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12-11-17 04:59 PM

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why is Link green?
Why green?
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01-26-11 08:57 PM
11-04-12 05:00 PM

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why is Link green?


01-26-11 08:57 PM
redtorget is Offline
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Does anyone know the true reson why link is green and why not purple or yellow or teal

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01-26-11 09:00 PM
Nksor is Offline
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I don't believe there is any real meaning to it. I think it's just a color that the developers chose.
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01-26-11 10:24 PM
Zamiel is Offline
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Probably because it's an elfish looking color and makes it seem mystical and all that jazz. Yellow, purple and teal would be horrible choices for link, they just don't fit the character and his background.
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01-26-11 11:48 PM
unclepie924 is Offline
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the main reason, i think according to its actual storyline in the main series Zelda games:

link grew up thinking he was a kokiri, although he was a hylian given to the great deku tree because of the crisis that happened before ocarina of time (rumors say that skyward sword is that exact timeline of the previous crisis that made link's mom send him over to the great deku tree)

i also assume that kokiris wear green to symbolize honor and loyalty to the great deku tree. They are, after all, the children of the forest. Link's other colors are more based on the game they're present in. but since ocarina of time was the first main series, my theory seems to be quite accurate. Now the kokiri's evolution from ocarina of time to wind waker... im not so sure how that happened

if anyone knows how zoras -> rito, children -> plant things... and how octoroks in skyward sword are on land... please tell me in a reply! and what is the name of those big fish that resemble a sea like peehat in wind waker?

Oh, I also think that kokiri's are basically elves with fairies. and green is the color that symbolizes elf features. So thats why link wears green to so he can fit in with the other kokiri children. hope i gave good info for an answer! who knows, maybe the developers were just thinking about trees when they were designing link's character!

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01-27-11 01:40 AM
Annette is Offline
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Link is supposed to be part of an elvish race, or fae, right?
He lives in a little tree house thing, and elves have a close affinity with nature and the earth, and thus they dress in green. :)
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01-27-11 03:00 AM
JigSaw is Offline
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Didnt robin hood wear green? Probably has to do with the fact that he is always around trees and plants.
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01-27-11 03:01 AM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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Maybe because when he grew up in Kokori Forest. Which is all green....besides, it looks better than his other tunics. :P
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01-27-11 10:44 AM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
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I'm guessing its because of one of two reasons, or both.

1) Green symbolizes the planet, and Link grew up in the forest, and lived there. Showing that he is a child of the forest, or human of the forest. however you want to say it.

2) Green is also symbolized as peace, to many people. And link brings peace to the land and vanquishes evil, so this could be a good possibility.
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I asked for it. This is what I wanted.

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01-27-11 01:31 PM
sadistic nintendo nerd is Offline
Link | 96 Words

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like most of people think green is the clothing of kokoris that link grew up with

another explanation would be that green represents courage ( the sacred stone of courage was green) and almost all links have the triforce of courage and others have to find them(wind waker and zelda 2) the only 3 don't had the triforce of courage involved (the original since the second is the same link and had to find the triforce of courage other don't had because the storyline said that gannon had all three another in the spirit tracks )

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01-28-11 01:07 AM
TheOmegaDragon is Offline
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Link's environment is centered around the color green mainly because that's where he lives, in a forest rich with trees and bushes. If I had to make a good guess why Link wears green I'd say it's his favorite color and the fact that he has pointy ears like an elf (yes I know he is Hyrulean) makes him look like Santa's elves which represents the giving and good nature of Link.
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01-28-11 02:56 PM
alexanyways is Offline
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Link is an elf-fairy boy, who lives in the forest. His clothes are meant to match the forest, to give off a natural sense.
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01-28-11 06:50 PM
WarpStarFerret is Offline
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I think the green is supposed to symbolize nature. As far as I can tell, each and every Link came from humble beginnings: i.e., he had to know nature to live. It also emphasizes the forest; most of the Links came from a forest.
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02-17-11 05:18 PM
LegendofZelda13 is Offline
Link | 25 Words

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I'm guessing because, the goddess of courage, Farore, was green, and since Link has incredible courage and wields the Triforce of Courage... you get it.

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Registered: 02-11-11
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02-17-11 07:05 PM
NotJon is Offline
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It's because when light hits Link's clothing the red spectrum is absorbed and green is reflected.
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03-13-11 04:01 PM
Belinni is Offline
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So basically Link is some sort if Courageous Plant Elf? Cool.

Anyway I think they made it so it would just look pleasing to gamers.
Notice how almost every Nintendo series' main character has a different color?

Plus he's an elf... and when I think elf I think green.
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03-24-11 02:16 AM
kyuremu is Offline
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i think its symbolism. Link is from Kokori forest and that would represent earth in Hyrule hence green thats why Gorons are red; fire. Zora's blue; water and the such
but thats just my opinion
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03-25-11 04:48 PM
dkmec20 is Offline
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Maybe because he's an elf and elves are usually green. I'm not too sure.
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03-25-11 05:48 PM
crazycatpup is Offline
Link | 27 Words

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he is an elf and elfs are green. that and because they are the children of the forest and the forest is green that might be why
Vizzed Elite

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03-25-11 09:23 PM
iceycold724 is Offline
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In the beginning, they either wanted him to look like an elf (with his pointed ears) or kinda like robin hood (because he also wears those kind of clothes, although not the hat). Whatever it is, each thing is green, so they made link green.
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03-26-11 02:47 PM
Snowdeath is Offline
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What would've been the Kokiri's population's response to Link being blue or red? While them being forest people in green tunics! REMEMBER, in Ocarina of Time, the Kokiri ridiculed Link because he didn't have a fairy, let alone him being the same height and color to everyone in there.

Although, in every Legend of Zelda game, Link either starts out with a green tunic, or receives them briefly later on the game (ex. Spirit Tracks). I think it's because it's a 'symbol' of Link, the guy in green saving the princess and the land of Hyrule (and some other lands too).

Or at least, that's my opinion.


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