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Rickroll RetroGameNinja... I shall get my revenge.
Fire Emblem You're probably just using the wrong emulator
Minecraft The server IP is: Enjoy!
Last Promise, The (v2.1) got a review out!
Last Promise, The (v2.1) ahahaha, 'does this work'. No one has played it enough to have enough screenshots to add the other 2.
Fire Emblem - Elibian Nights (v5) This game isn't complete. Check out this page for a more updated version.
Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi (english translation) Yeah, finding this game translated has been so awesome for me!!! :)
Fire Emblem hmm, that could be awesome. I could just raise the stats of the bosses though. Wouldn't that accomplish the same thing?
Fire Emblem Working on a very in-depth walkthrough, anything specifically you guys want me to cover?
Fire Emblem Hey all! If you have questions regarding Fire Emblem, just PM me here:

merf's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Fire Emblem: Awakening
07-18-14 02:08 AM
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Hey all! I figured that there's no time like the present to write a review for FE: Awakening, so I decided to go for it. ;)

Originally released in Japan on April 19th, 2012, Awakening took nearly a year to localize in the USA and exactly a year to localize in Europe. However, it's been well worth the wait. FE: A is a new game, following up 2 remakes of early games in the series. It introduces a few new features, such as the "Dual" system and "Pair Up" system. These are designed to create strong bonds between your units, which benefit you in combat. The Dual System allows a adjacent friendly unit to fight alongside another of your units. The Pair Up system works similarly to the Rescue function from previous games, with the only major difference being that Pairing Up your units actually benefits the stats of the primary unit. In addition, Pairing Up causes the Dual System to be put into effect.

When Pairing Up, support bonds come into play as well. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, supports return to the game. If bonded enough, compatible Male and Female Units will marry, and a new level will load into the game in which you will obtain the future child of this pair. I won't say much more, cuz spoilers n stuffs. ;) Children characters can marry, but will not have kids of their own.

Another exciting feature to this game is the return of the explorable world map. These can previously be found in FE: Sacred Stones, and FE: Gaiden. You can return to the locations of previous battles to access shops found therein, and the Risen (will explain later) or Merchants may pop up here as well. In addition, this is where you will meet any enemy teams obtained via either spotpass or streetpass. Finally, you have access to the Outrealm Gate from here, which hosts all DLC you have bought.

Other features in this game include the return of a customizable and playable Avatar, Special Skills, the Barracks (where you may obtain items, ... Read the rest of this Review
Last Promise, The (v2.1)
02-07-14 12:29 AM
The Last Promise - Possibly the best Fire Emblem hack in existence!
Good evening all! I haven't reviewed in quite a long time (since early last year, at best), and my previous reviews are admittedly not very high in quality. I aim to do much better here, and I hope you agree with me! I also hope you enjoy this review, and my goal is that it will entice at least someone to try it out! This hack is quite amazing, and worth the effort I’m going to put into this review! As for the layout of the review, I have decided to follow the categories that the review thingie wants me to rate (scroll up to see them). I wasn’t really going to do a categorized review, but I decided I would to save time to do use the categories. I hope this won’t take away from the review, nor from the quality of what I’m writing. Let’s dig in!!!

I’ll start out with a few facts and tidbits regarding TLP (TLP = The Last Promise). The Last Promise is a hack of Fire Emblem, one of the best RPG/Strategy series ever made! Blazer (FireBlazerx17 here on the site) has spent many thousands of hours on this hack, from what I understand, and every minute of it has been worth it! He has truly created a masterpiece, and it has been enjoyed by countless Fire Emblem fans all over the globe.

One of the things that, for me, sets this hack apart from many others is the Graphics. Now, I’m not talking about the actual pixels on the screen, because those are limited to what the GBA could do. I’m referring to the sprites (both character and weapon), the map, the cut scenes, the fights, and even the menus. Each sprite is unique, both from other hacks and from other Fire Emblem games. The maps are created by Blazer specifically for this game (Note: You may see a similarity to ‘Tactics Universe’ in this game, and that is because Tactics Universe is the unfinished version of The Last Promise.), and the fight scenes even contain unique class sprites.

