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04-21-15 03:19 PM
04-22-15 03:22 PM

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Gears of War Review

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04-21-15 03:19 PM
DestinyHeroDC is Offline
Link | ID: 1161395 | 534 Words

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Time for my next review! Gears of War. I will be doing a review on every Gears of War game including Gears of War Judgement. Keep in mind I am reviewing the first one only right now. Ok, let us get started. 

The graphics in this game are actually very good, especially for its time. The one problem is that as of today, the graphics can be considered sub par. The game was made with Unreal Engine 3. So you already know it is a pretty good looking game just by seeing that engine. 

The sound in this game is also very good, but sadly just like its graphics, it is pretty out dated. It does have really good music and very good sound effects, but that does not stop the fact that is a pretty old game.

This game is addicting, because there are three difficulties. Once you beat the game, you unlock insane. But you have normal and hardcore to start with. If you are a completionist, this game will make you come back for more. The multiplayer is also very addicting, but barely anyone plays the game so do not be suprised if you can not get in a single match.

Now about the story. Gears of War has a good story if not sub par. The cutscenes are not that well done, but makes you feel like you are actually in the war with Dominic and Marcus. There actually is not that much going on in the story, and there are a lot of time leaps, especially at the end of the game. But if you like a short story as a first game, then this game is for you.

The depth of this game is not that great as of today, because once you beat the game on all three difficulties, and head to the multiplayer, as stated in the addictiveness category, barely any one plays the game anymore. So there is not that much of replay value for Gears of War.

The gameplay is actually pretty unique. It is a third person shooter, that is fast pace and pretty hardcore. You play as COG and your enemy are the locusts. You can go into cover and shoot enemies with blind fire (no aim and shoot) or fire (aim while in cover and shoot). You can run up to an enemy and cut him in half with a chainsaw attached to your lancer (standard assault rifle) and if they have a lancer as well, you will engage in a chainsaw duel. The higher the difficulty the faster you have to mash that button. Another cool thing in Gears of War are collectibles you find around the game. You can find COG tags of fallen soilders to remember them.

The difficulty in this game is actually really difficult. The reason why, even on easy, is because you barely have any checkpoints, and one checkpoint is a God send. Insane really tests your ability to stay alive during a fire fight. 

All in all, this game is a really good game. If you like a short game, with good graphics, challenging gameplay, multiple difficulties, and collectibles, this game is for you.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-17-15
Location: San Antonio Texas
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04-21-15 03:47 PM
takeo masake is Offline
Link | ID: 1161413 | 29 Words

takeo masake
Level: 23

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nice going dude
but the multiplayer is dead of course there are many gears of war sequels to handle.
hopefully there be a collection the marcus fenix edition.
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The Stooge (Curly Howard)

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04-22-15 03:22 PM
janus is Offline
Link | ID: 1161792 | 60 Words

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UGH! Young people these days can't appreciate games as they were when they were originally made.

Seriously now your review was good, albeit a little short. You should have put more details as you did for the gameplay section. You should have also elaborated a little more on the hardcore difficulty level. How does it compare to the 2 others?
Vizzed Elite
The unknown

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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