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Regarding Suicide...
So, what is your opinion on the matter?
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06-11-13 03:58 PM
11-04-13 08:23 PM

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Regarding Suicide...


06-11-13 03:58 PM
mvhupsel is Offline
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So, This is usually a delicate subject to discuss for some people, and I've been curious to see the opinions upon the matter here on Vizzed. Just please, try and be open-minded if possible.

What are your thoughts regarding the idea of committing suicide? 
Do you think it can be justified? Depends on the situation? It's a coward attitude? What do you think of it?

As for my personal opinion upon the matter, I find the idea of committing suicide completely reasonable, at least most of the times. The reason for me to think like that is somewhat simplistic. I consider the mind, in this case the idea of consciousness specifically, as the place where every single thing exists. "Everything" only exists on your mind, because you've learned about it. Now, most of the cases of people that commit suicide, is related to some sort of frustration or being incapable of handling a matter or situation. These can be seen as challenges of the Life, Probation, etc... There might be many solutions to a situation, but sometimes there are situations that might be (or seem) way beyond your power. But the thing is, the problems, situations and everything around us, only exists if you acknowledge it's existence, it's only a problem, if you decide to classify it as one. Therefore, if you end your consciousness, the problem doesn't exists, which can be seen as a solution. You can also simply change your view on the matter at hand, but people seems to have problems doing that, since it's common for someone to fail when trying to convince people that want to suicide, to give up or change their mind.

If you have read it so far, You obviously noticed I believe that when you die, It's actually over. I don't want for this to be a debate about religion, but I should probably clarify that I don't believe in life after death, since it lacks concrete evidence to back it up. Besides faith, there's no way to prove it and since I'm agnostic about the things I consider myself incapable to prove, I don't believe on it.

Now that I got this out of the way, what are your opinions?? Feel free to share.
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Another hopeless soul...

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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Location: Same World as you... yet still a different one.
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(edited by mvhupsel on 06-11-13 04:06 PM)    

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06-11-13 04:59 PM
Eniitan is Online
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I can say there were times I wanted to do that I said enough is enough for me......then I remember I have a family that loves me so much..... and my friends I don't think you should do it anyway......
Vizzed Elite
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-16-12
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06-11-13 05:44 PM
Traduweise is Offline
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There is a time and place for everything. If I am slowly and painfully dying of a terminal illness, I would absolutely kill myself.
Trusted Member

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Registered: 08-22-10
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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Sakuraoka1306,

06-11-13 06:50 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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I dont think suicide is the answer to depression and the like. I think if they still teel that way after visiting a psychiatrist and addresing what they regard as their issuee then ultimately its their choice.
Same thing for debilitating illnesses.  I pretty much think euthanasia should be legal.
Vizzed Elite
Bleeding Heart Liberal

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Registered: 03-22-11
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06-11-13 08:40 PM
GottlosMann is Offline
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I've already decided that I'm going to off myself if I develop Alzheimer's. Maybe I'll eat a gun, but I'd like to jump off of a high place. I'd rather have my surviving family members know I died painlessly than know I forgot about those dear to me, soiled my pants a few times, and died horribly.

I know the vast majority of people would disagree with this, but I think that one should have the right to die whenever they feel it's necessary.
Probably Satan

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-07-13
Location: Kokomo, IN
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06-11-13 09:59 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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I don't think suicide is even necessary I'm sure if there is a problem there are a ton of better solutions than attempting suicide.
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Registered: 06-14-12
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06-11-13 10:13 PM
marcus047 is Offline
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(no offense to anyone, sorry if I offend that was not my intent)

Well it all depends on the situation to me, if your a youth being bullied and you commit suicide I find that rather pathetic that you would end your life over someone's actions even if it was physical or verbal abuse you could have gotten help and or just told someone that could help you(I see hat as a cowards way out). I also feel as tho if your an adult and you comment suicide because your experiencing hard times or hard situations that is also pathetic, your a(n) adult grow up and find a solution(I see that as also a cowards way out). The only time I feel suicide is some what understandable and justifiable is if you were a female victim of rape(but I'm not getting into graphic detail on that subject).
I'm a agent of chaos, and one hell of a butler

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-09-12
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06-12-13 03:07 AM
Q is Offline
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To commit suicide because one can no longer deal with a non-terminal problem in one's life is an incredibly selfish thing to do. It shows a complete disregard for everyone else, and it causes far more problems than it could ever solve.

