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07-09-20 04:49 PM

austipokedude's Profile -

austipokedude is Offline

   Vizzed #1 Absol fan Second place in 2013 June VCS 4th place in 2013 Winter Tour De Vizzed
Trusted Member
Real Name: Mewtwo jr.
Location: Cerulean cave
Age: 21 (04-16-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-14-12 01:22 PM (2947 days ago)
Posts: 3,778  Threads: 50
Post Words: 156,054 (41 word avg)
Viz: 116,436    Contribution Points: 4,009
Post Rating: 34   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 355
Level: 106    Experience: 12606472
Next Level: +65471 Exp    Per Post: 5005 Exp
Last Activity: 08-10-19 06:55 PM
Last Post: 12-03-17 12:32 PM
  Your Opinion on Harambe?


[22:31:42] metroidhunter72: unless you can defeat Jesus in checkers
[5:40 PM] yoshirulez!: ive collected quite a team over the spam of 5 years.

[02:10:33] Zero1sBest: only a daddy. i was forged by God

Pokemon Y/X status:Currently EV training is not accepting battle or trade requests.

Please PM me if interested in exchanging friend codes mostly for friend safari.
Updated 1/27/14


1000 posts done
1500 post done
2000 post done
3000 posts done
4000 posts nope
5000 posts

I am a Togetic!

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