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12-05-18 03:43 PM
12-07-18 01:28 PM

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Favorite Final Fantasy Game?


12-05-18 03:43 PM
Lexatom is Online
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Final Fantasy shouldn't need an introduction unless you have been living under a rock. This 30 year old series developed by Square Enix is one of, if not THE most popular video game franchise that they have created. Final Fantasy is infamous for its ridiculous amount of sequels, although none of the games really have anything to do with each other besides just being another Final Fantasy experience. That being said, which one is your favorite? 

My favorite Final Fantasy game also happens to be my favorite game as of now, Final Fantasy XV. I haven't played a lot of them or finished many but I am currently in the process of doing so with what I have. Final Fantasy XV is just wow, too good for words in my opinion. I will admit I haven't finished it yet but what I have played is enough for me to declare this as being my favorite game of all time.
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12-05-18 09:35 PM
Boured is Offline
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Me it would be Final Fantasy IV, and has been for awhile. I love it's characters, it's story, and it's music. It even got a sequel in the form of The After Years, which was really nice for me.
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12-06-18 05:31 AM
Ultrajeff is Offline
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Lexatom : My favorite is IX. Aside from its stellar production values, it is quite articulate. It has a very interesting and enticing cast of characters, who each have a specified role within battle (Which gives them distinct attributes and abilities, which I mostly prefer over having the characters act as blank slates). The cast is diverse, and almost all of them play off of each other with some very clever character dynamics at work (which I believe is key to any great story). The gameplay is similar to a previous game (IV), but it has enough going for it to stop it from being exactly alike. The level design is absolutely brilliant, as the game is filled with many appealing and astounding environments, with loads of world-building. The music is majestic, and some of the best work that Nobuo Uematsu has composed in his decade-spanning career. The game has some flaws though (a slow battle transition and flow, some characters don't get enough development, there are some appaling plot decisions near the end), but I believe it is near-perfect regardless and a fine example of the brilliance of Final Fantasy. 
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12-06-18 06:31 AM
Light Knight is Online
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I wonder if anyone else on the planet has FF III for the famicom as their favorite. 

It's definitely not one of the better known ones, as it wasn't originally released in North America, I simply had found it on an emulator site and played it on an NES emulator. It was my very first turned-based RPG, and it opened my eyes to a whole new type of amazing gaming. 

In fact, because of it, I've always preferred RPGs that are fully turn based (with no timing element) and that had a side view of the battle. 
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12-07-18 01:28 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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I love the Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered. Played it a lot for Vita and wanna get it for PS4. I put so many hours into it and I loved the music and the story but my favorite thing out of the whole game is playing Blitzball, I played hundreds of matches in my life.
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