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HeavyMetalGamer's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS1, USA 951006)
12-24-16 10:32 AM
Mega Man: The Power Battle Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show
Mega Man: The Power Battle is an interesting take on the Mega Man series. It's not your normal 2D platformer where you go through levels. It's actually based on the boss fight. Some consider this to be a fighting game, which really you are not using your fists or feet, but you are shooting at the other robot masters. Mega Man: The Power Battle was developed and published by Capcom, and was released in Japan in 1995. It was released originally in the arcade.

Dr. Wily has rebuilt some of his robot masters and is looking to take over the world. You can play as either Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass, and you are trying to stop Dr. Wily. After you select your character, you can choose between three stories, they are actually based on the first 7 Mega Man games, which is pretty cool. The first story is 1-2, 3-6, and of course 7. Now it's not every robot master from those games, it's certain ones, and I really like that, although having all of them would of been cool, and make for a challenge. Once you choose what story you want to do, you get a roulette wheel style wheel and when you hit a button it will stop on whatever level you will go to.
While in a fight, you can shoot the normal way, or hold down the shoot button and give the enemy a charge blast. Once you defeat that robot master, you can use their powers against other enemies, which is also cool. Just like in the past Mega Man games, certain power ups will do more damage then others, so you have to choose wisely. Not only that, you can do dashing, jumping, and so on. Now when it comes to difficulty, I think this game is easier then the classic Mega Man series. Especially the boss battles, it didn't take me very long to get through the first story of the game, and most of the second story. Granted I was playing this on MAME, but I didn't use many credits. I think I died once just on the first story.

The graphics for Mega Man: The Power Battle look great, the animations are very well done, the ... Read the rest of this Review
E.D.F. : Earth Defense Force
09-16-16 07:37 PM
Heavy Metal Gamer: Earth Defense Force (Arcade) Review
When some gamer's see the name Earth Defense Force, some will say, what the hell is that? Some will then say, OH MAN I LOVE THOSE GAMES ON THE XBOX 360 AND PS3! Well those games are fun and all, but did you know there was another game with the same title in Arcades and ported later on to the Super Nintendo? I am sure some did, but many probably didn't. So I figure I would review the Arcade version of the game.

Earth Defense Force in the arcade was developed and published by Jaleco, it was released on the Arcade in 1991. It was released on the Super Nintendo the same year. Earth Defense Force is a side scrolling shoot em up, where you must take down the evil organization AGYMA as they are threatening 200 years of peace in the galaxy. You will work for the Earth Defense Force piloting a special craft known as the XA-1. There are 6 levels in Earth Defense Force with 8 state of the art weapons which you will use to kick some enemy ass, and take down AGYMA's plot to destroy earth and the galaxy. Back in the day you had a lot of side scrolling shoot em ups, ranging from Gradius, U.N Squadron, R-Type and more, these games were so much fun, and even to this day kicks a lot of ass.

The graphics for Earth Defense Force are damn nice, the animations are great, there is a lot of action on screen, there are some bullet hell like moments that you will have to deal with, the ships and enemies are nice, the explosions are great, the game is very colorful, the backgrounds are really well done, there is no slowdowns or glitching. Jaleco did a bad ass job with this game. The music and sound effects are great, the music kicks ass, and Jaleco to me always did a great job on music. I like how well composed the music is, it shows a lot of effort went to it. The sound effects are nice as well, with the shooting, explosions and so on. The difficulty is tough, especially when you have a lot of stuff going on around you, and bullets flying everywhere, that's typical with s... Read the rest of this Review
Ed Hunter
09-15-16 03:35 PM
Heavy Metal Gamer: Ed Hunter Review
What happens when you mix video games with the heavy metal band Iron Maiden? You get Ed Hunter. I mean who wouldn't want to play a video game based on Iron Maiden's albums? I definitely would! Ed Hunter was developed by Synthetic Dimensions and published by EMI Record. It was released in 1999 on PC. It never had a console release or anything. Ed Hunter was packed in with the Ed Hunter 3 CD greatest hits collection. There are 20 tracks from Iron Maiden's career at the time, and then the game.

