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Your idea of a new Mario game
What do you think is next for Mario?
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07-08-10 08:31 AM
07-09-10 08:40 PM

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Your idea of a new Mario game


07-08-10 08:31 AM
Deathzagamon is Offline
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As you now, the 3DS is coming out, and the latest Mario title released is Super Mario Galaxy 2 (that I know of) and I wanted to know:

What are your thoughts about what the next Super Mario game will be.
Will it be on the 3DS or Wii or normal DS, just post your ideas on what you would like to see or about what would be next.

If you could move this thread to Video Game Polls and Crazyness that would be great.
Thank you.
The Master of Death

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(edited by Deathzagamon on 07-08-10 09:17 AM)    

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07-09-10 08:08 PM
BreakDown is Offline
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My idea of the next mario game should be like another Rpg game, where he can meet new friends that will help him along on his journeys to finish his quest, or something. It would be cool if he meets other people from Nintendo to help fight along side of him.
It would be cool to see this game in the Wii or the DS, both seems fine.

I would also like to see a SUper Mario Galaxy 3, that would be interesting. He might have new powers, which you can use to help you defeat bosses and just finish thorugh levels. There would also be more trickier levels to obtain all the stars, and new features that will be implemted to the game.
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The Legendary

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07-09-10 08:40 PM
joebab is Offline
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I'd love to see a completely different one, third person RPG, instead of the old platformers.
He could do mostly the same stuff except it would be 3D and third person.
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