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Retro Game Room   Vizzed Board Forum
The Vizzed Retro Game Room offers 1000s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website and is loaded with features. Some games require the Vizzed RGR Plugin while others require no downloads.

Top Genres: Platform, RPG, Sports, Puzzle/SIM, Action, Hacks, Arcade
Top Searches: Mario, Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mega Man
Top Systems: NES, Super Nintendo, GBA, Genesis, N64, Atari 2600, GBC
Vizzed Board is a family friendly community and forum where users of all ages can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general. This 'cyber family' also has a lot of events and competitions that you can participate in.

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Latest Announcements
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Spring 2015 Netplay Tournament: Bomberman '94 = Sign Up Now for a Shot at $200! - 03-27-15 - 17:23 by Davideo7
In this tournament we'll be playing Bomberman '94 for the Turbo Grafx. Each user will play 2 matchups a week. You get to choose which day and time you want to play each week from a list of available times and days. Each matchup could be any of the following:
-1-5 Player Free for All
-2 Players vs 2 Players
-1 Player vs 1 Player
-Other possible combinations

This tournament offers the biggest grand prize of any netplay tournament I've ever hosted so be sure to sign up for a shot at $200, you have nothing to lose! This is also now considered an annual tournament; here are the final results from last year: 1st. Davideo7, 2nd. madison, 3rd. AceShock, 4th. Koda, 5th. Forest Dragon.

In each matchup the players will play until someone has won 5 games so a single matchup can take between 15-30 minutes. 1st place will get 7 points, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 2 points and 5th place 1 point. Failure to show up to a matchup automatically results into 0 points.

Every week (except the first week) the 2 users (or more, depending on how many enter) with the lowest amount of points will be eliminated from the tournament. If there's a tie, both users will be eliminated.

For each matchup, the level you play and the time you play will be predetermined. All matches will take place at either 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 or 9:00 PM central time on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you are eliminated from the tournament for failing to show up to your matchups, you'll be placed on the tournament ban list which means you wont be able to participate in a netplay tournament until next year and you'll also be fined 10,000 Viz.

-You must be available 2 nights a week between 7 PM - 9 PM central time Tuesday-Friday nights
-You must live in the United States (unless you have had very little lag problems playing netplay with USA users)
-The RGR Plugin must work fine on your computer
-If you're on the ban list, you cannot enter. Click here to see if you're on the netplay ban list.

1st = 300,000 Viz or $200
2nd = 75,000 Viz or $50
3rd = 37,500 Viz or $25
4th = 20,000 Viz
5th = 10,000 Viz

Entry Fee: None
(since this is an elimination type tournament, I see no reason for an entry fee)

Signup ends and Tournament begins on Monday, April 6th.

If you want to enter, respond to this thread:
Viz Price Drop for Most Retro Game Room Games - 03-24-15 - 00:24 by Davideo7
I've reduced the Viz prices of most of the RGR games and some of the RGR games have reduced by a lot. All of the small sized games have taken a price drop, the medium sized games are around the same (some may have gone up) and the large sized games have taken a huge price drop. For those who don't know, the games in the RGR cost Viz to help me avoid high bandwidth costs but I think I might be able to get away with dropping the prices of these games without any problems.

In return, I've added an ad to the play window while the game is loading. All of the revenue made from this will go to tRIUNE since he does a lot for the site. He currently already shares the site's revenue with me but I wanted to help him out by increasing the amount he gets since he invests way more time on the site than anyone else has over the past few years (excluding me of course). I'll eventually add an item to the item shop which will allow you to disable this ad if you find it annoying but it shouldn't interfere with anything.

One of the main purposes of the Retro Game Room has always been to introduce users to games that they've never experienced. So many of these retro games deserve recognition and if the prices are too high, most users will never be able to experience some of these great games. By dropping the prices the really large games, I'm hoping it encourages users to stick around the site longer by enjoying more games.

For full details of this update, go here:
Vizzed Should Be Back to Normal - 03-20-15 - 21:05 by Davideo7
Vizzed security is always an ongoing project but things should be back to normal and the current issues should be fixed. Vizzed was hacked but no one needs to worry about any personal information or passwords being leaked. The hacker logged into a few user accounts but after discovering who it was, he was cool enough to reveal to me how he did it so that I could patch the exploit.

I've implemented a lot of new security which includes disabling certain HTML tags from posts, bios and layouts, locking various staff members to a single IP, and completely changing the way that users login info is handled on the site.

Some users may have troubles logging into the site after these updates. If you are one of those users or know of a user who is having troubles, clear your cookies. If that doesn't help, please contact me at

Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please ask in this thread:
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