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02-23-20 12:52 AM

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04-26-10 10:09 PM
04-29-10 11:51 PM

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Short Stories


04-26-10 10:09 PM
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A short, short, short story
Sammy, the new recruit, had to be set back in his training schedule for not listening to the instructor and being garrulous, but he finally graduated boot camp. Besides being very chatty, Sammy was so grandiloquent, that his commanding officer couldn’t even understand half of the words he used. He was always so sad because his comrades gave him a glut of criticism on his poor marksmanship. To make himself feel better, Sammy would tell grandiose stories of his being an “A+” student in school. As he moved up the ranks, he made friends with another soldier named Greg. Everyone liked Greg because he was so gregarious and he made a good pilot.
Sammy finally realized the gravity of the war when he and Greg were moved to a parachuting division. Their commanding officer surmised Greg of being a traitor, so the officer gave orders for Greg to be killed because he had mendacity. The officer didn’t think he’d ever tell the truth. Sammy was so very sad at this that the next time he went on a mission he willfully didn’t open his parachute…
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04-26-10 11:24 PM
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This would probably do better in the Stories and Art forum. Nice ending (I like tragedy's) but it felt more like a summary of a longer story than an actual short story.
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04-27-10 08:59 AM
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This belongs here.

*Moved to the correct forum*
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04-27-10 09:12 AM
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I enjoyed the ending. You used alot of words that start with "gr" almost as if you opened the dictionary to there and just started using them. It could've been a mere coincidence though I guess.
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04-29-10 09:35 PM
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I had to use 5 of our vocab words - but it was a very sad story. I think my teacher likes sad stories because so far we've read about a guy hunting humans for his own fun, a landlady killing 3 guys cause they had soft skin, another guy killing an old man for being blind, and we also read about some people being blown to smitheriens by a nuke...
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04-29-10 11:51 PM
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(I've removed my layout so that it would be easier to read)

I think I've read that first story you mentioned. Is it called "The Most Dangerous Game"?

Here is a short children's story I wrote for spanish class a couple years ago. It was supposed to be a story for children for ages 8 or 9, and I just put it through a translator. There may be a few mistakes, and I apologize in advance for them.

written and illustrated by Alacrán Arnott (there were pictures, but it's long enough without them. )


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Mark. Mark was the only child of his parents and was very spoiled. So Mark was very selfish. His parents gave him all he wanted, but he had no friends.


All the children in the neighborhood tried to make friends with Mark, but he did not want friends because he didn't want to share his things. 'I have all the toys I want,' he thought. 'Why would I want friends?'. He refused to speak with them, and they left with much sadness.


So, this continued. To all the children, Marcos said "go away" and he made no friends. Eventually all the children hated Marcos. They said he was stupid, selfish, and rude. Nobody wanted to be his friend after the way which spoke to them. And this continued until one day .......


One day, a girl moved in the neighborhood with her family. Her name was Claudia. Claudia was a girl very well educated and very nice. She always had many friends. As soon as she came to the neighborhood, she began to make friends with all the children people. Everyone liked Claudia.


The next day Claudia had spoken with all the children, except for Marcos. The other children advised her that she shouldn't talk to Mark. "Don't go, Claudia," they said. "Mark is spoiled and rude. He's not going to like you." But Claudia went to Mark's house anyway.


Claudia walked up the steps and rang the bell. When Mark opened the door, he was surprised. Because he had no friends, he did not know she had moved into the neighborhood. Mark asked "What do you want?". Claudia said "Hi! My name is Claudia. My family moved to this neighborhood yesterday." "I don't care. Go away!" Marcos said, and closed the door.


Claudia was sad, but not too much. She was as stubborn as a donkey. She played with the other kids, her friends, but she thought 'I'll try again tomorrow.' When she thought that she was happy. Her friends asked her why she wasn't sad or angry. She simply said, "Because."


During this, Mark was watching the children out the window. 'Good,' he thought. 'No I don't have to share my stuff with anyone. She is a person that do not want to know.' And he played with his toys.


In the morning, Mark was playing when he heard the doorbell. Annoyed, he opened the door and blinked in surprise, because there was Claudia. For a few moments, Mark could not say anything. Claudia said "Hi," and broke the silence. "What do you want?" Marcos said. "I just want to be your friend," Claudia said. "I won't share my stuff with anyone!" He said, and once again closed the door in Claudia's face.


When the other kids heard that had happened, they said to Claudia, "See? We said that this would happen. Why didn't you listen to us?" Claudia said, "I will be Mark's friend. I will speak with him for every day until my friend." And with that, she went home.


So, every day, Claudia went to Mark's house. And every day, Mark said, "Go away!" And closed the door. But Claudia never gave up. Marcos, at first, was annoyed, but eventually the visits became part of his day. They didn't bother him anymore.


This continued until one day when Claudia did not come to Mark's house. He waited all morning, but she never arrived. After lunch, the waiting continued. Mark felt bad, but did not know why. "Why do I like this? I'm not sick,' he thought. 'I do not care. I'll play." But the feeling did not leave.


For two days more, Claudia did not visit. Marcos was still thinking about the feeling that he did not understand. At the end of the second day he realized why he wasn't feeling good. He missed Claudia. Mark realized that the belongings did not mean anything without friends to share them with.


Mark left his house and ran to Claudia's house. But when he reached the door, he was nervous. vFinally, after three minutes had passed, he rang the doorbell. Claudia's mom opened the door. "Hello," she said. "How I can help you?." "My name is Marcos. Where is Claudia?"vMarcos asked. "Claudia is very ill," her mother replied. "Can I talk to her?". "Sorry, but she is sleeping, and I don't want to bother her."


When the door was closing, Mark heard Claudia say "Mom?". Her mother said "yes Claudia. There is a boy here to see you. Do you want to see him?". "Who is it?" Claudia asked. "His name is Marcos." When she heard that it was Marcos, she was very surprised, but did not say so. "Oh, OK. Please bring him here."


When Mark went into Claudia's room, he saw that she was in bed. "How do you feel?". "I'm better than before," Claudia said. "Why are you here?" "I came to apologize to you and say thank you," Marcos said. "There is no need to apologize. But, why do you want to thank me?" asked Claudia. "Because I realized that my possessions mean nothing without people to share them with. And it was you did this. So, thank you."


There was a long silence. Finally, Claudia asked, "So, want me to be your friend?". "Yes," Marcos said. "With all my heart." "OK, but you need to apologize to all the children-" "Yes, Yes!" Marcos said. "I was already going to." "Thanks," Claudia said. "But now I need rest." "Goodbye, Claudia," he said. "I hope you feel better." "Thanks. Bye, Mark," Claudia said.


For two more days, Claudia was sick. During those two days, Mark apologized to all the kids in the neighborhood who he was rude to. When Claudia came out of her house, she was surprised, because there was Mark, talking and laughing with many other kids. "Marcos!" she yelled. " Hi Claudia!" said Marcos. "We're going to play hide and seek. Want to play?" "Of course!" replied Claudia, and was very happy. After that, Mark made many friends. But although he had many other friends, his best friend was always Claudia.

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