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10-17-19 10:42 PM

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07-06-10 04:51 AM
01-17-14 03:38 PM

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really,you let your kid play THIS

Do you think he should play these games?
Yes It's fine
8.5%, 17 votes
No It's not
34.3%, 69 votes
It depends on the kid
57.2%, 115 votes
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07-20-10 10:19 PM
killakari27 is Offline
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absolutely not. a 15 year old shouldn't be playing those games much less a 9 year old. the violence, in my opinion, is one thing, but the language and sexual content are not acceptable at all. i know the designers and producers have to make money off of many different groups of consumers, but parents need to actually look at the content of the games their kids have, and use some common sense. it's right on the back of every game people!!!
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 07-08-10
Location: Tennessee
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07-20-10 11:15 PM
KingDDDimento is Offline
Link | ID: 211709 | 83 Words

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Absolutely not. I mean, what kind of parent lets a nine year old steal a car, get drunk with hookers, swear at cops, and kill people with a strangly popular gun called an AK 40whatever, in an vurtual crime city?!?! It's not just stupid, but it will effect the life of any kid who plays the game, and anyone who hears about that kind of game, and as we all know, kids who play games like that LOVE to talk about those games.
The Chaotic Jester

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Registered: 05-09-10
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07-21-10 09:39 PM
Rasenganfan2 is Offline
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Depends on the kid. Played Turok 2 when I was 3. Played GTA Vice City when it came out... I think I was 7. Saints Row when it came out. I'm not a violent person. Sure, I fight with my bro sometimes because it's fun, but aside from that, no violence for me. However, some children take them too seriously. Few do, but still. As for me, only 2 game ratings I've never played a game from are C for young children, and A for adult, and I don't see myself playing either.
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Registered: 12-20-08
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07-21-10 11:01 PM
bigNATE is Offline
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Level: 111

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THAT young? Most certainly not. They're way too susceptible at such a young age and the parents should take better care of them.
When they start hitting their teens, however... then it depends on the kid, and the reason for the rating. If it's just for violence and they take that fine, then fine by me... but if it's sexual stuff, wait 'till you're actually an adult (example: God of War series. I know there are sex minigames and stuff in them, and so I have no intention of playing them at any point prior to my 18th birthday due to that... and probably not afterwards anyways).
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07-22-10 01:02 AM
tRIUNE is Offline
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Well I have a 10 year old sister that I let borrow my Golden Eye 007 N64, it's just a game I thought, but my mom gave it back to me because there's shooting in it. Well whatever I gave her Super Mario 64 instead.

I don't see anything wrong with 007, and my sister isn't going to grow up and shoot people, but who knows maybe she'll be an F.B.I agent. But as far as all the crime and sex stuff I wouldn't let her play that.
Site Staff Manager+

Hero of Hyrule

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(edited by tRIUNE on 07-22-10 01:09 AM)    

07-24-10 11:52 PM
The Shadow Dragon is Offline
Link | ID: 213788 | 196 Words

Level: 32

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I am 17 years old, I have played Mortal Kombat and Doom since I was 5, Perfect Dark, 007, The Sims since I was 7, GTA: San Andreas since I was 12. I know that what you do in the games are wrong, and I am no worse off than If I had stuck to "age appropriate" games. I had a real hard time in school (I am home schooled now) and MK, The Sims, and especially GTA were the best outlet I had for letting off steam after school.

I think it in a way depends on the child, it has been proven that a kid that already has violent tendencies has those tendencies increase after playing Ultra-Violent games (this was a while ago, but I think it was 10 year-olds playing God of War,) there is no proof that violent games creates the initial violence. Furthermore, I believe whether this is appropriate relies heavier on the parents teaching right from wrong, and fantasy from reality, than the child themselves, and for all we know, this kid could grow up and join the army because he played COD and found a new sense of patriotism.
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Registered: 03-05-10
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07-25-10 02:04 AM
Surgiac is Offline
Link | ID: 213818 | 82 Words

Level: 101

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If I had any kids, I wouldn't let them play any games like that. What do the parents think the ratings are for? I'd keep them from playing any of those games until they reached the appropriate age. I can keep the games out of their reach but when they're old enough to play, I can't prevent them from deciding to play. It would be their decision to play or not. I just hope they make the decision that's right for them.
Trusted Member

