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01-27-20 07:27 AM

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05-30-05 12:14 AM
06-02-05 07:33 PM

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Foster Homes


05-30-05 12:14 AM
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Has anyone ever been in a foster home? A little personal maybe, but I'm just curious. I was put in one when I was 3. I was put in two. The first one, my and my brother and sister were all together, but then we all got seperated. The family I was with wasn't too nice I guess. I've been told that I stopped eating and sleeping. I was the only one who got brought back to the home. I hate foster homes...even though I was too young to remember then one I was in...

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06-02-05 07:33 PM
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I live in southdakota near an indian reservation. And my dad is a real nice guy and used to work up there. But some people asked my dad to adopt their girl and he did. They got her right from the hospital from day one. Her name is Roseanna and she is my only sister. She herself is married now and has a little 1 year old girl. WHen my parents got her it wan't a big problem because My mom had a little boy a year older than her so she was still giving milk. But anyways Roseanna is part of the family no mattter how hairbrained she can be at times. I suppose some foster parents are good and some are bad. I don't see many people get into that kind of thing to make money, only because they want to help thier childeren out.
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