Now I love a cheesy rail shooter game like House of the Dead, CarnEvil and many others, and Ed Hunter fits right in. You play as a hired private detective looking to free Eddie the Head (Eddie for short) which is Iron Maiden's mascot as he is locked up in an insane asylum. You start out the game in London's East Side, shooting thugs armed with guns, bottles and whatever else they can use to try and take you down. Some of the thugs will charge at you, others will pop up and try to get you. The game then moves into the asylum where Eddie escapes. Once Eddie escapes you move your way through a variety of levels including Hell. There are a total of 7 levels that you will blast through, and most of them are quite lengthy, sometimes a bit too long and tedious. There is multiplayer in Ed Hunter, but it's only local multiplayer, you would have to have a friend over to play the game with you. I remember getting this game when I was younger and having friends come over and take turns playing the game. There are power ups you can pick up ranging from health, better weapons and other things which is always nice to find. Especially because later on the enemies can be a bit on the difficult side.

The graphics are good, but outdated, the game is colorful but quite dark, which in some levels fits the mood. Of course I can't complain too much about the graphics because of this game is from 1999, not 2016. The animations are nice, the enemies look odd, pretty much it fits Iron ... Read the rest of this Review
Hooters Road Trip
09-15-16 12:03 PM
Heavy Metal Gamer: Hooter's Road Trip (PSX)
I wonder who thought it was a bright idea to take a restaurant like Hooter's and make a racing game out of it? I mean don't get me wrong, I think Hooter's is a great place, I am not gonna make this sound like "ugh that place is sexist and rude towards women" I mean if women didn't like working there, they simply wouldn't work there, but this is more about, why make a game out of the Hooter's name? Well it happened, and it's not very good. It's quite awful. Hooter's Road Trip was developed by Hoplite Research and published by Ubisoft. It was released in 2002 on the PlayStation and PC. Hooter's Road Trip is a arcade driving/racing game where must travel from city to city trying to avoid traffic, and racing against opponents. You must win every race to move on to the next level or the next city. There are skill tests in this game sponsored by Hooter's, oh sponsored? Do they give free chicken wings? Fried pickles? A free burger and fries? A hug from one of the Hooter's girls? Nope, you just learn how to drive better, which is laughable at best.

If you win the races, you will get to meet a Hooter's girl from the state you win it. You will get a cut scene of them saying "Hey there, welcome to Jacksonville" or "HEY YALL WELCOME TO TEXAS!" The acting is awful, just awful, but then again, these girls are not actresses, they are Hooter's waitresses, so I can't really bash on them too hard. There are 12 different vehicles you can choose from ranging from a variety of fast cars, for instance I like choosing the muscle cars, because they kick a lot of ass. Now you can test drive, practice and of course Road Trip. Test drive you just drive around, practice, you pretty much just learn how to drive, and Road Trip is where you go city to city, unlocking vehicles by winning and meeting all the Hooter's girls.

The graphics for Hooter's Road Trip are bland, some say this game looks like the Destruction Derby games, and yes I can kind of see that, but at the same tim... Read the rest of this Review
Virtua Racing
09-15-16 02:35 AM
Heavy Metal Gamer: Virtua Racing (Arcade) Review
Virtua Racing is an arcade racing game that was developed and published by Sega and was released in the arcades in 1992. It can also be found on the Sega Genesis in 1994, and it even had a Sega 32X and Sega Saturn port later on. The game is a 3D polygon style racing game. Matter of fact the game was the first 3D polygon racing game that Sega ever released. This was before Daytona USA, Sega GT Championship, and other great racing games that they developed in the arcade. You will drive a Formula 1 car on 3 different tracks that are setup by the difficulty levels in the game. Those levels are Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. The track names in that order are, Big Forrest, Bay Bridge, and Acropolis.

Each racetrack has it's own environment and layout with winding turns and long straight stretches to go at high speeds. Each race will have 16 opponents, and there is even a multiplayer mode that you can race against a friend, which in the arcade, you can play against each other on a twin cabinet, which is 2 machines built into 1 arcade cabinet.

The graphics are nice, the game is in a 3D polygon style and this was huge for it's time. The game is colorful, the layout of the tracks are nice, the game runs very smooth, there is no slowdowns, glitching or anything like that. I think it's very impressive on what Sega did back in the day, especially looking back on the game now. The music is great, and very catchy. If you played a lot of Sega racing games back in the day, they always had music that was catchy, but cheesy at the same time, and I really like that, it was kind of a trademark for Sega when it came to arcade racing games. The sound effects are nice as well, from the sounds of the cars, the screeching of the tires, the crashing, nothing I can complain about. The controls are great. Of course playing the game on MAME, I was using a PlayStation 3 controller, steering is really easy, maybe a little bit slippery, throttle and brake is very easy, and re... Read the rest of this Review

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