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02-21-20 12:39 AM

Warp & Warp (MSX) Game - MSX Warp & Warp (MSX)

Warp & Warp is an Action game developed by Namco Limited and published by Namcot in 1984 for the MSX.

Warp & Warp

Warp & Warp Title ScreenWarp & Warp Screenshot 1Warp & Warp Screenthot 2
Rating: 7.3 (2 votes)

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Videos of Warp & Warp Gameplay

04-04-15 03:51 AM
00:07:22  Views: 259
Warp & Warp - Warp  and  Warp (MSX) - GamePlay - User video5/5
Warp and Warp (MSX) - GamePlay

Warp & Warp Game Description

In this game you 're in control of a monster fighter. A warp zone is set in the middle of the screen. Warp to the next level when it flashes. You should attack the monsters before they catch or shoot you. A frog turns up occasionally, shoot it for bonuses. The monsters become more vicious when the change color (they turn from yellow to red to purple). The red and the purple monsters are severe chasers.

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