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04-26-19 07:22 AM

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Hard Rock/Metal Band Recommendations
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Joey W
07-06-17 05:04 PM
06-06-18 09:16 PM

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Band Recommendations


07-06-17 05:04 PM
Joey W is Offline
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Joey W
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Hi, I'm new to the Music Forum (I've been on Vizzed for years, but mostly I've used it for gaming). I have a strong interest in Hard Rock, Metal, or any variation of rock and metal. I listen to the classic bands of AC/DC, Van Halen, Metallica, Testament, etc. I also like some of the smaller bands such as Lizzy Borden, Silvertung, etc. If I had to pick a favorite band (by terms of what I listen to the most), it would be Korn. What are some of your favorite rock/metal bands that you recommend someone who loves these genres to check out?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-25-13
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07-06-17 07:29 PM
I WIn Also is Offline
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I WIn Also
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I can make a list of metal/rock band I think you should listen to as soon as you can.

-Volbeat - Great danish band.
-Alestorm - Great folk rock band with navy team in the songs.
-Five Finger Death Punch.

This is just someone I can think off on top of my head.
Norwegian Viking

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-04-16
Location: Årnes, Norway
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07-07-17 02:32 AM
Verkudara is Offline
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You should probably.. No, you most definitely need to listen to my favorite band ever, they goes by the name Nickelback
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-25-16
Location: Bali, Indonesia
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07-07-17 02:57 AM
Droog is Offline
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Okay bro you said KoRn, Now were are talking my favorite genre of music is Nu Metal. You should check out Adema, Powerman 5000, Static X,Deftones. Sometime other good metal as well as industrial, Professional Murder Music, KMFDM, Rammstein, Megahertz. Ghost is also a really good metal band, if you are a Pink Floyd fan, you should really check them out. Hope this helped. 
The Witch Doctor is in....

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-15-16
Location: My desk
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10-28-17 03:21 PM
Dahaka is Offline
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I would recommend a few favorite bands of mine: Moonspell (Gothic Black Metal), Gojira (Progressive Death Metal), Therion and Avantasia (Symphonic Metal), Judas Priest (Heavy Metal, a classic one), Death Angel and Slayer (Thrash Metal) and Nightwish (Symphonic Power Metal).
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Guardian of the Timeline

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Location: Mexico
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01-08-18 08:07 PM
tyranit is Offline
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Level: 74

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I've gotta recommend a few bands. Otep is a really good heavy band with a female singer that can growl her head off. Singularity AZ is a band that my friend Jack is in, but I don't say it because I'm biased, I say it because I think the stuff that they put out is a mix of heavy and amazingly technical.
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-14-10
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01-09-18 08:37 PM
thing1 is Offline
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If you like cover bands, or rock remix's, The Animal In Me is somebody I've been hot on for over a year now. I will say though that I personally don't care for their originals, probably becuase I've never taken the time to actually listen to them. 
Vizzed Elite
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01-10-18 09:12 PM
MattyIce is Offline
Link | 118 Words

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I recommend you listen to all 3 of Maynard James Keenan's groups Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer. A lot of his stuff ( if not all of it ) is a mix of alternative metal and progressive metal. Some of it might sound a little strange, but that's just who he is. And some of his songs are about his mother who had an aneurysm when he was really young. It inspired him to write those songs while he was a part of Tool and A Perfect Circle.

He's also worked with a few other bands like Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails; which are a couple other pretty good rock bands to listen to.
Trusted Member
3-time defending TSB champion on Vizzed! Also, #1 Atlanta Falcons and Michigan fan! #RISEUP #GOBLUE

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Registered: 06-02-11
Location: Atlanta, GA
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04-15-18 05:26 PM
HeavyMetalGamer is Offline
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Not really recommending a band, but if you love heavy metal check out the new Judas Priest album "Firepower" the album kicks a lot of ass and might be their best album since Angel of Retribution, which when Rob Halford returned. It's definitely miles better then the album before Redeemer of Souls, which after a few weeks just became bland (has a handful of songs that are good, but I can't constantly listen to it). I have had this album since the day of release, and holy damn I cannot stop listening to it, and I don't think this is going to leave my MP3 Player, Phone or PC playlist for a very long time. Don't know if this will be the final album, with the news of guitarist Glenn Tipton having issues with Parkinson's, but if this is it from the band, then what a way to go out. They are also currently on tour. Andy Sneap (who also produced Firepower and is taking over for Tipton on guitar) is definitely doing a great job on this tour from the videos I have seen. Wish I could be seeing them tonight in Seattle, but sadly I didn't get tickets. Really kicking myself lol.
Heavy Metal Gamer

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04-16-18 04:02 AM
TouchMaster97 is Offline
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While not really a band, NieN sounds quite great. Sure, he doesn't specialize in just metal and can make some soft, jumpy tunes, but he doesn't hesitate to go harsh and aggressive.

A few of his metal songs are Rage of Demon, Temptation & Feel Ma Beat. The last one has rapping, too.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-30-16
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05-21-18 09:06 AM
nuggula1 is Offline
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I Play a lot of Metallica(first 4 albums), Iron Maiden( Killers, Number of the Beast, Powerslave), Megadeth (first 4 albums), Anthrax ( Fist Full of Metal, and Spreading the Disease, and State of Euphoria.).  Ministry with Al Jourgenson (Greatest Fits.) KMFDM is always on point, Slayer never disappoints, Sepultura is awesome. I like the music from the band Baby Metal, but the 3 13yr old Japanese girls singing kills it for me.
The Skipper be navagating some rough waters

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06-06-18 09:16 PM
Droog is Offline
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Level: 29

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@nuggula1 Let me start this off with saying, great taste in music my dude. If you haven't you should have out some Nu Metal bands from Japan. If you would like I could throw some names out there. I love sharing music. You know what my first recommendation goes to you. lol  maximum the hormone. A Nu Metal band from Japan. They did a couple of songs for the Deathnote anime. That is where I found them. I have listening to all of their albums, and was not disappointed by a one of them.
The Witch Doctor is in....

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-15-16
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