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ZeroTails's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
06-03-16 07:40 PM
Mountain: Screensaver simulator
   “ZeeTee, what is this game?”
   “ZeeTee, is this even a game? Why are you reviewing this?”
   Well, uh, this is a mountain simulator, where you can look at your mountain and stuff. Let’s get onto the review though. Also keep in mind that it's been over 11 months since I last reviewed so I may be a little rusty :s.

Graphics are okay, but not really that great. 5/10
   The mountain doesn’t look that great or realistic, and while I’m usually the person that doesn’t mind that, this is basically a mountain simulator game where there isn’t much interactive elements in it, so the enjoyment of the game when the graphics are meh is pretty limited. Which is disappointing, especially since the game does use a lot of computer resources for some reason…However, the atmosphere is decent, and does calm you down for the most part.

Neat little stuff about the graphics I noticed! Hey, the graphics does have some positives
   -Whenever you input a code to have snow or whatever fall, the mountain changes colors. It’s not much, but it’s a nice detail. The normally changing weather and time also changes the color of the mountain.
   -Shaking the mountain has some nice effects. It usually cleared the mountain of clouds, and in some instances it has a pretty nice attention to detail. For example, if you shake the mountain during a meteor storm, the meteors are actually moves from their original path and goes in a more wavy path.
   -Scrolling out reveals that the mountain is actually a planet in space :o. Also playing notes with the keyboard speeds up the rotation of the mountain (and time) and created a blue force field around the mountain which changes color at times. Pretty nice.

There isn’t much music, and the sound effects are simple. Helps set t... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic the Very Useful Engine
07-01-15 10:22 AM
Thomas was Everywhere
Sonic the Very Useful Engine. A hack that was just recently added to the RGR. How well does it stand up? Well, this review will tell you all you need to know.

Graphics are... Thomasified. Yes, that's a word now. 10/10

The first thing you will notice while playing this hack is that... there are a lot of interesting changes to the graphics. And all of them have to do with Thomas the Tank Engine. You see, that's the whole point of this hack in the first place :P.

The things that have been Thomasified

Now, I can't list every change, since there are a lot of graphic changes, but here are some of them.

-The rings have Thomas on them.

-The Chaos Emeralds are now the Thomas Emeralds, with a Thomas face on them for good measure.

-Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik) is now replaced by the Conductor. I guess conductors are evil in Thomas's world.

Aaand a lot of other graphical changes unique to each zone, and each enemy.

How good ARE the graphical changes?

You might be thinking that the creator just pasted a lot of Thomas heads everywhere. While you are sorta right, you are also sorta wrong. There are a lot of Thomas heads, true, but that's not it. Jaws have been turned into Thomas the Tank Engine, body and all. And honestly, the graphic changes are a big reason why this hack is amazing in the first place. Reason is, the Thomas heads look like they were meant to be there. It's weird to explain, but for example, the Thomas heads in the walls look like they were engraved there. Anyways, time for the sound...

The sound is also very Thomasified, with some other tracks in it. 7/10

The sound, like the graphics, have also taken on a Thomas theme. You might think that there are a lot of variety, but you'd be WRONG. There's literally like only a few different tracks, and only one of the tracks are played a decent amount.

Read the rest of this Review
Mega Man X4
05-02-15 04:54 PM
WHAT AM I FIGH- *gets killed*
Hello, after a month or two of review hiatus, I’m back with Bubsy 3D!!! Okay, not really, you can laugh now. This review is dedicated to Mega Man X4, the game that got me into the X series to begin with. Most people think that this is the best X game for the PSX. I think it’s better than the first X game (gets attacked by angry mob). Well, let’s jump in, shall we?

The Graphics really got an upgrade! 10/10

Oh no, a pun! Well, it’s still the truth. Well, take the last game, Mega Man X3 (SNES version). Compare it with this game. See the difference? Yep! There are a lot more details put into the sprites, and the animations are fluid. Here are a few examples...


Like, the dashing animation. In the SNES games, you just went faster and dust was “kicked” up. In this game, there are after images! Not just one, though. There are lots! They give a feeling of your character going fast, and that really helps :).

