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09-26-16 02:25 PM
09-26-16 03:42 PM

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Kojima on Metal Gear Survive


09-26-16 02:25 PM
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So to give some brief background, Metal Gear Survive is an up to four player cooperative game involving battling the undead being by Konami Digital Interactive Entertainment. The game will feature stealth combat, survival horror and shooter gameplay and is officially considered a spin off to the series. It is being developed in the same engine as The Phantom Pain and will be released on PS4, XB1 and PC sometime in 2017.

More interestingly, during the 2016 Tokyo Game Show earlier this month, someone asked Kojima of his opinion on the upcoming Metal Gear Survive. He made it clear that he had nothing to do with it and questioned bringing zombies into the metal gear universe. "The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage, where do zombies fit into that?" he stated. At the same time Yoji Shinkawa the former lead character designer of the Metal Gear series also denied any sort of ties to the development, jokingly saying "if I was working on that game it would have mechs in it".

It seems that nowhere near as many people will be getting this game compared to TPP, with most fans condemning the game and siding with Kojima after his long running conflict with Konami. Personally, when even Kojima himself, the creator of one of the most convoluted and bizarre franchises ever, thinks said franchise has gone too far I think there's reason to be skeptical. With the way things are going it seems highly unlikely the series will be able to retain the popularity it has had.

Will you be looking into getting the game at all? What are your thoughts surrounding it? Do share your opinion.
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09-26-16 03:42 PM
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He wasn't joking when he said there would be mechs in it... he is CRAZY!! 
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