What people who consider suicide to be a valid option often fail to realize is just how much damage suicide victims can do to their friends, their families, and their communities. It's painful enough to lose somebody you care about, but to lose such a person to suicide can easily you feel responsible for the death. What if it happened because you didn't care enough? What if you did something to make them feel suicidal? What if you could have stopped them? These questions can weigh heavily on people for the rest of their lives, and the pain can be enough to drive others to suicide as well, creating a vicious cycle of misery and death. Some people believe that nobody cares about them enough to cause such a problem, but there's surely at least one person who cares, even if in secret; even if nobody did care, the old saying holds true: some people don't realize what they have until it's gone.

Additionally, there are almost no valid reasons to commit suicide even if nobody else mattered. A lot of people who are suicidal are young and reasonably healthy. The pain they experience can usually heal or vanish with time, allowing them to live happy, normal lives. If suicide is seen as a solution to a problem, then why should it be considered when there are better alternatives? It may be more difficult to endure the pain than to die, but with a long future ahead that could be filled with happiness and opportunity, isn't it worth it? More often than not, people who are suicidal need some sort of help, and the decision to commit suicide is not rational. Once they're received the help they need, they usually realize that suicide would be a mistake, and they're glad to still be alive. To allow people to kill themselves simply because it's their choice is simply irresponsible; nobody should be denied a future because they mistakenly believed it wasn't worth it at some point.

The only form of suicide in response to personal problems I believe is understandable is in the case of euthanasia, where one literally has no choice but to die painlessly now or of miserable soon. Few people outside of the elderly and the terminally ill ever face such a situation, though, so it shouldn't be an option to anybody else.

I've personally had several friends who have been suicidal, but thankfully not one has ever died. I would be absolutely devastated if any of them did, though, so I've done everything I can to help them. They have all thanked me for my efforts, telling me that they're glad to know that somebody cares. I can't say for sure if I have ever saved any lives, but it really does mean a lot to these people to know that somebody is there for them. If any of you know somebody who is suicidal, please do what you can to help. Believe me, it's worth it.
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Seeker of the tru7h

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06-12-13 05:33 AM
mister sandman is Offline
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mister sandman
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ya use to be then i though to myself life can be worse and i was being a cry baby and i got a life to live and family who care about me
~vizzed agnostic user~

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-11-13
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06-12-13 07:28 AM
mvhupsel is Offline
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GottlosMann : I share the same view as you on that matter. I see as if you have Alzheimer, then you are already dead. You can try to retard the process with medications and treatment, but at some point, there will only be your body left. Alzheimer is one of the things that make me think that finishing your consciousness, ends everything...

Also, I would like to say I know a person that has Alzheimer. I used to talk with her when I was little, spend time at her house playing with her cat and such. Today she can't recognize me, nor anyone around her, nor does she still resembles anything she might have ever been in the past. Makes me pretty sad.

Q : I see your point, but I'd like to bring a different perspective on the matter.

Yes, the attitude of committing suicide is completely selfish, one cannot deny that. But selfish or not, after you die, it won't matter, you won't be conscious anymore to see, nor feel guilty about the consequences of your attitude. You can do these while you are still alive though, and also think about those that care about you, or things you might enjoy in life and these might even keep you alive, but the fact is that after suicide, none of these will mean anything. Selfishness, Compassion, Depression, Diseases, etc... Will all be meaningless. I agree that it's a selfish attitude, I would even go as far as to say that suicide might be the epitome of selfishness, but then again, the human being can't live without being selfish, even though at different levels.

As I described and explained, MY view of suicide is rational to me. But I also agree with you that many people who commit suicide, usually are not being rational. Quite the opposite in fact, it's common for people to commit suicide simply from despair, so you can't say it's a rational attitude. But there are many reasons and circumstances for leading someone to commit suicide, we shouldn't generalize, each situation is different. 

And regarding whether or not should we "allow" people to decide upon suicide or not, and that being irresponsible... I completely disagree here. The world imposes many things upon people when they are born, there's a system, rules, laws and many other things that try to control and limit someone's attitude. I see being denied and prevented to decide what do with your own life, as if your life isn't really yours anymore to begin with. If you can't decide upon whether you want to live or not, then you don't own your life, someone else does. If that's the case, it might only be another motive for committing suicide, as a way to protest. I wouldn't do such a thing for this reason, nor am I saying people should, I'm just stating my point of view on the matter.
Vizzed Elite
Another hopeless soul...

