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darthyoda's Last Game Comments
Pokemon Shiny Gold Started the game. It seems rather nice...
Pokemon Shiny Gold dArrg, not working right now. I'll have to wait! :(
X2 - Wolverine's Revenge The only way to get past that level is by going over him, when he gets on the unstable bridge.
Naruto - Ninja Council 2 Go Sasuke!
Pokemon Stadium I like this game. It is really fun!
Lord of The Rings - Fellowship of the Ring by Adam Thornton It's not working. It came up with the screen and I couldn't get past the text...

darthyoda's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
The Binding of Isaac
04-13-17 07:08 PM
Isaac is bound!
Have you ever thought about Isaac? This is his story, a delusional mother, a basement with untold evils, and having to mutate himself, just to get away from his abusive mother! That's horrible, although the game tackles a heavy topic like abuse, it still brings an odd charm, if you'll be so lenient to have me use that term. It's a fun indie game, and it's one of the few indie games I own, that I REALLY enjoy, though to be honest, I haven't played all of the indie games I own, this has become one of my favorite games from Steam! Top-Down view, "shooter" if you will. (If you consider using your tears to dispatch your enemies. Now, on to the categories! 

Graphics: 10/10
Now, this may be shocking, and I do see your shock in this rating... But, they have focused on making it a smooth and great environment. It's simplicity makes it work, and other indie games, make the visuals worse, as part of the game, games like Minecraft, and other pixel based games. This game, doesn't do that. It has great detail, and often, you have to notice some slight things in the environment, for clues about stuff like the hidden rooms. (Which hold money, upgrades, or other random items.) The fires are scattered everywhere, and they are really well-designed. The bricks, the explosion animations... Oh! I could go on, and on, and on... But do I need to? I think you guys can figure out that I really enjoy these graphics, even if they aren't as flashy as the brand new games, with exotic backdrops... 

Sound: 7/10
This is one area I'm not a huge fan of. The sounds are alright... and as with many other games, I don't particularly enjoy the soundtrack. I have an odd taste with music... and this game, has an okay soundtrack, but I'd rather stream some spotify while playing it. The other sounds are more or less just buzzing, growls, the occasional "ISAAC!" from your mother. Splashes, other simple sounds, nothing special here... No cool, :Foos Roh Dahs" here. No dragons... Read the rest of this Review
Spec Ops The Line
10-28-16 01:51 PM
A Typical shooter you think?
How do you make this game sound awesome without spoiling the ending? Getting past the typical shooter elements, it's amazing. It has many of the third-person shooters great, but it's not your typical shooter... You really have to watch out though, since it starts messing with you about a third of the way through. Some things start to seem odd, but why? I guess you'll just have to play this awesome game! SPEC OPS: THE LINE. The best desert third-person shooter I know.

Graphics: I'm giving a 10 of 10. The reason it should get this high rating is that despite my laptop not being the best ever, it looks amazing. The way the sand reacts, is just realistic. I've been in the desert, and it feels exactly like the game makes it... (Maybe a little exaggerated, since it doesn't actually have that much storming... But, while that may be odd, it's something that is used in the gameplay. This makes the environment a key gameplay element. I know this is only kind of graphics... But, you know, the thing that'll really blow your mind is the opening. You start out using a Gattling Gun from a Helicopter. If anything will make you feel like your in Delta Force, it'll be taking down helicopters, as the opening. (Spoiler-ish report?) But, you have to be careful, pay attention, the entire game, will haunt you... (Spoiler-ish report?) You'll know what I'm talking about if you've ever played this masterpiece!

Sound: 8/10 
Reasoning for this is that although, good, I don't really feel it's something new, you've heard the M4/M16 (Fancy titles for the same rifle.) But, what makes it cool, is that they aren't making the game about being different, you feel secure, same sounds as most shooters. Same old, same old, right? Well, only partially. (Skip the next little paragraph to avoid anything getting spoiled.)

[spoiler] Looking at this? Well, good. The "secure" feeling is key, since they don't change the sound, and the voice actors sound like most gam... Read the rest of this Review
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
04-23-15 02:04 PM
Humans Revolting?
Augmentations are rampant! Detroit is now more of a Dystopian style city. You guess right, it's the future! Join me as we tour the streets of the Cyberpunk Detroit. This is Eidos and Square Enix's Deus Ex prequel. Join Adam Jensen as he battles for the Augmented people in the epic struggle between the Cyborg and Purist mentality! Do you have what it takes to battle the enemy?

