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Mega Man 9

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03-09-19 06:10 PM
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Time for another review of one of the video game's industries iconic characters Mega Man. Mega Man 9 came out 10 years ago. Now, I did not get this game when it came out because I did not have WII or XBOX. But as the old saying goes that is what friends are far. Some of my friends have the WII and that is how I was able to play this game. So I will be comparing this game to other classic series. 

Story: 9 

Mega Man 9 has a different story than most Mega Man games. Dr. Light has created robots to help humanity. Suddenly the robots go on a path of destruction. Dr. Wily makes a video saying how he has turned his ways in the video Dr. Light ask Wily to join him. Dr. Wily even ask for money to help raise an army to fight the robot masters. The police even come and arrest Dr. Light. Mega Man knows that Dr. Wily is behind all of these somehow. He heads out to clear Dr. Lights name and stop Wily. But why have Light's robots revolted has somebody made them go crazy? It should be noted you can play as Proto Man after unlocking him the story does not change much with Proto Man. 

Okay, I actually liked this story because it offered something new to the series. The fake bad guy plot was good back in the day, but Capcom had gone that route several times in the past. Having Dr. Wily seem like a good guy was a nice show of creativity. Having Wily play the good guy card allows for a plot twists later in the game. I give the story a 9 out of 10 because it was creative 

Graphics and Controls 9 

Mega Man 9 is a return to classic NES graphics. I have played Mega Man games since I was a kid. I was glad to see a return to old school days. The NES style is what made Mega Man games such a hit. I think Capcom got the message that some gamers were not impressed with Mega Man 8 graphics. Just to be clear Mega Man 8 was not a horrible game. The backgrounds in this game are nicely done. The color and stage background fit their themes very well. Mega Man's sprites are just like they were in Mega Man 2, 3, 4 5 and 6. I really like how this game was put together. 

The Controls are very good in this game. In the last Mega Man game, Mega Man 8, it seemed like I was fighting with my controls sometimes. I did not feel that way while playing this game. Overall, I would have to say the controls in this game are smooth. However, a few times the game did appear to lag in a few spots. The lags were very minor and nothing that will mess you up. Therefore, I give the graphics and controls a solid 9. 

Sound: 10 

Mega Man games are famous for their quality of sound. This game is no exception. The music in this game is awesome. I really like a lot of the stage themes. Like, other classic games you just want to pause the game and listen. Mega Man buster sounds the same as Mega Man 2. The enemy shots make a pow and popping sound. It was nice to see Capcom bring traditional Mega Man sound's back. 

Overall, like most Mega Man games I give the sound a 10 out of 10. What is there not to like in this game concerning sound wise? You have the awesome music, enemy sounds, and Mega Man sounds in the game. It does not get much better than this. 

Replay Value and Depth 9 

When I first played this game I forgot I was playing on a modern gaming system. The graphics and style made me think I was playing an NES game. I really had fun playing this game. Bringing back the 8-bit style was a huge bonus. I really enjoyed this game the game has a lot going for it. Next time I am with my friends I will be sure to play this game again. 

Like most Mega Man games the depth in this game is very high. There are items to collect, secrets to find, power ups to get, and of course the long stages. If anybody has played Mega Man IV for Game Boy, Mega Man V for Game Boy, Mega Man 7, and Mega Man 8 you probably remember those games had an item shop. Guess what, the item shop is back so the player can collect bolts to buy items. As I stated the stages are very long so it will a while to complete the stages. Also the game has several unlock-able features. There are several challenges and side games you can unlock. In addition, you can unlock Proto Man. Note some things require extra down loads. 

I give the replay value and the depth a very high score of 9 out of 10. The game keeps with traditional mega man game traits. This is a game that is going to take a while. Moreover, you can do so much more with this game by unlocking or downloading content. 

Difficulty 7

Mega Man games are known to be difficult. This game has its difficult spots in it for sure. But the thing is its not the hardest Mega Man game I have played. I have played some really hard Mega Man games. Mega Man 4, 7, IV V, and 8 come to mind as some tough ones. A lot of times I died in this game was me forgetting I'm playing a Mega Man 2 Style game. 

This game plays a lot like Mega Man 2. In Mega Man 2 Mega Man cannot slide or charge his buster. After having so many Mega Man games were you could slide or charge; it was no surprise that I died some in the game for that reason. But that was just me being off. 

The game has a lot of difficult spots to it. The first, being there are lots of death spikes and pits in this game. But, I would expect that because that is what Mega Man games are infamous for. In addition, enemy placement in this game can be tricky. The enemies are placed in tight spots. It is so easy to hit an enemy and land in a pit. Also, the enemies just love to gang up on you by trying sneak attacks or by attacking in numbers. Since you cannot charge in this game as Mega Man that can be tricky. The Robot masters some of them can be tough due to their attacks and patterns. 

On the other hand the game does try and help you out some. You can easily buy parts and upgrades at the shop. Also the game is good at dropping extra lives (at least it was for me) so that is a bonus. So while the game does have hard spots its doable. If you play as Mega Man the game is probably a 7 out of 10. However, if you play as Proto Man the game is a middle of the road rating. It seems like Proto Man has it easy in this game. If you play as Proto Man he can slide and charge his buster making the game a lot easier. His charged shots do extra damage to bosses too. 

Overall 9.1

Mega Man 9 is really based on Mega Man 2 in terms of graphics and controls. It is easy to see why Capcom went back to Mega Man 2 style. Mega Man 2 is what put Mega Man on the map and it is what made the franchise very popular.  So Capcom went back to the old school roots. I was glad to see a return of the 8-bit style. I really enjoyed this game. The 8-bit style was so well received that Capcom decided to do it again for Mega Man 10. 

This game has a lot going for it. I have already mentioned the classic style so I will not harp on that since I have covered that. The game's graphics are very amazing. The sound is also very good. Moreover, the depth is very high in this game. The difficulty seems to be about right. The game can be tricky but its doable. It is not a game that is going to stress you out. I also like how you can unlock-download Proto Man. I have always liked Proto Man and thought he was cool. So, I was glad that you can play as him. 

Now the game did have a few negatives. I want to stress these are very minor and most gamers would not be bothered by them. The first being a few times the game lags. The lags are not going to get you killed or anything. But you can tell there is a slowdown at times. Was Capcom in a bit of a hurry in making this game? Also while getting to play as Proto Man is a huge plus in this game. I kind of think the game might have been designed for him. Mega Man cannot slide or charge in this game yet Proto Man can. I was thinking that Proto Man would have the same style of play as Mega Man. On the other hand, maybe Capcom was doing it that way to show Mega Man's Brother has a different style. 

Overall I give the rating a 9.1. This is a great fame for the young and for the old. The game has a lot going for it and it is one you will want to play again. It is fun to play the game through as Mega Man then play it again as Proto Man. As I mentioned the game is not extremely difficult for new gamers.  Would I recommend this game? Yes, I would recommend this game it is for everybody. You will not be disappointed in playing this game. However, if you think this game is a little too hard for you. I would recommend playing Mega Man 2. The controls and style of game is the same. If you get the hang of Mega Man 2 you can easily play this game. 

Anyway that concludes my Mega Man 9 review. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did. 

Blessings in Christ 

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