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04-10-20 01:50 PM
Game Boy Advance

Players: 1
Hack Of:
Pokemon Emerald
Hack Type:
Enhancement, Game Mod

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Anime / Manga

Play Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus Online GBA Rom Hack of Pokemon Emerald - - Playable Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus (GBA)

Play Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus is a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus

Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus Title ScreenPokemon Emerald Plus Plus Screenshot 1
Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.6 (33 votes)
Plays: 15,720 M:91% F:9%
Filesize: 6,980kb

Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus Game Description

This is an Enhancement/Game Mod of Pokemon Emerald.

- All Hoenn Pokemon are available to catch
- Pikachu and Eevee can be found very rarely on Route 101
- The Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) can now be found in 1 area of the Safari Zone each. They also are found each in different ways. Bulbasaur through Grass, Squirtle through Surf, and Charmander through Rock Smash
- Pokemon that evolve through trading now have a "Vizzed-accessible" method. Most of them evolve by level, but some evolve through a different method. It goes as follows:
Slowpoke -> Slowking: Water Stone
Poliwhirl -> Politoed: Max Happiness
Clamperl -> Gorebyss: Max Happiness (DAY)
Clamperl -> Huntail: Max Happiness (NIGHT)
- Some previously trade-evolving Pokemon now learn slightly different moves, both the pre- and post-evolution forms.
- Pikachu now has a changed front sprite

Videos of Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus Gameplay

12-22-13 09:59 PM
00:08:43  Views: 381
Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus - Part 2 - User video4/5
Part 2
07-06-17 03:45 PM
00:48:22  Views: 311
Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus -  - GamePlay (rom hack) - User video3/5
- GamePlay (rom hack)
12-22-13 05:55 PM
00:05:42  Views: 1,020
Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus - Part 1 - User video2.3/5
Part 1

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Game Characters in Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus

Comments for Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus

weris46 07-11-16 - 11:38 PM
 say what level does kadabra evolve?
senseymaster10 07-08-14 - 12:32 PM
 does eevee evolve into umbreon and espeon differently than normal??
MESALLIS 05-10-14 - 10:54 AM
 stuck on route 109, frozen, and I cant revert to an older save file. GREAT.
MESALLIS 05-08-14 - 10:00 PM
 can i get scizor in this?
legomaster64 01-24-14 - 11:29 AM
 @Johny, Yes, those are available in the game, Max happiness day/night for them, You can guess which one is which.
maxyokaew 01-08-14 - 08:51 PM
 It says in the description that The Kanto starters can now be found in 1 area of the Safari Zone each... But i cant seem to find any of them. Can someone pleas help me tell where they are?
Pikadex 12-29-13 - 10:13 PM
 @UltraDemonAngle Sorry for the (very) belated answer. Anyways, Graveler evolves into Golem by level. The ones I listed in the details are the evolution methods that are not by leveling. Just level up your Graveler, and it should evolve into Golem. : ]
JohnnyFlight 12-01-13 - 05:01 PM
 Is there a Umbreon/Espeon available in this game also?
Xx_Shadow_xX 11-18-13 - 08:00 PM
 can i get the ticket events pokemon too?
UltraDemonAngle 11-17-13 - 02:36 PM
 How do I evolve my Graveler into Golem, it's not listed in the details, so if anyone can answer this that would be appreciated.
Shikibana 11-16-13 - 06:04 PM
 so if all hoenn pokemon are available to catch, does that mean we can also get both latios and latias and all three hoenn starters? How do we level Kadabra?
iN008 11-10-13 - 12:40 PM
 Don't worry BearTrap, I got rid of the double post for you. Remember you can always just ask a member of staff to remove a double post for you.
BearTrapTree 11-08-13 - 05:03 PM
 Submitted a screenshot of the situation. Also, sorry for the double identical post.
BearTrapTree 11-08-13 - 04:43 PM
 @Pikadex: It happens only in Pokemon battles, and only while surfing. Fishing with any rod and trainer battles work fine. I'm not sure if it's really the Surskit, I just noticed that my dex claimed it were on this route, and all I get there is the afore
Pikadex 11-08-13 - 10:24 AM
 Okay, still talking about the Route 109 gltich. Does this crash/freeze only happen upon a Pokemon battle? If so, I might have to disable wild battles on Route 109 until I can figure this out.
Pikadex 11-07-13 - 11:43 PM
 Sorry about my double comment, but I need to add something else: Surskit in Emerald is only available in a newsflash. I'll try to re-create what you're experiencing as soon as I can.
Pikadex 11-07-13 - 11:21 PM
 @BearTrapTree That's weird. I haven't done anything about THAT. According to Bulbapedia, Surskit in Pokemon Emerald is found on Routes 102, 114, 117, and 120. I'll try to get more information on this problem. :]
BearTrapTree 11-06-13 - 07:29 AM
 Is the Surskit encounter by any chance broken? Anytime I'm at route 109, where it's supposed to be according to pokedex, all I get is the start of the battle screen, then the game freezes on my trainer sprite...
Malagator 11-02-13 - 04:15 PM
 where is bagon at?
jerry.ferguson 10-24-13 - 07:02 PM
 Squirtle is in the section where you get the golden teeth, you surf around in the water and pop goes the weasel.
artistic_frizz 10-20-13 - 02:45 AM
 Which section is squirt in? Would it be the new sections that open after completion - or just any water in the Safari zone?
tiagix 10-17-13 - 07:08 AM
 about the safari zone.. where i found the started? (hope not in the area avalable only after being champion =/ )
Destro 09-27-13 - 04:57 PM
 So it isn't finished?
Pikadex 09-18-13 - 07:40 PM
 What do you mean by that? If you mean that I can't do much, I'll just say that this wasn't meant to be a very in-depth hack. This was meant to be what I believe to be an improvement of Emerald. :)
jerry.ferguson 09-05-13 - 08:37 PM
 You can't go far can you? :I