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07-28-10 02:07 AM
seeron is Offline
Link | ID: 215349 | 28 Words

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If the kid can handle it, then it's fine. I played doom and GTA1 when I was 3, and I'm not wanting to shoot people with a shotgun.
king of the masses

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07-28-10 06:35 AM
Didowe is Offline
Link | ID: 215373 | 562 Words

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When I was playing GTA IV (This game seems to be a popular "M" game to be talked about in these type of topics), I really dislike killing people in the game, and shortly after, I just knew those people in the game are just bytes that are programed, but if I have to choose someone's fate, I will let the person live unless they try and kill me or something (SPOILER : Clarance will appear as a random character if you let him live trying to kill you).

(The following are jokes and non serious stuff) :
KingDDDImentto : The pistol is better as it is more PRO and EPIC!!!!!

MegaHarv : Are you going to bail them out if they go to jail for trying to steal a video game (Bart simpsions ) .
Okay, now back to important stuff :

alexanyways : If someone is on drugs, the best way to help the person is to get rid of the drugs, same applies here, it may be painful at 1st, but soon he will find out ways to have fun (maybe lose weight at the same time).

Also, you should explain the GTA and call of duty stuff to your mum, THEN she will understand, and you can use something similar to my drug example.

MegaHarv : (I know, but this time it is serious)
I was like you when I played GTA, I always thought that the police fails in that game (but that is to make the game more playable) and have not arrested the people that needs arresting and that the police in real life are better, and I will never kill anyone in real life, we have no rights to remove someone's life.

fightorace : Okay I am too addicted (He was addicted to the point he would have dreams about it.), I better lay off. However, you should know that addiction is not what the topic is about. it is a completely different story and series and book and company (lol, like how "wonderbooks" made one topic while "sonbooks" made the other). {Okay, I dunno if anyone can understand my joke, if you can't, PM me).

Language... that, I like to say, depends on the child, actually, all the above depends on the child. I grew up in a family where bad language is evil, so I don't like it at all.

I like talking about games I like, In fact, I can spend the whole day talking to another fan of a series, but if I were to talk to that SAME person about the SAME topic, then that is boredom.

And if I am 70 - 100 % sure he won't like the topic, I won't start a topic about it.

Also, when I go online, sometimes, I just see people take the stuff in games too seriously, I play multilayer and a kill is the line between friendship or hate, Ally or foe (I mean like, the person starts to flame you and stuff like that, they will target you and stuff). And this one person I am referring too is really close to my age, but the way we take these things, I think he takes them too seriously.

Oh wow, I just wrote a new paper report , this is long, maybe I should provide pics .
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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(edited by Didowe on 07-28-10 06:38 AM)    

07-28-10 07:37 AM
fightorace is Offline
Link | ID: 215384 | 40 Words

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Didowe : I talked about the time he told me about dreams he had where he was still shooting, not to talk about his addiction, but to show how it was affecting his ability to seperate reality from the game.
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07-28-10 01:42 PM
Jumpman12 is Offline
Link | ID: 215495 | 142 Words

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Ultimately it is up to the parent to stand up and make the choice of what there kids play. That is what ESRB is for however it is only a recomendation and not an enforcement, as a kid can only buy a M-rated game with a parents consent, but most parents dont care and buy them anyway. The problem is some parents assume all video games are for kids and just buy whatever game they want. I would not let my kids play gta at an early age. Let them grow up a bit, learn that video games are video games, and that it does not apply in real life situations, and then they can play as long as they have good behavior, dont get bad habits from it, and just understand that a game is just a game meant for fun.

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Registered: 06-27-10
Location: USA
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08-01-10 12:25 PM
Ryan66772 is Offline
Link | ID: 217220 | 60 Words

Level: 15

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I say it depends on the kid.If they act mature and are able to separate it from real life,it can be ok.I say though that kids should be allowed to play some of the less mature M games at 11-12 since that is when I played fable.It all depends on the kid and their parents view on the gaming world.

