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10-17-19 07:43 AM

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01-10-11 03:37 PM
01-15-11 02:15 PM

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Who's to blame in America?The Enti

when it comes to the current state of the country, who's most likely responsible?
0.0%, 0 vote
20.0%, 1 vote
Third Parties
20.0%, 1 vote
0.0%, 0 vote
The Entire Government
0.0%, 0 vote
60.0%, 3 votes
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01-10-11 03:37 PM
JonXMasterZZMan is Offline
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Who is to blame for the current state of the United States?

Please vote and comment.

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01-10-11 03:41 PM
geeogree is Offline
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You left out the citizens... they are as much to blame as the government is. When people care more about sports or american idol or any other reality tv show than they do about politics they you are bound to have a corrupt government that cares more about themselves and their sponsors than they do about the average citizen.
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01-10-11 05:59 PM
is Offline
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Well all of them are to blame but the citizens are mostly to blame. America is OBSESSED with celebrities and sport teams much like what the president and the two party system represent. If people understood how stuff actually works then maybe we would not be in the crisis we are in now.

Also the reason why citizens are to blame is because that is what everyone is initially. We got a lot of citizens who convert into government roles. When this happens its a lot harder to have an opinion without getting fired so in order to keep their jobs they really have to do what they are told by higher ups; this eventually leads to corruption within government. Plus when you have a government job and you screw up bad, it will probably be a lot harder to get back in the door so those who have a career in government and want to keep it will probably do as they are told.

Plus being apart of Government is a lot more risky then working for a normal job. If you do something to them that they dont like they will hunt you down and its a risk most people are not willing to take. So most people will keep their mouth shut and follow along, its their job.
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01-12-11 07:18 PM
pi0x is Offline
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It's every bodies fault really. Every one wants more new things all the time, so they have to spend more money. Plus theres also a "war" going on that, was really none of "our" business in the fist place. Theres no real reason for being in this war, other than the need for us to some how magically change the mind of there government officials even though we can't, otherwise we wouldn't be in a war right now. I swear George Bush was really stupid. How long have we been in this "war" and accomplished any thing worth the billions of dollars we spend over there?
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(edited by pi0x on 01-12-11 07:19 PM)    

01-13-11 09:33 AM
Akuhyou is Offline
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The bilderburg group.
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(edited by Akuhyou on 01-13-11 09:37 AM)    

01-13-11 09:37 AM
M!cH@3l 001 is Offline
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M!cH@3l 001
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Akuhyou : thats a good answer alot of people dont know about them.

Honestly I dont know thats a hard question
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01-13-11 09:49 AM
Akuhyou is Offline
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M!cH@3l 001 : Ive done my homework. There alot of information that the people should know but dont. Im not even american lol. But i guess its a world wide problem, or it soon will be.
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01-15-11 12:09 PM
MC Candysnatcher is Offline
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The citizens of this country are to blame. People just don't care anymore. They think the government is going to handle every problem this country has, but the only thing the government officials are really concerned about is getting re-elected. The citizens of this country need to get rid of the career politicians and elect young, enthusiastic people to clean up this country.

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01-15-11 12:12 PM
DARKANINE is Offline
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JonXMasterZZMan : Republicans
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01-15-11 02:15 PM
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DARKANINE : can you back that up?
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