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08-09-22 09:58 PM
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Online Game Details
Views: 28,446
Today: 17
Users: 821 unique
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Nintendo NES
Konami Industry Co.
UPC: 83717110040

Released: 5-01-87
Players: 1
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person, Side-Scrolling

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $18.70
Complete:  $56.30
New:  $908.92
Rarity:  4/10

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Play Castlevania (NES) - Online Rom | Nintendo NES

Play Castlevania online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Castlevania (NES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!


Castlevania Title ScreenCastlevania Screenshot 1
Castlevania Box Art FrontCastlevania Box Art BackCastlevania Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.1
(326 votes)
Plays: 62,320
Filesize: 66kb

Castlevania Box Description

If you think it's scary on the outside, wait'll you see the basement. You're in for the longest night of your life. Ghosts, goblins, demons, wolves, bats - creatures lurking around every corner. As you descend deeper and deeper, they get thicker and thicker. Better stick close to the cavern floor - it's your only chance of finding a weapon or two. You're gonna need 'em. Because when you finally meet the Count, you know he'll be going for the jugular. So keep your courage up and your stake sharp. And say your prayers.

Castlevania (Nintendo NES) Screenshots

X X Castlevania
by Supermatt6534 (5/5)
by vizz-whizz (4.89/5)
ok so this is propably maa bedroom!
by rka0917 (4.8/5)
Ending : I finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Zircron Swift (4.8/5)
Ending : Look! They're real!
by BtotheH (4.78/5)
by Zircron Swift (4.71/5)
Ending : Thank you Konami, thank you!
by Pringur0 (4.6/5)
Ending : The ending shot of Castlevania
by Redxsparrow (4.56/5)
Several years later.....
by Zircron Swift (4.5/5)
Misc Secret: Secret crown
by stormgemios1424 (4.5/5)
thats a big bat :(
by Zircron Swift (4.4/5)
Ending : Castle's going down
by 656 (4.33/5)
by Dejotaj (4.33/5)
So Close!!!
by LieselSolo (4.33/5)
Introduction : I love this menu screen
by NovemberJoy (4.33/5)
Level Stage 11: Invincibility + door = game crash.
by Zircron Swift (4.33/5)
Ending : Castle's nearly down
by dekker101 (4.25/5)
secret 1000 points money bag
by shaneandhishats (4.25/5)
by MegaRevolution1 (4.25/5)
Ending : Here we go.
by Dejotaj (4.2/5)
Die Sickle!!!
by Supermatt6534 (4.17/5)
Cookie monster!
by SavatoX (4/5)
I finally beat the game!
by gamingMadNES (4/5)
by Mirazz (4/5)
Battle : Cross+Triple Shot=FTW!
by shaneandhishats (4/5)
Level : Yeah. That seems fair

Videos of Castlevania Gameplay

Zircron Swift
04-09-13 04:13 PM
00:00:06  Views: 20
Castlevania - Secret 20 - User video5/5
Secret 20
Zircron Swift
04-09-13 03:57 PM
00:00:08  Views: 21
Castlevania - Secret 16 - User video5/5
Secret 16
Zircron Swift
04-09-13 04:46 PM
00:00:07  Views: 25
Castlevania - Secret 23 - User video5/5
Secret 23
Zircron Swift
04-09-13 02:53 PM
00:00:06  Views: 16
Castlevania - Secret 4 - User video5/5
Secret 4
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Castlevania Rom Hacks


Castlevania Featured Review

Castlevania Review by: Zircron Swift - 9.3/10

A run through what this game has to offer
Castlevania, this name name me think of Dracula. I'm not sure why, probably the link to Transylvania and Dracula there and the name sounded alike made me think that. Boy, what a game. This was the first hardest game - and I mean proper hard core tricky - that I played. The story starts out with a castle appearing out of nowhere. This castle is called....Castlevania. The castle of Count Dracula himself, an evil vampire that wishes to cover the world in darkness, something like that. He's not called the Prince of Darkness for nothing! You are Simon Belmont, a vampire slayer set out to kill Dracula and return the world to peace.

