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01-21-18 08:34 PM

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01-10-18 02:14 PM
01-10-18 10:53 PM

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What are your goals for 2018?


01-10-18 02:14 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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I don't really want to put these under resolutions but more like what you plan or would like to accomplish throughout the year.

A couple of my big goals are to go to the movies 100 times throughout the year and another one is do build my social media brand, especially on Twitter. (Maybe crack 1 million views and get verified)

I also would love to publish 50 total articles throughout the year.

What are your big ambitions for 2018?
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01-10-18 06:28 PM
tRIUNE is Offline
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#1 is to try to make Vizzed active like it was before.

#2 is to emphasize #1.

#3 is to work on bettering how to interact with the Vizzed community.

#4 is to figure out out how I can make more money to support myself.
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01-10-18 07:48 PM
EX Palen is Online
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EX Palen
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My big ambition is to get my life going.

I've been "sheltering" myself on a very-long term course of action that consisted of 1) university at a slow pace and 2) be excessively conservative about my medication. Now I feel like time's running out for me to fly freely and do what I want before I can't anymore for several reasons, so I want to enjoy the moment and be in charge of my own life for whatever longer I can.

Of course, my goal is to have success in taking down the aforementioned course of action. I've left university, though it won't be officially ratified until the semester is over, and have taken a different path towards getting certificated studies. Having success in being less conservative about my medication can potentially imply taking risks, but I'm ready for it.

The only other ambition I have is to finally check off my list some things I've left undone or unfinished throughout the years despite having made my mind and even the first steps to attempt them. Some are connected to my medication, so we could say it's another motivation to be less conservative in that field. I'll be happy by clearing just one of them, but I want to clear as many as possible.

Related to Vizzed, I could say that I have the ambition to reach 100k CP, but I don't think it's actually feasible. 5k posts seems a lot more accessible, though I'd need to step up my game a bit because my current pace won't take me there on time. I don't want to set myself any TdV goals despite how the present one is going for me because I know I can disappear in a cloud of smoke the least you expect it.
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01-10-18 10:53 PM
thing1 is Offline
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I need to get into shape. I have gained 15 pounds ( my Freshman 15 in my Sophmore year of college ) in the past few months. So, I need to eat and drink healthier, as well as start doing yoga and working out with a physical trainer ( there's this thing at the University's gym where I can get a personal trainer with a small group of 2 or 3 total people for 24 one hour sessions for just $240 ) . Hopefully, I can either turn the new weight into muscle, or lose some weight and start to get leaner muscles, while also bulking up some. 
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