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12-08-09 06:35 PM
Blake 2107
03-17-12 01:52 PM

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What is your favorite book of all time?


02-11-10 01:04 AM
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I've read the first couple books of that series. I used to love it when I was younger but now I'm just not into them anymore. I actually thought the movie didn't do the book justice or was well done.
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02-26-10 01:23 PM
Kryptic is Offline
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My favorite book of all time is also the very first novel i ever read... Pet Semetary (yes it is spelled like that) by Stephen King. I found it in my dads book collection when i was 8 years old in 3rd grade. I read the entire thing and since i read all the old Stephen King classics but Pet Semetary has always been my favorite. I also love the movie. Both scared the hell out of me when i was a kid, but i loved them anyway.
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03-14-10 04:19 PM
taylordlc is Offline
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Oh dear god thank you! nobody said Twilight
Fave book would have to be Soldiers of Halla by D.J. Machale

Though i have read these series (i don't usually read books unless they are part of a series):
Dark Tower books
Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) books
Pendragon Books
Harry Potter books
Dragonlance Chronicles

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03-19-10 05:01 PM
noelia is Offline
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My favorite book is Brother's Karamazof by Fiodor Dostoyevsky.
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03-21-10 04:12 AM
JusTReaL is Offline
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Originally posted by septembern
My Favorite book of all time is probably Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

That is also my favorite along with Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, great author, great books, and alot of interesting stuff within the stories that keeps you reading, love'em...
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03-21-10 12:46 PM
septembern is Offline
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Yep! I think Dan Brown's books always keeps people on the edge of their seat! I have read all of his, except for the latest one...
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03-21-10 09:28 PM
BreakDown is Offline
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Suicide Kings, a Wild Car Novel, was my favorite book.

It talks about an alien virus hitting a town, the survivors are "Ace", or people who have superpowers, and it is such a good book. An excellent book of the trilogy.
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03-21-10 11:38 PM
The Shadow Dragon is Offline
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It'd have to be the series of books by Dan Brown. The actual series doesn't have a name, but its the one that has (in chronological order) Angels & Demons, The Davinci Code, The Lost Symbol. I also love anything by David Michaels, he writes all of the books based on the Tom Clancy games.
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03-23-10 08:35 PM
septembern is Offline
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I also love the books written by Michael Chrichton... I am sad that he died, because he was a great author, I have read nearly all of his books...
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03-31-10 01:36 AM
bdfalc0n07 is Offline
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I absolutely love The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I was just mesmerized by the book for some reason! Another book that a friend recommended to me was The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. The book was absolutely exhilarating and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fantasy novels. It's like Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Wars and... magic stuff.

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04-01-10 12:31 AM
Zenrix is Offline
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"The Wheel of Time" is a great series and still isn't finished (even though the author is dead, people still want to continue his work. Yes its that good.) The magic system is one of the most complex I have ever had the pleasure of unraveling.

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04-10-10 04:30 PM
dragonslayer2010 is Offline
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I like all of the Harry Potter series, Inheritance cycle, Mistmantle Chronicles,Hardy Boys series, and tons more series. I'm a big fan of reading but the book I like most is all of the Deltora books. Emily Rodda is a good author and i'd recommend her books to anyone.
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04-11-10 04:23 AM
tonetone714 is Offline
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top 3 books for me
1. shogun- by james clavell
2. fear and loathing in las vegas- by hunter s thompson
3.anything book with h. potter in the title- by the jk rowling
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08-31-10 05:05 PM
septembern is Offline
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DarkHyren : I think I already created a thread for favorite book
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09-15-10 08:38 PM
thelivelylynx is Offline
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My favorite book of all time is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I liked the 2002 movie as well ( simply because Jim Caviezel is YUMMY!) but it is NOTHING like the book. They left out so much because it would be quite impossible to squeeze a 1200 page book into a 2 hour movie. The ending is completely different as well.

I also love the Harry Potter series, my favorite book being the Deathly Hallows. I'm super psyched about the first installment of the movie in November! Only 2 months away!!!!!

On top of that I love the book, Wuthering Heights, it still makes me cry, because I love Heathcliff, in spite of all his flaws, I love him.

Anyway, yeah... I love to read. I have so many favorites that I can't even begin to list them all though

So... Toodles...

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09-15-10 09:51 PM
Kaiser19 is Offline
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My favorite book of all time is Stephen King's The Talisman. I highly recommend it.
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09-17-10 09:07 PM
blue_lament is Offline
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my favorite books right now are Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Emma by Jane Austen. There are others... I just can't think of them at the moment.

As for more modern books I really liked Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatirck and The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare.

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09-17-10 09:20 PM
Korn09 is Offline
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septembern : My favorite book of all time is The Sum Of All Fears by Tom Clancy

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12-19-10 05:50 PM
vizwiz123 is Offline
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I haven't read a truckload of books yet, but based on the books I have read, my favorite would be Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. That book was entertaining from beginning to end, but it had a sad ending. The 1930s and 1990s adaptation of the book were pretty good as well,
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12-23-10 02:31 AM
imhere is Offline
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its called you vs me
its about me and you fighting then your mom dies
My reaction if I get banned

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