Anime? *mindblown*

There aren’t just sprites in this game, oh no. There are- ANIME CUTSCENES! Yep, since the PSX can make anime, there are cutscenes in this game. How are they? Well, they were like typical animes around that time. Still, that was amazing for that time. I mean, this is from text boxes to voice acting and animations! Well, the games after went back to text boxes, unfortunately.

Sprites vs Models

Well, unlike most games on the PSX, this game used sprites as opposed to 3D models, which were the hype back then. How do I feel about that? Well, I liked how Capcom stayed to sprites. If they used 3D models, the game would have (in my opinion) aged a lot worse. I mean, 3D was still pretty new considering, and it didn’t really get polished until the GC/PS2/Xbox era. So, yay sprites :D.

Bottom line

The Graphics are good. They were upgraded a lot since the SNES games, and it... Read the rest of this Review
Tails Adventures
03-10-15 07:31 PM
Tails Adventure: Review edition
This game. The game that made me search the web for a playable version, with no luck. When I finally played the game, I was not disappointed. This is Tails Adventure, a Tails-only game that I just love to death, and I’m gonna review it! On to the review!

This game looks great for the Game Gear! The sprites are detailed, there isn’t any flickering from what I can see, and it looks better compared to your average Game Gear game. I’ll even say that it looks better than Super Mario 3! Well, the Game Gear is better technology than the NES... so that could have something to do with it. The Sonic games on the Game Gear does tend to look good, but I’ll say this tops MOST of the games. The only Game Gear game that looks better is Sonic 3D Blast, and that game sacrificed everything else that makes a game good for its graphics. Needless to say, this game gets a perfect 10 in graphics for me.

The music in this game is very underrated. Why? Well, the music is memorable, and they depict the right mood for the levels. The chaotic theme of Poloy Forest shows how the Battle Kukku Army, the main villain of the game, burned down the forest. Wouldn’t you be in chaos if you just had a vacation, and someone decided to burn everything down? The theme of Volcanic Tunnel is very catchy and gives you the feeling of being in a cave. The only problem that I have with the sound is how ear-grating the beeps can be. I understand that this is the Game Gear, but Super Mario 3’s soundtrack didn’t hurt my ear! This might be a little unfair, considering other Game Gear games also hurt my ears, but still! At least the sound effects made the music not hurt my ear as much.

Speaking of sound effects, they are done really well. The bomb sound effect sounds like a, well, bomb, and all the other sound effects are also very well done. The fact that the music hurt my ears a little is the only downside to the ... Read the rest of this Review
Mega Man X
01-25-15 05:08 PM
Mega Man X the first
Hello everyone, ZeroTails here, and I am here to review a game I am also doing a walkthrough on, Mega Man X. When I first played the game, I had mixed feelings. Now, my feelings has changed quite a bit. Let's see what I think of the game.

The sprite work is awesome, the animations are great, and it's pretty to look at. First off, Mega Man X looks distinctly different from the original Mega Man, so they took time to differentiate the sprites. The sprites look clean, and not cluttered. The animations are pretty smooth and not choppy, which is always a good thing. The color scheme is not hard to look at, Spring Man's stage from Mega Man 7, and the sprites aren't unusually big, unlike Mega Man 7. I don't hate Mega Man 7, it's just that I wish the sprites weren't as big. This game doesn't look as good as Mega Man X4, but that's a PSX game. Comparing them isn't fair.

The soundtrack is, well, nice to listen too. I have mixed feelings, since I don't like all the tracks of music here. Let me explain. Even though the tracks are well composed, I don't think it's the best soundtrack of a Mega Man X game ever. I do enjoy some tracks such as the intro stage and Boomer Kuwanger's stage, but I feel that some tracks are equally meh, like Chill Penguin's stage, and some tracks ride the middle road, like Flame Mammoth's stage. I like most of the tracks, but it's the few that are meh that drops the rating.

I can't imagine playing this game over and over again for fun, but two playthroughs a year is fine with me. That's pretty good by my standards, since I was in the mindset that replaying a game is a waste of time. This game is fun enough to play that you wont be bored out of your mind when you play it, especially since you have to dodge things or lose a life. Also, if you can't beat this game on your first run through, you can try again after a few months, since you will most likely be better at gaming... Read the rest of this Review

ZeroTails's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Boy and His Blob, A - Trouble on Blobolonia
11-29-15 08:23 PM
A Boy and His Blob Walkthrough
Introduction: Well well, what do we have here? A weird NES game? Noice. It even has the origin story of geeogree in it :’D (dun kill me geeo)

Controls and stuff:

Control pad: Moves the boy.

