: On the level its self I advise to get the "Super Torch" from the shop as it helps threw the level but is irrelevant against the boss.  The special weapon best for this boss is the "Shower Bomb." I think I done it in three shots but best with five so you can learn your angle of attack. You have to wait for this bosses hammer arms to start waving about and this boss is vulnerable to being attacked from above (especially if your using the "Shower Bombs" technique) and you MUST attack the body of the boss NOT the hammers. Again this boss does involve a bit of dodging and is only vulnerable when its hammer arms are loose and its protected from all attacks when they are attached to the body of the boss.

Boss 5: Again really easy if done quick enough. From the shop you should buy three to five "Hurricane" special weapons and you got to stay near the centre of the screen for this to work but might have to dodge one of the bosses. As soon as the one closest to you OPEN'S his eyes blow him away with your "Hurricane" special weapons.

That's all I've got for you at the moment but if you have any other tips on defeating the bosses by all means post your replies.
Hope this helps
Mr. E J2P

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-13-12
Location: Walton-On-Thames
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