Graphics: The game has a unique style. I already said this, but ti's a Cyberpunk style game. The design is cool and fits the mood of the game. The graphics are interesting because of the unique animations for Jensen. I like the way they animated him to be the ultimate persona of all of the Augmented humans. But, the game isn't without flaw... The one thing that bugged me, knowing that better was possible, was the cut-scene movements. Hands, feet, walking, jumping-- These are some things that they could have done better, but that's minor, the game is still awesome! Namely, the guns, and the detail in-game. The cut-scenes and the in-game graphics seem the same, which makes the game better than many. (As, many do a better job of cut-scenes and they leave the game looking terrible.)
The game has one thing that could have been better... So it only get a 9/10.

Sound: The sound really has the futuristic feel. If anything makes or breaks a game, it's the soundtrack. This one has a good soundtrack, but it is again, one of those ones that sounds better when you're playing the game. Now, sound is vital, if you choose to go Stealth mode. Although not required, stealth is encouraged. You can run and gun, but that isn't the point of the game, and if you play it stealthily, you get more points. So, since stealth is encouraged, sound is essential. You need to make sure that you keep the noise level low, the accuracy high, and the cool factor above the point that can be measured! Oh, yeah, and the voice acting is good too. Adam Jensen's voice is really low and gruff, but it suits the cha... Read the rest of this Review
Sniper: Ghost Warrior
04-19-15 02:02 PM
Sniping Ghost Warriors
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Sniper? This game captures that feeling. Stealth, Thought, and Accuracy! One shot, one kill! (Or two if you good enough.) Do you have what it takes to become a world-class sniper? Can you overthrow the Isla Trueno militants? Are you going to be the Sniper: Ghost Warrior?

Grahpics: The jungle environments are briliantly designed! The bushes are cover, hide, and make sure that you take out the people in your way quietly! They can be killed by running around carelessly, but that brings other guards to the area, making your mission difficult. They have done a good job with these guards! Each one is design with realistic guerrilla fighter looks. The people (City Interactive) who designed this game, did a good job with almost everything! The cut-scenes are just as good as the game, which is something I really like! If you are wanting to become the ultimate Sniper, make sure to make the shot, take cover, and just have a blast!
The graphics are amazing! Especially for a first-person Shooter. 10/10.

Sound: The voice acting is okay, but it's not terrible. But that's not the gem in this game. The gun sounds are what is cool! The Silencers are more accurate than I have ever seen in Video Games. As it really is a Suppressor, not Silencer, but that's a technicality. As this is a stealth game, you do have to make sure that you use either knives, a pistol, the sniper rifle. (All of those are silenced.) But, what about the songs? Well, I do like the music, in-game, but outside of it, I don't really like it too much. I had problems liking it, because  it's a little to techno for me, but it does add to the suspense needed to create an effective stealth game. The game changes the sound when you get spotted, adding to the awesomeness of it, as you really get nervous, because you don't want an all firefight!
I really like the sounds, especially the suppressed guns! I give the sound a 9/10.

Addic... Read the rest of this Review
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
04-15-15 07:46 AM
The force remains strong with this game!
Have you ever wanted to feel what it would be like to struggle between the light and dark side? Ever wanted to destroy the Sith? The Jedi? Are you a Dark Lord at heart? Well, this LucasArts masterpiece has a little of everything for everyone! Let's go through the galaxy in this classic Space Opera, the predecessor of the great choice orientated awesomeness! Become friends with your companions, kill the assassin, and figure out what you are doing! Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, published by LucasArts. Join me and we can rule the Galaxy together!

Graphics: The graphics have aged nicely! Especially considering that it has better graphics then some games currently have. It's incredible how good the cut-scenes are, but the cut-scenes seem to have the same detail in the actual game! That gives the nostalgic game a great thing for the newer generations! The dust from your space-craft falling is done with detail, the invisibility is done with the same accuracy! The game is just the best out there! I give it a 10/10 for not focusing too much on graphics, but they didn't brush it off to the side either! That is what makes it so great! 
KOTOR II has awesome graphics... They aged well. For that, I give it a 10/10. 

