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The Vizzed Retro Game Room offers 1000s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website and is loaded with features. Some games require the Vizzed RGR Plugin while others require no downloads.

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Vizzed Board is a family friendly community and forum where users of all ages can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general. This 'cyber family' also has a lot of events and competitions that you can participate in.

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8-Bit Music Stream ON Tuesday from 2-8 PM (CST) = Viz & Steam Games! - 06-29-15 - 01:41 by Davideo7
On Tuesday, 6/30/2015, from 2 - 8 PM (central time zone) we'll all be listening to and rating the songs submitted to the 8-Bit Music Competition. Around 30 seconds before each song is done, I'll put up a poll which will allow everyone to vote. I will be hosting this event on my Twitch channel and I'll be giving away a total of $300 worth of steam games and/or 300,000 Viz to random viewers of the stream so the longer you stick around and vote, the better your chances of walking away with a cash prize. To qualify for the cash and viz prizes, all you have to do is vote on the music and follow my channel.

If you win a raffle, you get to choose whether you want the Viz prize or whether you want to pick a steam game from a list of steam games which I'll provide sometime before the event begins. Since this will be by far the longest music stream I've ever hosted, there will be a lot more stuff handed out compared to previous music streams (but unfortunately no cash prizes this time since I'm broke).

I don't expect anyone to stick around for the full 6 hours but if you're free during any of this time (even if it's just a half hour), feel free to stop by and hang out in the chat. It's usually a lot of fun chatting with vizzed users, talking about video games and listening to awesome video game music.

My twitch channel can be found here:
(be sure to "Follow" my channel)

If you have any questions or comments, please post here:
Summer 2015 Netplay Tournament: Teams = Sign up for a chance to win $100 - 06-25-15 - 18:07 by Davideo7
This competition will involve 2 player teams facing off against other 2 player teams. This is the 3rd year I've hosted a teams tournament. You can find the results of previous years here:
Summer 2014: Retro Renegades Wins
Summer 2013: Kogarasumaru Wins

This tournament will last for 12 weeks. The first 3 games will determine who advances into the regular games (I use this to weed out those who don't participate). The next 5 games are regular games and will be used to determine who goes to the elimination rounds. The last 4 games are the elimination rounds and the last round of course is the final game.

You must enter as a team, so find someone who is willing to be your teammate and let me know what your team name is. Your team may also contain a 3rd user, a user who will basically be one of your backups in case one of you can't participate in a matchup in any given week or someone who can fill in if one of the main players of the team is bad at a game that gets picked. The 3rd backup player isn't required but is suggested if you can find someone willing to take on that role.

Be careful on who you choose as a teammate. If your teammate doesn't show up for a matchup, then it's you against 2. If your teammate gets banned from the competition or drops out, then you have to play the entire tournament alone unless you can find someone to replace them.

The games that this tournament will involve (I'll be adding more later):

Turbo Grafx:
-Bomberman '94
-Final Match Tennis
-Moto Roader

Super Nintendo:
-Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament
-Tiny Toon Adventures - Wacky Sports Challenge

Nintendo NES:
-Super Spike V'Ball

-Bomberman World
-Micro Machines V3
-Crash Bash

We're doing things slightly different this year. The games will be grouped by system and each week a team can veto a system which means for their matchup that week, no game from that system can be picked. This will allow users to compete who are unable to do netplay for a certain system because they'll be able to simply veto that system each week and never have to worry about playing a game for it.

-You must live in the United States (unless you have had very little lag problems playing netplay with USA users)
-The RGR Plugin must work fine on your computer and netplay should work for at least 3 of the systems mentioned above
-You must be free at least 1 hour every week that this tournament takes place or have a backup player that can fill in for you any week that you're unavailable
-If your on the ban list, you cannot enter. To see who is on the ban list, go here:

1st = 200,000 Viz or US $100
2nd = 100,000 Viz or US $50
3rd = 50,000 Viz
(teams will share the prize)

If you miss more than 50% of your matches, then you'll be added to the ban list. This rule does not apply to backup players and you wont be affected by this rule if you can get your backup player to fill in for you in a week that you'll miss.

Signup ends and Tournament begins on Monday, July 6th.

If you want to enter, reply to the below thread with your team name, who the leader of the team is and who is on your team. If you don't have a team or can't find one, respond to the below thread saying that you want to form a team with someone and I'll add you to the list of users looking for a teammate.
Summer 2015 Newsletter + Help Out Vizzed = 5000 Viz! - 06-25-15 - 02:38 by Davideo7
Summer 2015 Newsletter
The Summer 2015 Newsletter has begun rolling out today and should take up to 2-3 weeks to deliver to everyone. This newsletter basically just highlights all of the big site updates and RGR Plugin updates that have taken place over the past 6 months so there's nothing real special in it for those of you who use the site daily and read the announcements and also read the threads posted in the news forum. Just in case you don't receive it though and wanted to see what it contained, my next post will contain the contents of the newsletter.

The great thing about these newsletters is that it helps increase the site's traffic a little by reminding users that still exists and by letting them know of updates that may interest them. Hopefully over the next 2+ weeks we'll see old veterans come back and an increase in traffic, which is something the site desperately needs since it has been struggling lately financially (it's definitely not cheap to pay for the site servers and RGR Plugin updates).

Help Out Vizzed = 5000 Viz!
Here's how you can help out vizzed. If you ever received an email from vizzed, there's a good chance it may have gone to your junk or spam box. If you still have the email, simply mark it as safe if the option is available. In hotmail you'd click 'Wait, it's safe', in gmail and yahoo you'd click 'Not Spam' (the link to click may vary for other email providers). If you can't find any emails sent from one of the vizzed email addresses then wait until you receive the newsletter and you can do this with that. Respond to the below thread once you've done this.

The reason this is so important is because got on hotmail's block list a few weeks which means that any email sent from a email address was blocked instantly. I was able to contact them and get us removed from the ban but they said that I need to increase the reputation of emails sent from the vizzed servers otherwise I could easily get back on the list. It's very important for me to stay off this ban list and all other ban lists because this basically prevents users signing up from getting their verification email which is really bad. Plus it makes it so users can't recover their password, get newsletters and other various notifications. If we can get the reputation of the vizzed email accounts high enough then the vizzed emails may no longer be automatically sent to the spam/junk box of various email providers.

Now I don't want to get into too much detail but the reason we even got added to hotmail's ban list (and possibly others) is because a bot was using the registration form of vizzed to send out tons of spam emails. Since then I've added a reCAPTCHA to the registration form to prevent bots from abusing it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in this thread:
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