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The Vizzed Retro Game Room offers 1000s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website and is loaded with features. Some games require the Vizzed RGR Plugin while others require no downloads.

Top Genres: Platform, RPG, Sports, Puzzle/SIM, Action, Hacks, Arcade
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Vizzed Board is a family friendly community and forum where users of all ages can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general. This 'cyber family' also has a lot of events and competitions that you can participate in.

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Vizzed is Back + Like us on Facebook - 04-17-14 - 10:11 by Davideo7
Vizzed was down because of issues my host was experiencing so it was completely out of my control. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for everyone's patience.

If you want to stay up to date when Vizzed goes down next time or if you want to simply stay in contact with everyone, be sure to 'Like' Vizzed on Facebook here:
Donate your Games to Vizzed = Earn Viz for Special Features - 04-12-14 - 13:53 by Davideo7
My quest continues to obtaining physical copies of games for the Retro Game Room. I have a lot already but still a ton to go. Systems you could donate games for include Super Nintendo, Nintendo, any of the Game Boys, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Playstation, Nintendo DS, etc (basically anything).

Here's a few examples of items that you might want to earn Viz for:
15,000 Viz = Game Accelerator - Makes games download faster (for most people)
25,000 Viz = V-Machine item - Allows you to play any game without paying Viz (doesn't include cd games)
50,000 Viz = Playstation item - Allows you to play 400+ different Playstation games

Any game that is donated that I already own (or isn't retro) will be sold and all the money made from sold games will go toward expanding Vizzed. It costs a lot of money to keep this site up and I know a lot of users want to help out but don't have money to donate so this is a great opportunity, especially since a lot of you probably have games lying around that you don't plan to play anymore and may even need to make room for new games.

Respond to the following thread with a list of games you're willing to donate and I'll tell you how much Viz I'd give you for the games and I'll PM you the address to send the games to. The following thread also has more information on this offer.
1 Million Posts (1,000,000) - 04-05-14 - 03:21 by Davideo7
Vizzed has just exceeded 1,000,000 posts! As a way to celebrate, I've made it so that posts are worth twice as much Viz for 1 week (until April 12th)! This also includes Threads, Reviews, Walkthroughs and Articles.

So how big of an accomplishment is 1 Million? Well we pulled it off in just under 10 years (the overall post count began on 12-06-04). The site was averaging around 100-200 posts per a day when this current Vizzed Board launched, now days it averages 400-500 posts a day. Now it may seem like the site's post count hasn't gone up very much since its launch but the 100-200 posts a day only lasted for the first few months of the site, after that the average was around 100 and it just kept dropping. At one point the site was averaging around 5 posts a day back in 2006 and there were even times when the site went more than 1 day without a single post. Things started picking up again in 2008 with 25-100 becoming the average and things really took off in 2009 when the Retro Game Room was added to the site.

A few fun facts:
-It took around 21,880 users to pull that off
-The 1 million posts on the site contain 56,871,406 words
-The average user post count is 45 (excluding non-posters)
-The average post size is 56 words
-The site has averaged 293 posts per a day since its launch
-The site has 75,625 threads which means the average thread has 13 replies
-The thread with the most replies is Corrupt-A-Wish! with 9,110 replies
-The biggest (non-copied) post with the most words is in The Children of Destiny thread with 30,507 words
-The thread with the most total likes is Tour de Vizzed: Winter 2014 = EideticMemory wins! with 83
-The thread with the most total dislikes is I've Decided to Auction This Forum with 23
-The post with the most likes is this one with 39 likes
-The post with the most dislikes is this one with 13 dislikes

Just like I did in the 1 Billion view count thread, I need to thank the staff (and the past staff too) for helping me keep this site under control and to help me keep the forum civilized. I'd also like to thank all the users who have posted and have helped make 1 Million posts possible. Not a lot of forums live long enough to ever reach 1 million posts so I'm pretty proud that Vizzed Board has been able to stick around long enough to pull it off.

1 Billion views was a huge accomplishment but I think 1 Million posts is an even bigger accomplishment because 1 Billion views can be done without a community but 1 Million posts can only be done with the help of an awesome and loyal community. Both Milestones are amazing though and we've been spoiled to witness both so close together. It's unfortunate that it'll be a very long time before we hit another huge significant milestone and even more unfortunate that a lot of the current active users wont be around for those milestones. This is not a time to think about that though, this is a time for party! A round of Vizzed Soda on me!

Join the party here:
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