Sound: Star Wars! That really should be enough to tell you how awesome it is, but I can't write a review like that. The soundtracks keep the original feeling from Star Wars, while remaining unique in the many games and movies that have been released. Many of the same themes have been used in the games that followed KOTOR. Specifically it has been used in Star Wars: The Old Republic. That is just how good they made the songs. All original, all keep the same galactic feel, and all of them build the game's awesomeness! (Mark Griskey is the best!) You just have to respect what they did with the game. 
Keeps the feel, keeps the uniqueness. 9/10! 

Story: Steam ha... Read the rest of this Review

darthyoda's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Star Wars Battlefront II
11-12-14 09:45 AM
The Final Report!
Here we go, this is the final piece! I will attempt to get all 5 missions in this one part... Anyone that reads this: I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism. I need to improve!

Link to Part 1: [url][/url]
Part 2: [url][/url]
Part 3: [url][/url]
Part 4: [url][/url]
Part 5: [url][url]

Mission 13: Polis Masa: Birth of the Rebellion
Mission 14: Tantative IV: Recovering the Plans
Mission 15: Space Yavin: Vader's First Strikes Back
Mission 16: Yavin: Revenge of the Empire
Mission 17: Hoth: Our Greatest Hour 

Mission 13: Polis Masa

Note: This mission is hard, choose the Engineer unless I say to choose something else. It's Close Quarters the entire mission. 

Objective: Take the CP in the circular room 
This one is simple secure a room that will help you to take the CP. Watch out on this map though, the killing of enemies is really hard. EXPECT to die often, if you don't great, but don't think that you will get a perfect score in the first try. Now, as I said in the note, choose Engineer, and begin to charge forward. Move to your right, and there will be a door there, take it! You will now be in a larger circular room. There will be a few scattered enemies, just shoot them and move on. While on the move take the CP found in the middle of three hallways, you will need this to secure the objective below! Take the CP and objective completed!

Objective: Secure the Death Star Plans 
You remember what we just did in the last mission, well, we didn't actually secure the plans. (We thought we had stopped the plans from leaving.) As usual, You need to clean up this mess. Get at it.  You... Read the rest of this Guide
Star Wars Battlefront II
11-11-14 12:04 PM
II Battlefront Report
I am going to try to get three Missions in every part here. There are only 9 Missions left! 

Links to parts: 
Part 1: [url][/url]
Part 2: [url][/url]
Part 3: [url][/url]
Part 4: [url][/url]

Mission 10: Mustafar: Tying up Loose Ends
Mission 11: Kamino: Changing of the Guard
Mission 12: Death Star: Prison Break 

Mission 10:
Objective:Take the first CP 
Another one of those objectives... Well by this point, you know the drill. You should go for the Storm Trooper. (Fire rate is better in this part of the level.) You must take the lava observatory. This isn't that hard. You'll spawn in the room next to it. Go to the doors, on the left/ right (There are a total of 4 door. The ones you need to take are behind the table, there are windows that close, and a console, that when destroyed lowers the bridge.) Take one of the door, either is fine. Run across, and shoot all droids in the way. Sit at the CP until it is under your control.

Objective: Take the next CP 
You are now going to go to the only door on the platform. Head over there, and run through the door. There will be an Auto-Turret on the ceiling. Take it out! It will be pesky until you get outside of this small hallway. Advance to the next hallway. There will be stairs going down, but you will need to skip them. Go to the right here, take out the few droids that are left. Push forward to the next CP marked on your map with the usual Yellow map marker. Once there take out the droids in the area, preventing you from taking the CP here. This is really just like the last one, but it's in a different spot.

Objective: Take the Consoles out
This one is a little more fun. It can be done with any class, ex... Read the rest of this Guide
Star Wars Battlefront II
11-10-14 09:37 AM
Another Battlefront Report
Here I go, this time with one of the hardest missions in the game.

Contents: Mission 7, 8, and 9

Link to part 1-2: [url][/url]
3-4: [url][/url]
5-6: [url][/url]
10-12: [url][/url]

Mission: Coruscant Knightfall (This one is really hard, if you don't make it the first time, don't beat yourself up about it.)