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Registered: 06-19-12
Location: Same World as you... yet still a different one.
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06-12-13 06:30 PM
Q is Offline
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mvhupsel : You didn't address any of my points regarding the effects of suicide on everybody else. In my opinion, that is by far the biggest issue here, and it can't simply be ignored because the problem "won't exist" from the perspective of somebody who dies; suicide creates countless problems for those who know this person. If we can ignore such problems, then why shouldn't we murder people if the victims will never experience the problems themselves? If it's an issue of choice, then why does the person's choice matter if nothing else does?

If the majority of people who commit suicide do so from irrational reasons, why should we give anybody the benefit of the doubt? Even if we ignore the effects on everybody else, we can't simply say, "That guy was being rational about his suicide, so it's okay that he died," as we would have no idea if that's actually true. Each situation is different, as you said, but since there are lives at stake here, we have to assume the worst. Besides, I question how "rational" suicide really is, since it's incredibly selfish by nature, and it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem outside of euthanasia. What is rational about ending your live over a problem with a better solution, bringing incredible grief to anyone who cares about you, and denying the world any achievements you may accomplish in the future? There are a few contrived cases where suicide is, indeed, rational and perhaps even selfless, but unless we know that it is for sure, we have to assume that it's not.

I'm not suggesting that we should somehow force everyone to live in some sort of bizarre police state when I say that we shouldn't allow people to commit suicide, mind you. I'm saying that suicide should never be encouraged, and that if you know somebody who is suicidal, you should try to intervene. To encourage suicide or to neglect a suicidal person is definitely irresponsible, and I frankly find the opinion that suicide can be "reasonable" to be dangerous and irrational. This isn't about freedom. This is about compassion for other human beings. If we allow people to lose their one and only lives when, with time, they would have rather stayed alive, how much better are we than murderers?
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06-12-13 07:32 PM
mvhupsel is Offline
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Q : Okay, now you have started to distort what I've said. I didn't address anything you've said regarding the effects on other people lifes because I found that was irrelevant to the point I was making. I don't want to make an emotional appeal trying to convince people to commit / not commit suicide. This isn't the point. My point was, Something only has a meaning for those alive, therefore if you're not alive = it doesn't means anything. Doesn't mean you shouldn't ponder about people/things meaning to you, after all, we're all alive. But that wasn't the point, what I stated was that it was rational in my opinion, I didn't state it was correct or wrong, there's a difference. Not everything that's rational is correct. Not everything that is reasonable or justifiable is correct, we all should know that, it's completely obvious. Also, murder? Really, fallacies now? Just because suicide and murder both are related to dying, doesn't means they are similar situations. Yes you can choose to murder people as much as you can choose to commit suicide, but as far as I can tell, when you suicide, you are choosing to finish your own life, which you should have the right to do, since the life is yours, as much selfish as that may be. When you murder someone, you're doing so without the person allowing you to, nor having decided to die, otherwise it wouldn't be called "murder". I can smoke Cigarettes or Marijuana, both also being similar and prejudicing you, but are the consequences for smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana alike just because both can be smoked? I think not...

Call me whatever you want, but I don't care if someone will or will not suicide because of what I say or don't. If I wanted to accomplish any of these, I wouldn't be discussing things on a perspective like that. Selfish or not, for me doesn't matters, what I'm discussing are the reasons people might have to justify what they think about committing suicide or not, I'm not asking if it's right or wrong or if people should or shouldn't do it. You can express these thoughts if you want, but that's not the discussion at hand.

What I did in this thread was simply expose my point of view on the matter and explain the reasons as of why I have it, then asked for your opinions on the matter. You have the right to say and think whatever you want to, but you don't need to distort what I said because of that. You can, but that doesn't mean I'll accept it.
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Another hopeless soul...

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06-12-13 09:31 PM
Elara is Offline
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I totally get it in response to terminal illnesses... and especially to Alzheimer's... I've seen how people look at the end of that and it is not pretty. I never, ever want to go like that.

Now, if it is the response to depression or bullying or something like that I do understand the mentality but I think it's basically rage-quitting life. It is childish.