B button: Whistles for the blob to come to you, and also gets him out of transformations.

A button: Throws the Jellybean selected.

Start button: Starts the game, and also pauses the game.

Select button: Selects Jellybeans


Top left of screen: What your score is

Top middle of screen: How much treasure is left.

Top right of screen: How many lives you have.

Bottom of screen: The Jellybean you have selected and how much you have of that Jellybean. It also says PAUSE when the game is paused.

Bean Guide: This area will refer to jellybeans. The beans give the blob specific powers, and it’s the main mechanic of the game. The beans will be listed in order based on what order the select button selects Jellybeans, starting with licorice, except for the last two because you get the later in the game.

Licorice Jellybean: You start out with 72 of them in the beginning of the game. It turns the blob into a ladder, and it’s used to get to higher areas.

Strawberry Jellybean: You start out with 15 of them. It turns the blob into a bridge, and is used to get you across gaps since you can’t jump.

Coconut Jellybean: You start out with 6 of them. It turns the blob into a coconut (dur), and it’s used to throw. And not much else, at least not from what I could find.

Cola Jellybean: You start out with 18 of them. It turns the blob into a bubble, and it’s used to traverse water without drowning.

Cinnamon Jellybean: You start out with 24 of them. It turns the blob into a blow torch, and it’s used to burn stuff.

Apple Jellybean: You start out with 12 of them. It turns the blob into a jack, and it... Read the rest of this Guide
Balloon Fight
10-31-15 11:57 AM
A pretty basic Balloon Fight Walkthrough
Introduction: In this guide, you will get some tips on how to survive, and high score tips (no level to level guide since for this type of game it would be redundant. Also, no Balloon Trip guide). This is a different format than I’m used to doing at the moment, so sorry if it doesn't maintain the quality my guides usually have. Even if my very first guide was still amazing <.<. Also, no pictures, sorry :(.

Controls and um IMPORTANT STUFF: The controls are a tad weird. First, the B and A button. If you hold down B, then you “flap” continuously as you hold it. The A button just makes you flap once, regardless of whether you hold it or not. The weird part is that you’re controlling yourself like you’re tied to a balloon (so basically floaty). You can’t really move that efficiently if you don’t flap, but flapping too much can mess you up. Also, if you go to one side of the screen (horizontally) then you will appear on the other side.

For the important stuff (basically gameplay), you have to defeat all the enemies on the screen to go to the next level. You fight the enemies, which are bird-like guys, by bouncing on top of them. That pops their balloons, which makes them float down using a parachute. If you bounce on them when they’re in parachute form, you’ll get more points than you would if you bounced on them after they landed (or dropped in the water. Which then you would get no points).

Survival: This part will name all the dangers, explain them, and tell you how to avoid them.

Danger: Enemies

There are three colors of bird guys: Pink, Green, and White. Pink is the slowest with the worst AI, White is the fastest with the best AI, and Green is in the middle. They can all hurt you by popping your balloons. Bounce on them twice, once in the air and once on the floor or in the parachute. Try to get higher ground than them for height advantage, but try not to hug the... Read the rest of this Guide
Tails Adventures
08-23-15 06:53 PM
Tails Adventure Walkthrough
This was a guide that I partly finished in February. And now I’m gonna finish it fully this time >:3.

Characters/Story (at the beginning of the game):
After Sonic 2, Tails was bored. He took a vacation on Coco Island. Unfortunately, these bird people wanted to make his life miserable. So Tails fought back, without the help of Sonic. Yep, that’s the story in a nutshell.

The 1 button is the “use” button. You can use the item you have selected. The 2 button is the jump button. You can jump, and if you press the 2 button when you are in the air, Tails will fly! Yay! The start button pauses the game, and allows you to choose items you have with you (max is four). If you get hit, you lose rings. You can replenish the ring you lost by collecting them from enemies.

The Actual Walkthrough:
You start off on a map, highlighting your house. Go to that cave area you can go to on the map. You will be in the first area of the game, Poloy Forest.