Objective: Take the CP in the Jedi Counsel's Chamber 
Okay, this one need a little explaining. You should try to get the Engineer, run ahead of all other troops spawning with you, but watch out! The Jedi are now going to be all over the place. (After the pillars, scattered across the floor, there are some steps.) Once you start up the steps, Jedi will fall from the ceiling, and they will go after you. Most of your shots can/ will get blocked, but if you shoot at them, when they jump, or shoot at their feet. Make sure NOT to keep advancing before incapacitating all Jedi! Once they are dead, head over to the circular place on your map, this is directly in front of the stairs you just went up. More Jedi will spawn here too, use the tactics I just described to get past these guys too. Once you kill them, advance into the chamber and take the CP.

Objective: Protect the Holocron Book Shelves 
This is the hardest part in the entire level. You won't be able to protect all of the shelves, so don't worry if you lose a bunch of them. Make sure you stick with the Engineer Class, because you can protect the shelves, and heal/ repair them! This one is on a time limit as well. You will need to head back in to the main room, and turn right, at the next staircase. Head up these stairs, and the time will start ticking. You... Read the rest of this Guide
Star Wars Battlefront II
11-09-14 09:36 AM
Battlefront Report II Part 3
Welcome back to my Battlefront report. I will have missions 5-6 and maybe 7 in here. This one may be longer, as the mission 5 can take a long time to beat. So hold on, and enjoy!

For Missions 1-2: [url][/url]
For Missions 3-4: [url][/url]
For Missions 7-9: [url][/url]
For Missions 10-12: [url][/url]

Mission 5: A line in the Sand (Kashyyk)
Mission 6: Underground Ambush! (Utapau)

Objective: Defend the CP (Command Post, refer to Mission 1. Link is above) 
You are tasked with defending the Command Post/ CP. This is best done with a tank. You can take any trooper you want, but I would discourage the use of the Sniper in this mission. You need quantity of shots, and although the sniper is effective, you can't take out as many targets. Kill all of your targets with as much speed as possible. Defensive missions are the hardest. You need to hold on for 3 minutes. Once completed you will head back to the farthest command post. But first, take out all droids that get close to the CP. The tanks will come later, but don't worry about them too much, the Spider Droids (tanks) are the bigger problem. Even though they don't get close to the CP, they can take out more Clones than the tanks. Your tank should hold out for the time being. Repeating the killing of tanks, and droids until the time runs out. This shouldn't be too hard.

Objective: Defend the Oil Refinery
This one can get a little ore tricky. You have to run back to the only other CP you have. When you do this, take the tank back, kill droids along the way. (Keep moving towards the CP though, if you don't this will make it harder to defend the next object. You have a 4 minute time limit, and th... Read the rest of this Guide
Star Wars Battlefront II
11-08-14 08:54 AM
The Battlefront Report II
Welcome to the Battlefront Report part 2! I will continue the guide, and hopefully get two or three missions from Star Wars Battlefront II. 

Mission: 3
Mission: 4

For Missions 1-2 go to this location: [url][/url]
Missions 5-6: [url][/url]
For Missions 10-12: [url][/url]

I will begin with Mission 3, which is Felucia: Heart of Darkness

Objective: Take you the Acklay 
It isn't that hard, it you use the right tactics. I would suggest that you just stick to the "vanilla" soldier. You could use a heavy trooper, but since the reload time is so long, you must be patient when using him. If you take the normal trooper, just find one of the spider-like creatures and shoot at him, when he starts walking towards you: Back up (walk backwards) while shooting him. This tactic is easy to use, and makes taking the 5 Ackleys out easy.

Objective: Protect the Broken At-Te 
In order to do this, fill up on any needed health. After this, you will notice that there is a hill on the other side of the river. The droids will be coming from that side. There won't be too many, and just to be safe. Reload often. Once you take out a single one (not in a bunch) reload. If you do this, you will have no problems with this part. They aren't really shooting at you, and the time you need to protect it isn't that long.

Objective: Take the At-Te core back to the vehicle 
This one isn't that hard. You now can use Ayla Secura. She uses two lightsabers. Take her, or stick to the trooper of your choice, but I would highly suggest that you take her. Run to the yellow circle on your map. It is not hidden. The white crystal thing sits right by one of the troop transports. There will be a few scattered droids here and there, but they are no big deal. Kill them... Read the rest of this Guide

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