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Registered: 08-12-09
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08-01-10 01:42 PM
sharktooth999 is Offline
Link | ID: 217239 | 70 Words

Level: 18

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i think it really depends on the kid, if hes a spoiled brat that loves to imitate everything he sees, then thats a no no. but if hes just a gamer and he loves to pass the time, i dont see why its so bad. my cousin when he was 11 years old was playing GTA games, and he just turned out to be a video game nerd like me!

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Registered: 07-05-10
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
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08-13-10 12:53 PM
XxChaosxX is Offline
Link | ID: 223332 | 70 Words

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I honestly don't think it matters. If kids don't see this stuff from video games they're going to hear about it at school. If they don't hear about it at school they're going to see it on T.V. Then there's the internet. Honestly, you can't protect kids from seeing violent things or hearing vulgarities unless you become amish and don't have any connection to technology. So I voted it's okay.
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08-13-10 01:15 PM
Videogamegod is Offline
Link | ID: 223348 | 48 Words

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Well, one of my friends has a little brother who is very violent, but his parents only let him play games that are E, and my friend has to lock the door so that he can't get in, I don't think it effects how the person turns out
The Master at Video Games

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08-16-10 12:30 PM
falstead is Offline
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I don't think letting a 9 year old play CoD is a good idea, to be honest.

I played the Mortal Kombat series since I was like 9ish, but there were no obscenities in it. I think that's the major difference. Online gaming is subject to massive obscenities and racial slurs, but offline gaming, while gory, didn't have children playing with other children that Mom and Dad don't know about....

It really is a shame that Moms and Dads nowadays will rarely check up on their children... I for one can't wait to play some gaming classics with my kids like the Marios, Pac man, Tetris and such.

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Registered: 08-15-10
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08-20-10 09:58 PM
Hoochman is Offline
Link | ID: 226770 | 26 Words

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This is annoying and shocking. What kind of parents are these people to be letting their kid play that at that young? Something should be done.

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Registered: 02-25-10
Location: Minnesota
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08-20-10 10:17 PM
metal572 is Offline
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I just don't see how its so wrong for a kid with parents tth teach right from wrong to play these. I grew up with doom,quake,heretic,hexen,duke nukem 3d,shadow warrior,and lots of other violent games. as i got older i played GTA, and i started to like war games. I think its all about if your parents are there to teach u right from wrong and tht the kid is mature and responsible enough to play it and not have it affect him negatively in real life, which most kids are.
Vizzed Elite
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08-21-10 11:08 AM
joe mills is Offline
Link | ID: 226948 | 171 Words

joe mills
Level: 6

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I enjoy playing adult video games, its escapism. but with todays systems the graphics can be incredibly realistic in the depiction of violence and many games seem like they've been hollywood scripted in terms of bad language and voice talents used. my ps3 is in my bedroom and i escape to it now and again for a bit of peace but if my 3 yr old daughter comes in the room and asks "what you playing daddy?" if its a violent and gory game then i'll pause it until she leaves the room. i enjoy playing suitable video games with her which is one of the reasons i enjoy vizzed. the retro games are simple classics most of which can be played harmlessly by young children.
young children can easily have nightmares seeing some thing inappropriate on a console or on telly and i'd like to slap parents who dont give a damn (or are to ignorant or lazy to find out) what their kids watch or play. its irresponsible parenting!!!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-02-10
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08-22-10 11:56 PM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
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I think that it's not ok, they made ratings for a reason! And that's not to just ignore and play the game! Do you see a bunch of people in Dora shooting each other? I think not, kids need to play GOOD games for ounce, not this simulated trash pile they have now, get them a sega or nintendo system, they had classic game that the only shooting you didn't see a lot of blood in. Nintendo was going in the rihgt direction with the new super Mario bros wii, but the only buyers were old people who liked the original. It's like the timeline for what games people play now is turned around, kids play GTA and adults play Dora, people are really stupid nowadays and it's really ignorant to do this to! They can go to bed, dream that their being Hines down by people in war, and be mentally scared for life! They would be one of those people who are scared to leave their own house to go get the mail! People need to smarten up or they will be brought down! If they keep it up, those kids will be the type to go around shooting people all over the place!
I really hope this helped, cause if I see one parent buy CoD for their 5 year old, I'm gonna punch them right across the face! Hopefully it would snap them back to the real world!
Vizzed Elite
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