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08-23-19 06:08 AM

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Are pokemon Sun and Moon worth playing?
Are pokremon Sun and Moon worth playing? Why or why not?
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04-12-19 06:05 PM
08-12-19 09:22 PM

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Are pokemon Sun and Moon worth playing?


04-12-19 06:05 PM
Norriegirl93 is Offline
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I've been out of the Pokemon games since Diamond and Pearl. I liked them a lot, but now I'm curious about the stuff I've missed. So in your opinion, are Pokemon Sun and Moon worth playing? Why or why not?

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04-12-19 06:23 PM
Furret is Offline
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They're okay. Definitely a step up from X and Y (which were just bad). They do have several very annoying features though (game forcefully holding your hand throughout the whole region (no real exploring), wayyy too many cutscenes, and double battles just straight up drop your FPS) but the graphics are great.

If you are looking to get back into the series, I would honestly recommend waiting until Pokemon Sword/Shield drops for the switch. Those games look really promising so far.

If you can't wait that long, try Black and White. Followed by Black 2 / White 2. Those games are underrated gems.
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04-12-19 06:45 PM
pennylessz is Offline
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I was in a similar situation to you. I actually stopped playing them since FireRed. But in the last few years, I played Heart Gold, X, and Alpha Sapphire. Each of these games is great in their own right.

But I have a friend who's played nearly all of them. And he says that Sun/Moon were the best he's played in years. I heard they actually removed the required HM's for progression. The starters are pretty cute too in my opinion. Now, if this ties into your 3DS vs Switch debate. I'd say it's well worth it. Sword/Shield aren't coming out for over half a year anyway.

However, you should probably aim for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. I heard the stories are better in the originals. But Ultra has far too much extra content for it to matter.

Edit: Also, Furret is right about Black & White, but they're not underrated to my knowledge.
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04-13-19 02:28 PM
LadyWizard is Offline
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Honestly I'd go grab the ultras... they're the "enhanced" versions with more endgame and a bit more story over the base Sun and Moon

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08-11-19 09:39 PM
Rayman85 is Offline
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Personally, I'd recommend the Generation 6 games; X & Y or Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. While the former has a better presentation, the latter actually improves the gameplay a bit here-and-there. The problem with the Generation 7 games (which Sun & Moon are) is that there is so much stuff to the point that it feels quite convoluted. You got Z-Moves, Island Challenges, a bunch of uninteresting Pokémon, moves, and abilities that are just kind of there, and I'm probably forgetting some other pointless gimmicks. On the bright side, Generation 7 removes the usage of HMs in that wherever you'd need to use Surf or Fly in the games prior you can do at anytime. That's really cool!

But yeah, like I said earlier, I'd personally go for the Generation 6 games. The Generation 7 games may be worth it if you're capable of swallowing a huge bunch of weird new additions - 85% of it sucks and 15% of it is good, but the Generation 6 games are more welcoming with its changes. As for which Generation 6 games to pick, that depends. If you like a good-looking Trainer who you can customize, then go for X or Y. But if you like some small gameplay improvements and are capable of tolerating a crappy-looking Trainer, then go for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

But if for any reason you can endure the convoluted complexity of the Generation 7 games, then go for either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, if anything to get those sweet Move Tutors to really enhance your Pokémon game with awesome moves like the elemental punches. They also have new moves in each Pokémon's moveset, too.

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08-12-19 09:22 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Sun and Moon are decent entries to the series, but they can be very convoluted and hand-holdy at times, especially to someone that left off at Diamond and Pearl which were much simpler times. As a few others have suggested, I would recommend picking up Black/White and Black 2/White 2 and then possibly Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire if you don't feel like waiting 3 more months for Sword and Shield.

I will say that if you are looking for a more challenging pokemon game, you might be a bit disappointed with gen 6 and 7 as they are undeniably some of the easiest titles in the franchise. X & Y and ORAS aren't very heavy on story which is why they aren't a slog to get through like Sun/Moon and US/UM are at times. Be prepared to wait about 30-40+ minutes before being able to get your pokemon and finally set out on your adventure. It's not all bad though, graphically, the gen 7 games are the best looking 3DS titles and have a decent story compared to past entries.

Regardless, I think gen 5 is better than both 6 and 7, so if possible I would start there. If you don't mind more story, more cutscenes, and being spoonfed more than normal, then you could give Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon a try since they have the better story and extra content.
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