The controls are a little stiff. You don't have much control over jumping. Your movement is fixed, meaning you can't move in mid-air. Once you get used to this, the controls are fine. By pressing up and B, you can use your sub-weapon. These sub-weapons need hearts to use. They are ammo, not health. Whenever you see a heart, get it, you'll need it for the boss battles. The big hearts are worth 5 hearts. Where do you get these "hearts"? In candles, of course. I know, the logic in the game isn't perfect, it's a little lob-sided. Try destroying as many candles as you can. You'll get money bags for points, hearts for sub-weapons, and even some sub-weapons themselves. But be careful, on more than one time, I had a good sub-weapon, only for it to be replaced with one I really didn't need.

The sub-weapons can also be sued two or three times in one sitting. You just need the double and triple power. They can be found in cracks in the wall. That's right, cracks in the wall. It's a old castle, you go to expect the walls to be weaker than they once were. You can find pieces of chicken that heal your health, double power (or tripple power if you already have the double power), big hearts and maybe even a little secret.

Secrets? Like secret rooms filled with money bags, the best sub-weapon and lots of hearts? NO! No, nothing like that. If you find a space you whipped open on a wall, but it's empty with nothing it in, try standing in it. You might get some point bonus. Secrets arn't just that, either....
Sometimes you need to press down somewhere, sometimes you need to jump somewhere, sometimes you need to drop down from somewhere. I think I found them all, but there might be one or two that might have missed me.

Now the music. Needless to say, superb. This is the kind of music that you know will stick worth the name Castlevania forever, no matter what (ok, maybe one time in Castlevania 64, little or no music what-so-ever). Enough said. Music awesome! ^^ (ok, maybe there is never an enough said on this matter).
The boss battles are epic. You get to fight Death himself, scythe and all. Death in this game is Dracula's right-hand man. Death is to be respected in all manners (I have done this in the other games, he's just so cool!). Seriously, this is one boss you don't want to fight again. He's deadly (pun unintended). He will kill you over and over and will most likley be the stopping point in this game. So give him hell when you fight him for me!

Overall, this game is one of the most remarkable classics you'll ever play. The music matched with the difficulty and game play, with it's eerie grapthics and monsters and weaponry makes it one of the greats. It's in the top 10 in the lists of "top 10 greatest platformers". One Castlevania game springs to mind as the only one being better than this one. What is that? I hear you ask, I'll do a review all about it next time. But it begins with "S" and ends with IV with the air of epic engraved all over it...
Overall, I give it 9.3/10
  Graphics 7   Sound 10   Addictive 6   Depth 7   Story 2   Difficulty 10

Castlevania Game Description

Every hundred years, the dark vampire known as Dracula resurrects and terrorizes the land. A vampire hunter named Simon Belmont bravely ventures into the Count's mansion in order to defeat him. Along the way he'll have to defeat skeletons, bats, fishmen, medusa heads and other evil creatures.Castlevania is a side-scrolling platform action game. The player taking the role of Simon Belmont is able to jump and crack his whip directly in front of him. Power-ups can be obtained by defeating enemies or by whipping candles that appear in the castle. One such power-up increases the power and length of Simon's whip. Different weapons can be gathered which consume hearts when used, these hearts can also be collected from monsters and candles. Additionally, some walls will hide secrets such as the health-restorative turkey or the Double and Triple shot abilities for the weapons Simon has collected. At the end of each section of the castle is a boss, which must be defeated. Progression through the castle eventually leads to a confrontation with Count Dracula himself.

Castlevania Reviews

Overall 9.1    Graphics 7.5    Sound 9    Addictive 8.4    Story 6.9    Depth 6.8    Difficulty 8.9

Castlevania - An Epic 100 Years in the Making.   geeogree
Konami had some major success making games in the 80's and 90's and this is another one of the class...
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 4   Depth 9   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 4.7/5     Submitted: 04-12-16     Review Replies: 6

Crack that whip and show Dracula who is boss.   Azul Fria
Velcome to my castle, Mr. Simon Belmont. I am Count Dracula and once again, I have returned after 10...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 7   Depth 7   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 4.6/5     Submitted: 04-08-15     Review Replies: 2