Important: The house is the only place that you can change the items you are holding (max of 4 at a time). Go to Equip to do this. You can also go to “Cont.” to see what password will let you go to the same spot you left at. “Dock” isn’t important in this stage of the game, but it will later. Also, going to your house refills your health.

Poloy Forest: This is the first area of the game. Go left, and you will see a bird enemy that is flying. That bird is part of the Battle Kukku, the birds that interrupted your vacation. Use the bomb, and it should die. Now there is a bird on land. Same technique. Okay, now there will be spikes, and another bird guy. The spikes won’t insta-kill you like Mega Man, but they take away 4 rings… owch. Now you are walking right, with another bird guy, and rocks! Whatever shall we do? Well, blow them up with your bombs, of course!

There will be more rocks below you, but t... Read the rest of this Guide
Mega Man
06-16-15 10:53 AM
Mega Man Walkthrough
Well well… I guess this is my first game guide as a Staff member :p. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

There was this smart scientist named Dr. Light. He created robots to make life better for everyone! But, Dr. Wily, his rival, was jealous of all the attention Dr. Light has gotten. So, Dr. Wily decided to reprogram all of his robots (save two) to work for him, and he ordered them to cause chaos. One of the robots that Wily decided not to reprogram, Rock, had a strong sense of justice. So by Rock’s request, Light made him a super fighting robot by the name of Rockman, better known in North America as Megaman.

-The A button makes you jump

-The B button makes you shot the Mega buster or one of the special weapons

-The Start button pulls up the menu where you can look at your life count, or choose a special weapon you have gotten.

Note: This mystical “special weapon” I keep on mentioning is acquired by beating a Robot Master, the six robots that Wily reprogrammed.

The Actual Walkthrough:

You start off on a screen where you can pick what Robot Master to go after. You can go after any in any order, but I have picked a path that will be easy to go through, without much backtracking. First Robot Master is Bombman!

Bombman’s Stage: You start off… somewhere. When you inevitably go right, you will be greeted by a “Flea”. This Flea will try to jump into you. One buster shot should kill it easily. After a few Flea’s, there will be some pits with “Bombombs” coming out of them. MARIO REFERENCE SPOTTED! Anyways, the Bombomb will “jump” out of the hole, and split into four tiny bombs. Two tiny bombs will go to each side, and explode on impact. It’s also invincible. To get past it, wait until the Bombomb has went up and split, then jump across. You don’t want to jump when... Read the rest of this Guide
Donkey Kong Jr
04-26-15 08:10 PM
Donkey Kong Jr. Mini Walkthrough
Another guide so soon?  Yes, one week is “so soon” Well, this is a mini guide, so I guess so. This is for Donkey Kong Jr., the sequel to Donkey Kong. This should be about as long as the Donkey Kong one.

Donkey Kong Jr.s dad, Donkey Kong, has been kidnapped by two evil Marios, those douches. You must get your dad back. ‘Nuff said.

Same as the first game. Button 1 makes you jump.

The Actual Walkthrough:

Level 1: This level has a new mechanic… vines! You can climb up them! Being on one vine allows you to go down faster, while being on two vines allows you to go up faster. However, on the vines, there will be crocodile like things that want to bite you. Yea… you don’t want to get bitten. You can kill them by dropping a fruit on them. To drop a fruit, touch a fruit. Amazing logic there, guys.

Your goal is the same as the last game- a platform. The platform is the one that’s above evil Mario, that jerk. You get to the platform by touching that keyhole thing. That triggers an automatic sequence of you going to the platform.

My preferred path

Go across the vines, and go to that platform. Go on the top one if the crocodile thing is below, and vise versa. Next, go up the other set of vines, and go to the upper route. Now, go to that keyhole. Go on the vines that are near the keyhole if the crocodile thing is near. You have now beaten the first level!

Level 2: Well, second level. This level has birds instead of crocodiles. The birds go in a pretty set pattern. They go down through this hole at the top area, then they fly left and drop eggs (height varies). Okay, drop on that spring to the right. After that, jump on the floating platform that’s the lowest. Ride it to the other side, then go up the chain (yes, it’s a chain now). Now go right, hanging onto the closest chain on this contraption. Now drop ... Read the rest of this Guide

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