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The Vizzed Retro Game Room offers 1000s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website and is loaded with features. Some games require the Vizzed RGR Plugin while others require no downloads.

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Vizzed Board is a family friendly community and forum where users of all ages can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general. This 'cyber family' also has a lot of events and competitions that you can participate in.

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Summer 2015 Netplay Tournament: Teams = There's still time to sign up to win $100! - 07-05-15 - 14:10 by Davideo7
We need a lot more users to sign up to the Summer Netplay tournament before we can start it so if you're at all interested in signing up, please do so from the link below. If you don't have a team, that's fine, simply sign up and say that you're looking for a teammate and I'll assign you to a team. Remember, the team that wins will get to share $100 and the team that gets 2nd will get to share $50. Also keep in mind that you do not need the PlayStation item to join PlayStation netplay sessions so this is also a great opportunity for those who don't have the PlayStation item to play some fun PlayStation games with other users.

If you're interested in signing up or need more information, go here:
Shenmue I & II Available to Everyone for 0 Viz + Double CP & Viz for Submitting Content - 07-04-15 - 14:34 by Davideo7
Shenmue III has been a game that fans like myself have been waiting for since 2001 (2002 for Xbox owners) so when it was announced that it'll be coming out and will be backed by Kickstarter funding, that was a very big deal. The Kickstarter page ends in 2 weeks and so I had some fun ideas to celebrate Shenmue III finally being a reality and to bring attention to the series hoping that more people become fans of the game.

All versions of Shenmue I & II Available to Everyone for 0 Viz
Shortly after Dreamcast games were added to Vizzed, I made all of the Shenmue games cost 0 Viz because I really want everyone to experience the game. Just now I also made it so that you no longer need the Beta Test Ticket (which costs 10,000 Viz) to play the games. The reason that Dreamcast games currently require a Beta Test Ticket is because the games haven't all been tested yet and when I introduce new features to the site, they go into a beta state until they've been fully tested.

Earn Double CP & Viz for Submitting Content to the Shenmue game pages
For the next 2+ weeks, or until July 20th, you'll earn twice the CP and Viz when you submit content to any of the Shenmue game pages (Walkthroughs will qualify longer).

Affected actions include:
-Screenshot Submission
-Video Submission
-Walkthrough (double CP & Viz until August 1st)
-Game Content and Game Content Request
-Game Streaming (may not work properly)

Additional actions affected include: Game Rated, Graphic Adding, Moving Ebay Listing, Removing Ebay Listing, Review Rating, Screenshot Edit, Screenshot Rating, Video Edit and Video Rating.

Shenmue Games on Vizzed
Below are all of the versions of Shenmue we have on the site. The above updates apply to all of these versions.

Shenmue (recommended)
This is the version of Shenmue that everyone in the United States grew up playing. If you don't plan to play Shenmue II on vizzed or don't care about transferring your save file, then play this version.

Shenmue (PAL)
This is the version of Shenmue that was released in the UK. I'm not sure what the differences are with this version but the only reason you'd want to play this version instead of the US release is so that you can transfer your save file from Shenmue I to Shenmue II. I'm pretty sure that with both versions of Shenmue II on vizzed you can load your Shenmue I save file so that you can transfer items you've collected.

Shenmue II
Shenmue II (English Translation) (recommended)
This is the PAL version except in English. Basically someone ripped the audio from the Xbox version of Shenmue II (which was in English) and dumped it into this version so that anyone can experience Shenmue II in full English on the Dreamcast.

Shenmue II (PAL)
Shenmue II was never actually released in the United States so the only way to play Shenmue II was either by importing it or by playing it on the Xbox. This version is in Japanese with English subtitles.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in this thread:
Vizzed Competitions = Earn Viz and $ Cash $ - 07-01-15 - 20:09 by Davideo7
This months Vizzed Competitions

MEGA Video Competition: Tool Assisted Speedruns
Beat the most games as fast as you can using the TAS features within the RGR Plugin

You can earn up to US $75 or 150,000 Viz in the above competition!

Screenshot Competition: Scavenger Hunt 6
See who can take the most game screenshots of the listed objects

Highscore Competition: The Terminator
See who can get the highest score in The Terminator

Speedrun Competition: Jurassic Park
See who can beat Jurassic Park the quickest

You can earn up to 25,000 Viz in the above competition!

Last months '8-Bit Music' MEGA Video competition results can be found here:

Last months 'Video Game Characters 2' MEGA Video competition results can be found here:

Last months 'Battletoads' High Score competition results can be found here:

Last months 'Alex Kidd in Miracle World' Speed Run competition results can be found here:

Win $250 in Vizzed Minecraft Competition + Newly Added Creative World
There's still plenty of time to compete in the Vizzed Summer Minecraft Competition. The competition doesn't end for another 2 1/2+ months and there have been barely any submissions yet so there's more than enough time to build anything for a chance at US $250!

For more information and access to the server, go here:
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