A run through what this game has to offer   Zircron Swift
Castlevania, this name name me think of Dracula. I'm not sure why, probably the link to Transylvania...
  Graphics 7   Sound 10   Addictive 6   Story 2   Depth 7   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 4.5/5     Submitted: 04-28-11     Updated: 06-25-11     Review Replies: 2

Fun, addicting and hard- an NES classic!   TheScarletSaiyan
Konami has released many outstanding video games over years, but perhaps no Konami game carries a bi...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 10   Depth 8   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 07-22-13     Review Replies: 1

Castlevania is this vampire slaying game worth your time?   DoubleD1997
What? a game where you get to kill Dracula? You start to wonder if this game is good well it is in C...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 10   Story 3   Depth 2   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 03-04-13     Review Replies: 3

Castlevania 1 Review   CrystalKnight
Castlevania, the first of a long line of tough-as-nails games that left their mark on every console ...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Story 5   Depth 8   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.6/5     Submitted: 03-26-16     Review Replies: 5

castelvania review   gamingMadNES
Castelvania is a amazing game for its time. the games story is about simon bellmon who is trying to ...
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 9   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 3.5/5     Submitted: 05-31-12     Review Replies: 1

Castlevania   omgcookies22
Castlevania is what you could say a Horror game for nes it's the closest that I played but even then...
  Graphics 9   Addictive 9   Depth 6   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3.5/5     Submitted: 01-28-13     Review Replies: 0

Castlevania is awesome   dekker101
Are you a worthy Belmont.In this game all have is your skill and your whip(yes you get sub weapons)a...
  Graphics 4   Sound 7   Addictive 10   Story 7   Depth 5   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.4/5     Submitted: 04-17-11     Updated: 04-24-11     Review Replies: 8

Castlevania Review   Marcmoney
Overall - 8 Castlevania is one of the most horror-made games ever made.  I think that this g...
  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 6   Story 8   Depth 7   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3.3/5     Submitted: 08-15-11     Updated: 10-17-11     Review Replies: 5

Castlevania NES review   Hamish171
Castlevania for the NES is the first game in the series. You are Simon Belmont travelling through&nb...
  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 9   Story 5   Depth 7   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3.2/5     Submitted: 12-08-12     Review Replies: 0

Castlevania, is this good or what?   Stevie 764
Castlevania on the NES, how bad could it be? First, the usual how to play: You are Simon Belmo...
  Graphics 8   Sound 6   Addictive 6   Story 6   Depth 7   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3.2/5     Submitted: 07-15-12     Review Replies: 1

Castlevania   tangyphoenix
   My opinion, this game is just pure awesome.  It's graphics are pretty cool and eer...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 4   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 2.7/5     Submitted: 05-07-12     Review Replies: 1

this game is a classic but its one of the hardest games on the NES   tastyjuice
this game is amazing, it has a great soundtrack, good graphics for its time. other than its difficul...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 7   Story 9   Depth 7   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 2.6/5     Submitted: 07-10-12     Review Replies: 6

my favorite nes game   leatherface9
my all time favorite Nintendo game. i love the graphics they look so great for 1987 all the colors w...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 8   Depth 9   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 2.5/5     Submitted: 08-29-13     Review Replies: 2

Castlevania Highscores

1. 999,000
TimeTrial: 01:16:38
03-24-13 05:18 PM
Castlevania - # 1 - User Screenshot
# 1
2. 988,800
TimeTrial: 00:53:52
04-27-14 03:39 PM
Castlevania - Holy Water = Broken - User Screenshot
Holy Water = Broken
3. 984,100
TimeTrial: 00:51:43
06-20-12 07:12 PM
Castlevania - holy water ftw - User Screenshot
holy water ftw
4. 828,190
TimeTrial: 00:00:00
02-27-11 05:02 PM
Castlevania - Zombies hate fire - User Screenshot
Zombies hate fire
5. 249,030
TimeTrial: 00:00:00
03-12-11 02:48 AM
Castlevania -  - User Screenshot
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Castlevania Speedruns

Target Screenshot
Ending Screen
Ending Screen
1. 00:23:21
02-06-13 04:36 PM

Zircron Swift
2. 00:25:05
04-04-13 04:48 PM

Not my best...
3. 00:25:20
02-17-13 11:52 AM

Kept dying at 18
4. 00:29:47
02-15-13 03:57 PM

what up
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Castlevania Cheat Codes

Hard Mode: Beat the game once.