Of course, we also have the idea of seppuku, or ritual suicide to preserve one's honor. Granted it is not practiced much in modern society, but the concept does exist and not just in Japan. Soldiers have chosen to kill themselves rather than give up secrets to the enemy, for example. The phase "death before dishonor" comes to mind in this case. They see themselves as sacrificing themselves for a greater good. It is still suicide, but it lacks the same stigma that a guy with his mouth wrapped around a tailpipe has.
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06-13-13 06:56 PM
The_IB122 is Offline
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I wen thought this phase numerous times in the past (but not anymore), that I wanted to kill myself, but if you have an illness that is going to kill you no matter what, it's better to kill yourself quickly than you dying slowly.
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06-13-13 07:07 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Yes, the situation says it all, if it is very complicated and it seems like the situation is very bad then it would seem that suicide would be the easy way out of facing something bad. If life is tough and there is something you can't overcome or you can't deal with depression, then it would seem like suicide would be the most logical thing to do and would be the easiest way of avoiding something. I think that it is in their choice though, it all depends on how they handle the situation and how they approach it.

Personally, I have been really depressed at school and I hated the experience, but I never considered suicide as an option, I dealt with it. It all depends on how you want to take it and how you deal with it in the end. Suicide may be the only option some people want to consider because it is the easiest way out of something. No matter how bad things may get, there is always a better option than suicide and making all the ones who care about you miserable. So overall, I think it really depend on how you want to handle it, everyone is free to do what they want with their life and that is what it all comes down to in the end
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06-25-13 11:43 AM
Koda is Offline
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marcus047 :
I'd have to agree with you on that about 66%. I see all acts of suicide as a pathetic and cowardice move unless you are about to face a completley agonizing death like slowly being burned to death in a house or something
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07-26-13 01:38 AM
zeross121 is Offline
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I had a cousin who would slit his wrists hoping to die. Leaving behind all of his friends, His mom, grandma, all his brand new stuff. Just looking for attention. At only 15. Two words SPOILED BRAT ! Now that you know I'm coming from somewhere, here's my statement. Suicide, is a last resort issue. It should still remain illegal and anyone trying to commit it should be issued to a therapist,*cause maybe they can work through it* but if their life is horrible and there isn't even a light at the end of the tunnel then I think of it as a mercy killing. Now please don't yell at me for that, but would you rather them live the next 60 years being depressed and unhappy or would you rather them be nothing. Sometimes nothing is better than completely dread horrid. Respond, don't respond. Ignore it. Here's my two cents ?sense? whatever. Yea. And I didn't mean to just budge in between your conversation guys. Apologies.

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07-26-13 01:43 AM
Divine Aurora is Offline
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Divine Aurora
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Regarding Suicide, here is my opinion on the subject.Well it all depends on the situation to me.If your a youth being bullied and you commit suicide I find that rather pathetic that you would end your life over someone's actions even if it was physical or verbal abuse you could have gotten help and or just told someone that could help you(I see hat as a cowards way out). I also feel as tho if your an adult and you comment suicide because your experiencing hard times or hard situations that is also pathetic, your a(n) adult grow up and find a solution(I see that as also a cowards way out). The only time I feel suicide is some what understandable and justifiable is if you were a  victim of rape.
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07-26-13 05:45 AM
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I can honestly say, suicide has been a big factor on my life for many years, its actually a touchy subject. Many people don't realize though. Suicide, it doesn't end the pain, the misery, the anguish that they feel. It only places it on others. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I've though of committing suicide many times before. Sometime at least 20 times in a day. But I stay strong. Because id rather be sad myself. Than place it on my family and my friends. It gets better so everyone who's reading this. If you ever have a suicidal thought, if you cut, or if you self harm in any way. Stay strong because people do care. Suicide is a horrible idea unless you're going to face an agonizing, inevitable death, if you're a youth getting bullied you should stand up for yourself, or tell a teacher or parent. Tell a responsible adult. There's no need to end your life because someone takes joy in making yours miserable, because their life is miserable.
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07-26-13 11:28 AM
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I think suicide should be allowed given that theres not a solution to the pain the person is experiencing
I mean we already put down other animals that are in pain.
But when it comes to humans we have to cling to every little possibility of life even if we know that it ultimately wont end good.
At the end of the day a human decides over their own life and what they want to do with it.
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