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01-23-20 11:29 AM

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How many siblings do you have? Do you get along with them well?
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07-22-15 09:15 PM
08-08-16 04:16 AM

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07-13-16 01:12 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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abhisek : Oh, I know only a few people who don't have any siblings. Some of them like it but some of them feel lonely and would like to have a sibling. I'm glad to hear you're OK with it though!
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07-16-16 03:13 PM
Fyredove is Offline
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When I was younger, say 4-6 years old, I always wanted a brother or sister. I did end up getting my wish when I found out I had a step brother from my father's side.

I loved being with him when I first meet/got to know him. I was glued to his side since it's all I ever wanted. It took a few days in court, but my father gained custody and paid child support. It was a great year and was so fun to play with my older brother. But things don't last and he was becoming a teenager. He started hanging with shady people and got into some bad things. Before you know it, he drops out of high school and leaves. Every year or so, we do hear from him, he comes back into our lives and seem to screw it up more than the last time. I love him, but I am tired of all he has done. I mean, I can't blame him. My father wasnt there. But it's made my life a lot harder than it had to be.
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07-19-16 12:09 PM
Momo Aria is Offline
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Momo Aria
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I have six younger siblings, 2 sisters, 4 brothers, and all half siblings. My sisters and one of my brothers live with my dad while the reat of my brothers live with me at my mother's home. 

My older younger sister is somewhat like a best friend to me, even though we're 5 years apart. We both read manga and watch anime together (though our interests in anime slightly differ), and we read fanfics together. When I came to visit her last year, I was surprised that she grew up to have the same interests I have. We ended up getting along very well.

I sometimes get along with my other sister, but in the days where I stayed with my dad, I fought with her the most. She's cute and silly, but she's also a pretty bratty child. When I give her my games to play, she refuses to give it back, and she refused to share with my other siblings too. She also tends to cry over everything, which gets annoying very quickly. At least, though, I can make her happy with my games, and I still get along with her.

My brother on my dad's family is cute, and I don't have any problems with him. He and I play games together and I don't have to worry about him so much. 

My brothers on my mother's family are young. The older one is autistic, and the middle one is showing signs of autism too. Both boys are silly and very energetic, but they also get into trouble too, and they cry over everything too. My youngest brother was born this year, idk why my mother thought it was a good idea to be pregnant when her oldest is going to graduate high school soon, but not my decision. The baby is cute, but he cries more times than both brothers have. Hr wants to be held all the time, he wants to be rocked all the time, and he is always hungry. But then, he is only 6 weeks old now.

Honestly, I want to be closer to my paternal siblings since I don't live with them. My brothers over here are a handful xP
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07-19-16 01:32 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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Fyredove : Oh, that's awful to hear, I'm glad you got the opportunity to have a brother at least. My sister also changed a lot for the worse when she became a teenager and even a year before that, but at last she's tired of her troublemaker lifestyle and she seems to be changing for the better. If she didn't, she wouldn't have dropped out of high school but she would have to repeat freshman year.

AriaAngelDream : I can't imagine having that many siblings especially if most of them are crazy XD One of my friends is a quadruplet, he and his 3 brothers were born a few minutes apart from each other Hopefully you will be able to grow closer with your paternal siblings, time with those you love is important!

I wondered when your new brother would be born. From what I've seen babies usually cry a lot at first and want to be held, they don't know what's going on and they just want to be secure. I haven't seen it happen in my own house because both my siblings are adopted and I was the only one who was ever a baby in my family unit XD But my mom told me I had horrible meltdowns out of nowhere. So I cried a lot too

Later we all found out my meltdowns were due to my mild Autism, I got diagnosed with it when I was 4 I think. If I had siblings back then I would've drove them all nuts!
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08-08-16 04:16 AM
MalleoQuester is Offline
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I only have one younger sister who is 4 years younger than me but separated 5 years in terms of school due to our birthdays. Seriously, a week or so later and I would have been in the year below. Our relationship can be summed up as love/hate. We got on each others nerves at least once every couple of days often over ridiculous things and my opinion of her swings from one side to the other. She is also the sensitive one and I am the "tactless" one (though perhaps for worse I am on the milder side of the autism spectrum) - a more recent example would be that she keeps asking us if she's fat (she is in her teenage years though I am about to go to Uni so I can just leave and dump her on my parents ).

Her brilliant solution? Do absolutely nothing and she jumps on any sort of suggestion to get some more exercise. Completely fantastic. Though thankfully she is now going to actually do something to my complete astonishment.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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