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11-20-19 01:15 PM

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The Problem With Friendlies [SSB 3DS/SSBU]
Kinda a rant, but mostly made out of frustration
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08-18-18 10:49 AM
08-18-18 10:49 AM

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The Problem With Friendlies [SSB 3DS/SSBU]


08-18-18 10:49 AM
kingvictory is Offline
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Friendlies have been a thing in online smash since brawl, but never have they ever been as annoying as they are in sm4sh.

I don't like interrupting taunt parties, but they are non existent in the 4th installment. They are glorified idle games. Not only that, but the whole "let's just do nothing the whole match except taunt xD" isn't something I'm in to anymore, I'd much rather at least mess with items in a non serious match. Unfortunately, these types of matches plague for fun (not teams). I would play for glory but often the players there are significantly better than I am, or play in a way that outright pisses me off. Typically I'm not nearly as mad losing in for fun than for glory.

What is your opinion on this? I understand the appeal of taunt parties in brawl due to the silliness that could occur, but Nintendo implemented features to curb that, which makes them entirely pointless. I've waited nearly 20 or more minutes going through matches, waiting to join people who wanted to actually fight, and it gets really annoying when this happens repeatedly.

Edit: I just realized I was in the wrong subforum... Can I request someone to move the thread?

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