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10-22-19 02:20 PM

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06-27-11 04:19 PM
06-27-11 04:19 PM

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06-27-11 04:19 PM
Reddragonluke is Offline
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   Hello, this is Lucas again. Continuing from my last post: However, I forgot to mention that I'm delaying the new poems. I'll post up some of my old poems that I wrote from the 8th grade and beyond. I started rapping at 7th grade when there was a talent show going on and I happened to participate in it. But most people didn't understand what I was saying in the microphone and mistakenly thought that I was rapping about this one girl(who I had a crush on, but I bet she has a boyfriend now, so I'll have to move on). In 8th grade, I participated in it again and got 2nd place. Whatever, I guess 2nd place is okay cause I won at some level. I was gonna go for 1st place next time! In 9th grade, I entered yet again, but I missed the rehearsals for it, so I was cut from the show. I was really mad, I could never forgive them for what they did. I even cried about it. When I was going home and to get some food, I barely spoke a word. The harshest wounds I suffered through that day was to my mind, and worst of all, my heart and pride. I'm not gonna be one of those mainstream rappers that we hear today, I was gonna be one of the underground poets cause I tend to have that lyrical quickness and the ability to put raw skills onto the table. Through the lyrics I write and put up for you guys on this site, I hoped people would feel my pain. I'm sick of rapping at school cause those people didn't care about the words to the poem, they wanted to hear it so they could get a good kick of putting it into the ground WITHOUT A CARE FOR THE WORLD. I like reading my poems to beats cause it tends to blend in well with the mood of the poem. They can call me names, tarnish my image and laugh at me all they want, but they're not breaking MY spirit and pride anymore because I'm still standing here fighting for me and the people who believed in me since they first heard me from the very get go!!! Anyway, before I told my life story about how I started writing poetry, I'll put up some of my old poems, so you guys can enjoy reading to the beat cause I'll also put up links to the beat used so enjoy reading to them!!! Let this sink in, take deep breaths, and then leave comments. So til next time, peace out.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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