Castlevania Game Genie Codes

OXNGLZVK Infinite lives
AXOGOPIE Start with 40 power hearts
ASOGOPIA Start with 80 power hearts
SXXXYAAX Infinite time
GZOGYUSE Keep weapons after losing a life
ZEUTAYAA Gain rapid fire shots on weapon pick-up
KZSSEZKA + KXESUZKA Weapons don't use power hearts
PANKXPGA + PANGSAGA Start with 1 life
AANKXPGE + AANGSAGE Start with 8 lives

Castlevania Guides and Walkthroughs

Guide / Walkthrough

Users who own Castlevania

Game Owner Name
Play Online
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Like New
Very Good
Very Good
Like New
Very Good
Like New

Game Characters in Castlevania

Comments for Castlevania

Lexatom 07-01-16 - 03:04 PM
 I once got a French ROM of this for some reason.
Jordanv78 05-26-15 - 12:46 PM
 This game is amazing, but a whole heck of a lot easier once you get the holy water. HANG ONTO IT! lol
Ferdinand 05-26-15 - 03:58 AM
 When this game first came out I thought it was just about perfect. It still is. I can't believe people beat it now just using the holy water. It was hard enough.
gamerforlifefor.. 04-23-15 - 10:52 PM
 The 1st Castlevania game was very good.
DisBULLits4U 04-12-15 - 04:55 PM
 Cinemassacare was right on youtube, this game is though
Vanelan 01-19-15 - 09:20 PM
 My god....this game was so hard...oh I can't count how many times I considered breaking my controller over this game.
Silent Sentinel 12-12-14 - 11:07 AM
 Just beat the Mummy, thank God for these save slots tho lol this game is ridiculously hard
Mahmoud30314 12-09-14 - 07:17 AM
 For the first time in my life i have beaten the game. feels great.. after 20 yrs wow cool
Mahmoud30314 12-02-14 - 05:41 AM
 The only way you can beat this game is by playing it many times till you get the pattern into your blood. and thank you vizzed developers for making the feature F2 for saving player progress and reload the same spot by F4.
sebastian rose 11-25-14 - 01:16 AM
 OK I really can't for the life of me get past stage 10
Mahmoud30314 11-19-14 - 08:21 AM
 This game is awesom
Ferdinand 10-08-14 - 03:56 AM
 No hints, no cheats, just you, the manual(maybe), and the game. This game made you have to win it. And it wasn't easy. My childhood.
MarioMasta 09-24-14 - 06:33 AM
 this game is legitimately difficult but fun. hmmm
marsome 08-15-14 - 07:23 PM
Ryroe 05-26-14 - 02:38 PM
 I think I'll be going to record this one with a death counter. :D
supersonicracin.. 05-01-14 - 10:48 AM
 66KB? srsly konami?
Madmordigan 05-01-14 - 10:23 AM
 A classic, simple format but sooo addicting. If it were easy it wouldn't be fun.
molten101 03-16-14 - 02:42 PM
 One of the best examples of "Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's bad."
prossnip42 01-28-14 - 11:24 AM
 why does nobody make games like this. so hard to beat yet so hard to put down
SacredShadow 01-11-14 - 04:22 PM
 Can't wait to start playing this game, although it looks rather challenging....
BTDADDY 01-01-14 - 10:49 PM
 This game is hard! Death was really tough but i used some save state and finally beat him ( this is my first playthrough).
godzillaguy2000 11-01-13 - 06:06 PM
 SOOOOOOO FLIPPING HARD! Yet so addicting!
scarecrow870 06-18-13 - 04:25 PM
 i think everyone knows that 99tables
99tables 06-09-13 - 03:04 AM
 You guys know that you can beat Death easy by using the Holy Water & Triple Shot.
Zircron Swift 04-09-13 - 03:03 PM
 I'm a little concerned how my videos have no screenshots. Doesn't this happen automatically?

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