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04-19-18 06:38 AM

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Mario sport Ideas
AnySports like soccer football rubgy water skiing ect.
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01-23-11 04:03 AM
10-22-12 03:46 PM

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Mario sport Ideas


01-23-11 04:03 AM
redtorget is Offline
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Put sport ideas below and name the powerups like fireflower or a big coin score multiplier ect..

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03-26-11 10:15 AM
dkmec20 is Offline
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Football! The power ups would be giant mushroom, fire flower, ice flower, spring mushroom, and mini mushroom.
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Registered: 03-17-11
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04-01-11 05:55 PM
crazycatpup is Offline
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Yes i agree football should be one.
and the power ups a speed mushroom.
a giant flower and a super toss coin.
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Registered: 11-08-10
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04-01-11 06:01 PM
epic-san is Offline
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Hmmm, maybe downhill ski racing! the powerups could be a mega mushroom, a speed boost, fireballs, and springs!
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04-03-11 02:38 PM
pacman1755 (old) is Offline
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Mario Football should be the next Mario sport, it would be awesome!
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Registered: 12-12-10
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04-03-11 06:43 PM
UserMike is Offline
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Mario football would be fun, but I wouldn't mind if they spent quite a bit of time, to make it more in depth like real football but with an awesome incorporated Mario items, power ups, & pick ups to make it fun. That's pretty much it, I wish they spent a little extra time on this new/last game for Wii though.... oh well
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09-12-11 03:25 PM
mike345 is Offline
Link | 13 Words

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Is swimming already included if not then I think Surfing would be cool.
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Registered: 09-11-10
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09-12-11 04:09 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
Link | 73 Words

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Super Mario Parkour. Just put the typical powerups in there, and make it a free roaming parkour game. If Mario is such a good jumper and once was named Jumpman, why hasn't there been a parkour Mario game at all? It could be the most awesome thing ever if done right. Mirror's Edge isn't enough parkour. We need obese plumbers saving princesses while doing parkour.

It'd do best on the Wii U, probably.
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09-13-11 01:03 AM
Someone70 is Offline
Link | 44 Words

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I would say do Mario football, but that sport is really only popular here in the US.

A good one to do would be Mario surfing. While riding the waves, you could collect coins and powerups that would enable you to do better tricks!
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10-25-11 12:06 PM
Markeith21 is Offline
Link | 16 Words

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I gotta agree with crazycatpup on this one....I think they should make a Mario football game
Trusted Member

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Registered: 01-27-11
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08-02-12 03:40 AM
NYYankees88 is Offline
Link | 17 Words

Level: 13

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Everyone is saying football, which I totally agree with, but I think hockey would be awesome too!
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10-21-12 09:39 AM
Black Bot is Offline
Link | 16 Words

Black Bot
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Football! The power ups will be Star, Giant Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Ice flower.

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Registered: 10-17-12
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10-22-12 03:46 PM
KG is Offline
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Closed for being bumped.

Stop it you guise. If it's dead for over a couple months, just let it die. >=|
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