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Skyrim or Final Fantasy ?
which do you think is better
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11-16-11 02:26 PM
05-25-12 10:37 PM

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Skyrim or Final Fantasy ?


11-16-11 02:26 PM
mike345 is Offline
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I haven't played Skyrim yet but the game play trailers look pretty good, Final Fantasy is the only one I've played. So which do you think is better Skyrim or Final Fantasy.
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11-16-11 04:49 PM
silverthundr is Offline
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... Eh? I don't think these are really comparable. Final Fantasy games are turn based, where as Skyrim is real time. Final Fantasy is a game where you almost always fight in a group of 3 or 4, with you controlling the attacks of all of them. Skyrim, if it's like Oblivion at all, is going to be you controlling one character, and rarely having assistance, except for maybe a few quests. Of course, I haven't played Skyrim yet, and am assuming those things from me playing Oblivion and Morrowind, so if I have something wrong, I'm sorry. But really, Skyrim v. Final Fantasy? They're both good in their own right.

By the way, Skyrim is a single game, where as Final Fantasy can refer to a franchise OR a single game. If you're refering to the series of games that Skyrim is part of, that's called "The Elder Scrolls". Just letting you know.
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11-16-11 05:05 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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I too would say theyre not really comparible.
Given a choice id opt for skyrim,i dont like games like final fantasy
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Registered: 03-22-11
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11-17-11 04:41 AM
legacyme3 is Offline
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Lord Leggy - King of IT
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Skyrim > Any one final fantasy game

Final Fantasy Series > Elder Scrolls Series.

Skyrim is probably one of the 5 best games I've ever played. No Final Fantasy cracks my top 5.
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 09-14-10
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11-17-11 07:58 AM
coda57 is Offline
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Final Fantasy hands down

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Registered: 03-02-11
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11-17-11 09:11 AM
pacman1755 is Offline
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I would say Skyrim, I haven't played Skyrim, but I did see gameplay of it and its way better than FF.
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Registered: 05-22-11
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11-17-11 09:58 AM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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It's not really fair to compare Final Fantasy to any Elder Scrolls game. The main games in the Elder Scrolls series are only similar to the Final Fantasy series in that you gain levels. Most RPGs are like this. Even the massive Final Fantasy 12 can't be fairly compared to the main Elder Scrolls games. Sure, it has elements of free roaming, only on a leash, but it follows a different formula.

Skyrim is a free roaming RPG that follows a specific formula, as well, but the formula is completely different. You are dropped into a large world once the tutorial is over, and you could just roam around doing nothing but catching butterflies in the game. You don't really need to follow the main quest if you don't want to.

In the non-MMO Final Fantasy games, you have your freedom to roam limited by a lot in most of the games. These games don't use the same system of getting a level up as any Elder Scrolls game does. In Final Fantasy games, you level up in the way most people expect from an RPG. In Skyrim, you have to build up the level of your skills in order to level up. Skyrim did away with the traditional stats the previous games had.

I think both franchises are good, but it all depends on what you prefer. I prefer Skyrim, but I love playing Final Fantasy 5 on my GBA as well. These are two big names that are quite good. Both are too different for me to choose over the other as if I'm comparing them.
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11-20-11 08:06 PM
Sephitard9001 is Offline
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silverthundr : I don't want to sound like "that guy", but I want to point out something you said. You said that there's "rarely assistance", but assistance plays a big role in this game. If you're not a warrior type, or even if you are, you can go to any number of places to find a mercenary for hire with specific specialities. You can also use Conjuration to summon daedra or other beasts to aid you.

   I prefer Skyrim to any and all Final Fantasy games I've played as of yet, and that would be around #'s IV to XII. The world is so expansive and filled to the brim with things to do. Odds are most of the things you might carelessly come across can be used in certain skills. You might happen upon a mine filled with metal ore to be smithed, or even collect various plant-life to use in alchemy. The non-structured quest system also makes it superior to FF because I've rarely seen a FF game with so many other side-attractions.
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(edited by Sephitard9001 on 11-20-11 08:06 PM)    

11-20-11 08:13 PM
silverthundr is Offline
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Level: 91

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Sephitard9001 : I also said I haven't played Skyrim and was basing my assumptions from Oblivion and Morrowind, as I haven't played Skyrim. And I don't really consider summoning the same, as they're very short term things, whereas Final Fantasy, you almost ALWAYS have a team.
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11-20-11 09:11 PM
warp55 is Offline
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Final fantasy forever!
Elder scrolls is pretty fun but in this case its always final fantasy.