If you combine what I’ve listed, in add... Read the rest of this Review
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones
01-04-13 09:17 AM
Review for Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
Thanks for checking out another of my reviews! I really like doing these, so let's get started! Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones is another Nintendo-created game, and the second to be localized in either the US or Europe. I personally am glad that Nintendo decided to bring this one over, it's a great game! Another RPG, Sacred Stones follows Eirika and her brother, Ephraim, as they set out to battle the occupying Grado empire. At the beginning of the story, Eirika has to leave her father to die in the hands of the evil Grado empire, after they invade and force their way into the castle. Eirika's personal guard has a brief skirmish with one of Grado's top generals, and gets badly injured. That's where the playable story begins. Eirika must fight her way to her brother, Ephraim, and then they split up in order to acomplish more. Ephraim heads down to the Capitol of Grado to smush the opposition where they least expect it. Eirika heads east, to warn the countries there. She meets with opposition, but must fight through it. This is when both of them find out about a greater enemy, one who is using the powerful Grado empire as a puppet. Each meets up with greater oppostition, as they get closer. They meet up again, to fight the most dangerous enemy yet together.

Graphics: As with all Fire Emblem games, Sacred Stones has incredibly diverse battle animations. This, combined with map graphics, doesn't really give me a choice! Graphics, you get a big fat 10!

Sound: While it's been a little while since I've played this game, I still remember it well. The soundtrack is right back on track, with another good one. I like the music in all the Fire Emblem games, and this is no exeption. Sound grabs a 10 from me.

Addictiveness: While I'll play this again, I don't find it as addicting as the other Fire Emblem games. It's still good, but (especially if you use the Tower of Valni) the game can drag out. If you want a good challenge, try... Read the rest of this Review
Fire Emblem - Tactics Universe
01-03-13 09:50 AM
Review for Tactics Universe: A Fire Emblem hack
Hey all, I'm reviewing again! I've got Tactics Universe (which I will refer to as "TU"), which is a hack of the RPG series: Fire Emblem. This game is the basis for The Last Promise, another Fire Emblem Hack. While this game is not complete, it provides a great storyline and an in-depth set of characters. The story follows Siegfried and his son, Shon, as they travel the continent trying to free their homeland from the invasive Etrurian army. They have just a small band of warriors, and you get to lead them to victory! The game ends just as the climax begins to occur, but the creator of the game has changed the storyline slightly and changed the title to "The Last Promise". Well, let's get down to it!

Graphics: I really like TU's graphics, though they can't compare to today's systems. The battle animations are very diverse, and the actual graphics are great considering the system. The maps you will play on are very unique, and also very good! I [u][i]love[/i][/u] the graphics in TU, and I rate them a perfect 10/10.

Sound: The game's unique soundtrack is incredible, especially for a hack! With such a different music selection, it's hard not to like! The music is very appropriate for each situation, and doesn't lose value or become repetitive. I really like the music, so give me a 10!

Addictiveness: While TU is not a complete game, I've found myself playing this multiple times! I know I'll play this again soon, and I hope you do too! While I have the least to say about this, that doesn't make it bad. Because of the shortness of the story, I can't give this a 10. But, I'll give a 9.

Story: The storyline in TU is incredible! I can't say enough about this! Blazer (also known as Fire Blazer) is incredible at creating deep and gripping storylines, and I love every single one of his hacks that I've played! This time, the story follows the knight, Siegfried, and his son while they fight for freedom from the opp... Read the rest of this Review
Fire Emblem
12-26-12 10:38 AM
Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword review
Fire Emblem: Rekka no ken/Blazing Sword
Today I will review Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Blazing Sword is a turn-by-turn RPG game, based in a medieval era. In the first 10 chapters of this game, you follow Lyndis and her cadre. Lyndis (or Lyn for short) is the only survivor of a bandit attack on village, the bandits killed the rest of her tribe. She is the only living member of the Lorca tribe, and she has survived on her own in Sacae (the country of indians) ever since the attack. The story begins when she meets up with you, the tactitian. You've fallen unconcious in the plains and don't remember anything, except your name. Lyn nurses you back to health, and then bandits come to loot the nearby villages. You help her defeat the bandits, and then she asks to travel with you. You head to a nearby village, where you meet up with 2 knights, Sain and Kent. They give you the news that her grandfather, the marquess of Caelin, is sick and wants to see her. She goes with them, and you must fight your way through Lyn's great-uncle's army to see her grandfather. The marquess is being poisoned by his own brother. You fight through many battles with her and her cadre, meeting up with new friends along the way. After you defeat the great-uncle, you, the tactitian, head to Pherae. There you meet up with Eliwood, and decide to help him find his father. You meet up with Hector, the brother of the marquess of Ostia, and eventually even Lyn! You help Eliwood find his father, but you arrive too late. He dies in Eliwoods arms. You now travel back home to Pherae with Eliwood and co., to help his greaving mother. Eliwood and co. now decide to kill the man responsible for killing his dad, and you set out again. Eventually, you find him and fight an epic battle. Once you defeat Nergal, he summons a fire dragon with his dying breath. Now, you must use your units wisely, because the dragon can kill with ease. If you can defeat the drago... Read the rest of this Review

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