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Registered: 11-18-11
Location: Phoenix, Arizona. USA
Last Post: 2337 days
Last Active: 341 days

11-21-11 12:43 AM
smotpoker86 is Offline
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Comparing Skyrim to Final Fantasy 13 (picking the most recent of both franchises) I prefer Skyrim. Even though Skyrim is only 10 days old, I have put more time into it than I have FF 13. Others have said they aren't comparable but I disagree. It comes down to the classic comparison between JRPG and WRPG. Of course they are different play styles, but at the end of the day they are both RPG's. I enjoy Skyrim over FF because it is more of a 'choose your own path' than the linear/cinematic approach FF generally takes. For instance, in Skyrim I am currently using an assassin type of build and just sneaking around and robbing people and basically doing what I choose.Some one else playing the game could be a mage running around to one of the 300+ dungeons you can choose to do at any time. The game is a different experience for everyone, it is what you make of it. There isn't really any FF games where you have more than one or two options to pick from, and you are more or less just following the story as the developers intended.

For over 15 years I have had fond memories of the FF series, but the over all immersion of The Elder Scrolls series makes it better in my mind.
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maximus extraordinarius

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11-21-11 01:35 AM
Laian is Offline
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Well, it's a tough decision or choice, one of my friends told me that Final Fantasy 13 is quite good, but I saw the first minutes of Skyrim and it was awesome, so yeah I don't know which one to choose right now :)
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Registered: 10-21-11
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11-21-11 02:48 PM
big fat cat is Offline
Link | 48 Words

big fat cat
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You may want to change the question, mike.
Pitting an -Amazing- game against an award winning SERIES seems a bit unfair, now if you said "The elder scrolls or Final Fantasy" then my reply would be the elder scrolls.

But to answer the original question, I choose skyrim.

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Registered: 04-30-10
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11-24-11 08:18 PM
Benpsycho is Offline
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I am just going to assume that you are talking about the whole Final Fantasy series, because FF13 was not really that great, and does not compare to Skyrim. The FF series as a whole is better to me because Skyrim doesn't have too much replay value and most of the quests are very lackluster. There are a few good ones(the guild quests come to mind) but the rest are barley worth doing. I'm still playing Skyrim, but I can already feel the fun going down.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-21-11
Last Post: 1753 days
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11-25-11 06:08 PM
seeron is Offline
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If your looking for a turn-based rpg with many limitations on where you go or what you do, go Final Fantasy. If your looking for real time combat with barely any limitations on what you do or where you go that also fits to your playing style, go Skyrim. The only similarities are that they are both listed as rpg's
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11-26-11 01:54 AM
qsxcft11 is Offline
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I would say skyrim because of its graphics and I think it has a better story line with more extras in it ^_^
Mysterious Vendetta

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11-27-11 02:36 AM
Nksor is Offline
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I wouldn't really compare them with each other. I think they both have RPG elements but both are very different games.

Skyrim is personally the only game of the Elder Scrolls series I've actually enjoyed playing, where as Final Fantasy has a ton of fun games inside of it (in particular, 6 and 10).

So, in terms of a solid series, I'd have to say that I'll choose Final Fantasy.
Vizzed Elite

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12-04-11 04:47 AM
Maverick987 is Offline
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for me final fantasy just because of ff7 that is one of my favorite games
Greaser For Life!

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05-25-12 10:37 PM
megamanfan is Offline
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mike345 : i think final fantasy because its so innovative. skyrim was one of the best games Ive played and it reminds me allitle of final fantasy. the way you scavenger items from places and adventure off. the good thing about skyrim is that there is the ability to free roam than final fantasy. but i like final fantasys classic feel which makes me  want to play it all over again. now excuse me gotta find find final fantasy on the vizzed board

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